Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Reason behind Jammu - Kashmir tension

Recently , I met a guy from Rajasthan . I asked about which place is he from in Rajasthan ? He said he is from a place near the border .

Curiosity awakened . I wanted to know is he talking about border with Pakistan ?

He said yes . I wanted to know is there any intrusion or terrorism from Pakistan in their area ?

Answer was NO .

Though Rajasthan shares border with Pakistan , there is no such tension like Jammu - Kashmir . Why ??

People of Rajasthan don't entertain terrorism activities . They don't support separatists . That's why Pakistan could not do terrorist activities as locals don't support such people .

Whereas in Jammu - Kashmir , separatists have local people support . With support of such people , Pakistan has declared a proxy war against India .

People should realize that they are and will always be Indians forever .

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Why doesn't water get inside ?

This was the question came to my mind when I saw this experiment.

Settings are very simple. We have a glass bowl containing water. Now a candle is lit and made to sit on the empty outer cover of a bottle.( bottle is not there, only the outer cover).

Now above said lit candle is made to float on the water of empty water bowl. Next what happens is interesting.

Now an empty glass pipe (one side closed) is kept upside down on floating candle. Surprising thing is when this empty pipe is kept upside down, water in the outer glass bowl will not go inside the glass pipe!!!


As I said earlier, it is an empty glass tube. So naturally air is present inside the glass tube. Now this air as it is already occupied the space inside glass tube, will not allow water to come inside.

But if glass pipe is made to tilt slightly and if we allow the already existing air to go outside, then water will come inside as space is vacant now.

But what happens to the already lit candle? When the empty glass pipe is kept upside down on candle in the beginning, candle will continue to glow as air is present inside the glass pipe.

Since air contains 16% of oxygen which is necessary to glow, candle will go on glowing till there is oxygen inside the pipe.

But when this oxygen gets empty , then candle will get blown off. At that time, same amount of water will come inside the glass pipe as the amount of oxygen used up !

Monday, May 14, 2018

I helped an unhelpful dragon fly ....

This may sound childish . But no work is inferior if done by true heart .

It was yesterday night . I was preparing my bed as I am about to sleep . I had switched on lamp ( CFL ) and also the ceiling fan as it is getting more and more sweaty during night .

That time , a dragon fly , must had got attracted to the light entered the room through ventilator . It started flying in circles throughout the room and near the lamp too .

I watched it for some time . It was so busy in taking rounds that it got hit by the blades of ceiling fan also . I guess it didn't hurt itself as it continued to take rounds around the lamp .

Now I was sure if I switch off light , its source of attraction will not be there and it will leave the room searching for another source of attraction . This is called logically thinking !

I switched off light and went to sleep . I didn't hear any noise throughout the night . I thought it has found its way back to outside .

But I was wrong . It was the fresh morning and Sun was rising in the east . Slowly atmosphere is getting lighted up . I close my window doors during night . I again found this dragon fly sitting on closed window door . It was trying desperately to pass through the window as it is seeing light outside .

It was hitting itself hard to closed window door thinking that it is open . But it was not . I think it is trying since early in the morning to get out .

I thought soon it will find its way to go out by itself . Anyway ventilator is still open . Just it need to fly upward . That's it !

But I was wrong . It is still trying to move out through the window door . It is trying desperately since long time . Now it has become weak doing failed attempts . Now it is just sitting on window plane .

I thought it may not be possible for it to find its way out . I felt very sorry . If it is having intelligent brain like us , humans , by now it would have found its way out . But it don't have thinking power .

I decided to do something fast , that will help the dragon fly to move out . Anyway it was sitting on window plane already . If I open the window , it will surely fly outside . Great thinking !

I slowly opened the window door without disturbing it . I said to dragon fly , " Jaa , Simraan jaa . Jeele apni zindagi ".

But to my surprise , it didn't move a bit . I had opened the window fully . I waited for some time . I thought it has become weak doing its failed attempts to go out . It needs time .

I was getting impatient . I looked at dragon fly . It is not moving . I decided that it is dead . My eyes got wet . I felt like crying . Everyone in this world has his right to live . They must not be denied of this .

I wanted to touch it . Just a feather touch . As soon as I touched ..... it flew away outside . Again my eyes are wet .... now because of happiness .

I am still feeling happy because I helped someone helpless .

Monday, May 7, 2018

What is a thunder ?

This is the question asked by my nephew ( brother's son ) . I felt ashamed as I didn't know the answer ! I know how lightning strikes . But I didn't know why we hear the sound , after sometime  , the lightning strikes .

The lightning strikes as the result of flow of charged air particles . The dark clouds are having positive and negative charged particles . When the clouds collide with each other , these particles attract to differently charged ions and there will be a huge discharge of electricity and this is called lightning .

Sound is made up of vibrations . As I said , lightning is the huge discharge of electricity . This electricity passes through air and causes the air particles to vibrate . Lightning is very hot and it heats up the air around it . This hot air expands very quickly thus resulting in more vibrations .

Vibrations means sound . Thus we hear loud and long rumble . We always hear a thunder after lightning . Light always travel faster than sound in air .

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Do your duties first to avail benefits.....

Once a man came to king's court with his pigeons . He wanted to sell the pigeons to king as they were trained as carriers of message .

King liked the idea of using pigeon as message carrier . He bought one . He handed over the pigeon to royal servants and asked them to feed it well so that they can use it for spy works .

Royal servants left the pigeon in royal garden and started feeding it well . Pigeon need not move anywhere , food would be served to its place .

All the time pigeon used to sit on branch , always waiting for royal servants to bring food . Now it has become healthy and stout .

King started asking servants about the message carrying capacity of pigeon . Royal servants said they have not seen pigeon flying ! It is always sitting in one place throughout the day .

King wanted to see the pigeon . When he visited the garden , it was sitting on a branch . Time passed but it did not move from its place .

King was disappointed . He thought person who had made him to buy the pigeon has cheated him . King ordered his soldiers to arrest the person .

Person was caught and produced before king . King accused him of cheating . Person realised the problem and went to see the pigeon .

As usual , pigeon was sitting on branch . It did not move a little . Person climbed the tree holding axe in hand and cut the branch where the pigeon was sitting !

Now pigeon got a shock ! Now to save its life , it has to fly and find a new branch to sit . When it was finding other branch while flying , it spotted other pigeons who were flying too .

It flew for a while and returned to garden . Person asked the servants to feed it . Now pigeon got a lesson that to avail the benefits , it must do its duty of flying first .