Friday, January 19, 2018

Ants of my house are very unique.....

I am seriously thinking of getting a G. I. recognition for the ants of my house. I have found out that the ants in my house are very unique .

I always watched them doing marchfast in a straight line on the wall. My favourite passtime is obstructing their way by keeping my hand , cutting their way further. At that time, ants get confused by the new barrier on their way. Everyone can try it. No parents guidance is required and it is fun !

Recently I have read that ants come to rice grains but not  to the cooked rice. But in my house, ants come to both rice grains and cooked rice. Another unique character is ants come and have a first taste to almost everything except salt and chilly powder.

My mother is always seen  fighting with ants and making eatables antfree in the kitchen. The problem of ants is such an extent that now almost everything has found their place in the fridge which is the only place ants can not enter !

Ants come to milk also. I am sure they will not drink milk as we , humans do. But every time I see them inside milk vessel. At that time , my mother keeps the milk vessel under the turning fan. We must take care that fan must turn to its maximum speed. Then only this idea works.

Sometimes , ants will breathe their last by falling into milk vessel. At that time , only one way is remaining. Patiently sit down and hand pick each dead body of ants !  By this way , we can increase the level of our patience. It is one of the effective way.

If you are so desperate and not in a mood to do all these things , then just close your eyes. Remember God silently in mind and drink the milk or use it to other usual work. I heard that ants are the good source of proteins ! It has no side effects also !

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Udupi paryaya 2018

Today is the day of Phalimar mutt paryaya in udupi . Paryaya is the day on which the charge of worshipping the idol of Sri Krishna is handed over to the next mutt in the circle of 8 mutts.

Today Pejawar mutt has handed over the charge to Phalimar mutt. This change of charge takes place once in 2 years.

We celebrate the event as a festival. A huge procession takes place from the entry place of udupi i.e. Jodukatte till udupi Krishna mutt.

The procession started at 3.30 am . I watched the procession on tv as our cable operator telecast it live. The starting point of procession was so much packed with devotees that there was no place for a mosquito also !

Whole udupi town was lit up with lights. Everyone was awake to watch the procession . Many cultural programs were arranged . In udupi daily there are cultural programs like singing and dancing as God Sri Krishna himself loves doing all these.

There were tablos of Hindu mythology , Ravana with his 10 faces , Sri Krishna and Garuda . My favourite Tattiraya without them no procession will start.

Bhajan groups singing God's various reincarnation for the benefit of human society , chande melas , various veshas of rakshasas , those were killed by God Sri Krishna to save the world etc just to name a few.

By watching all these , I imagined myself at that time where God himself was there to sort out our mistakes and bless us.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Unfortunate run out of Hardik Pandya

Today I was watching the test cricket match between India and South Africa. I was watching because Hardik Pandya was batting.

Yesterday he was unbeaten at 11 runs. Today I expected him to play and score runs. But he was run out in an unfortunate situation.

The situation goes like this. Hardik Pandya was busy in running between the wickets. That time , a South African fielder grabbed the ball and threw the ball exactly on the wickets and bails have fallen down.

Hardik Pandya was well inside the crease by that time. But he forgot to touch his bat to the ground. This is the unfortunate situation. South African fielders appealed for run out.

It was clearly visible on tv replay that though Hardik Pandya is well inside the crease , his bat is still in air. According to rules ,he was given out.

But I think he should have been given not out. Because he was busy in running between the wickets and might have forgotten to touch the ground with his bat.

Mistakes happen in a hurry. That is human nature. But Hardik Pandya needed one more chance. Will they do the same with South African batsman?

Cross LOC strike by Indian army

Today all the english news channels are telecasting the reports of cross LOC strike by Indian army.

I don't miss watching these reports of our brave army. Indian army crossed LOC , entered Pakistan soil and killed 7 Pakistani soldiers who are assisting the terrorists to cross LOC.

Now it is an open secret that Pakistani army assists terrorists to cross LOC . Their plan is very simple. They start violating the ceasefire by firing at Indian soldiers who are guarding at the LOC.

Obviously , Indian soldiers will be busy in giving befitting reply to Pakistani army . At that time itself , terrorists cross the border and enter India . These terrorists are responsible for the blasts and loss of many lives.

Our army has taken the right decision. One has to remove the source of problem first . Our soldiers are not cowards like Pakistani soldiers. We entered their country and taught them a lesson .

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

India , let go off an opportunity to crease history.....

The first test cricket match against South Africa concluded yesterday in just 4 days. India has lost match because of batting failure.

It was a fast bowling track . The fast bowlers of both the sides , shined . But batsmen of both the sides failed in reaching the expectations.

Indian side had the opportunity to reach the target of 208 runs . But no batsmen occupied the crease for a long time including Hardik Pandya.

It is because of Ashwin and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar that India atleast crossed 100 runs. According to me, India , by itself let go off an opportunity to win the match in South African ground .

There was plenty of time and the target could have been achieved if the batsmen tried to score just singles .