Saturday, March 24, 2018

I am watching YouTube fanfest 2018

While searching YouTube for my favourite blog videos ( I think they call it vlog ) , I came across YouTube fanfest 2018 videos .

Ashish Chanchlani is my favourite youtuber . Just because he is also an engineer . The YouTube fanfest 2018 was at Mumbai .

Ashish is from Delhi . I had a feeling that Ashish was little uncomfortable with Mumbai audience . There was Be You Nick , Captain Nick , Mostly Sane , Girliyappa , The Screen Patti .... whom to name ? All my favourite youtubers were present .

Still I didn't finish watching . All were having fun . I am also a great fan of Rikshawali , Shitty Ideas Trending , Harshdeep Ahuja , Sahib Noor Singh , irahulvohra , Popxodaily , LifeTak  , Super Desi People , Quick Reaction Team  , Filter Copy  , Time liners  , hottstudios  , Scoopwhoop , EIC , jordindian  , being Indian , rajat code , Lshokeen  , the viral fever , Firangi Pirates , OK Tested , Rishsome ,  harsh beniwal , hasley India , amit bhadhana , real shit  ..... list goes on .

My all time favourite is Make Joke Of . He makes animation videos . I like each and every videos he posts . Out of them Court room and Makaan Malik are my favourites .

By looking at my list , you can say that I am addicted to YouTube . Yes  , I am . To such an extent that now I have almost stopped watching T. V.

Inspired by all of them , even I am thinking of making videos . But I am not so much creative like above people . It is very difficult to make people laugh .

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Presence of oxygen in air

Air comprises of 20.9% of oxygen . But this is the fact that we read in the books . As commoners , we really can't measure the level of oxygen in air . But atleast by performing a simple and easy experiment in our house itself , we can observe the presence of oxygen in air . Sounds exciting ????

Here we go . All we need is a bowl of water , a candle and a vertical glass jar ( so that we can observe the emptiness of jar getting replaced by water ) .

Now we are lighting the candle which is already placed firmly in the bowl of water . Now we cover the candle by the vertical glass jar by keeping it upside down .

The candle will burn for a few seconds .  When it is burning , we can observe that water has not entered the glass jar though it is immersed in the water . Because there is no space as air has occupied the whole space .

After a few seconds ,  candle will die off . As soon as it goes off , water enters the vertical upside glass jar . But it will not completely fill the jar . Only a small portion from down of glass jar .

We know , candle requires oxygen to burn . But here we are covering it with the glass jar . So candle goes on burning till the oxygen present in vertical glass jar . As soon as oxygen dried out , even the candle dies off .

Here comes our observation . There is still air inside the glass jar . But candle has used only the oxygen part of air . So now the place of oxygen is vacant . As we are doing the experiment in the water bowl , water rushes inside the glass jar to occupy only the vacant place .

Remember air is made of other gases too besides oxygen . So water will not cover whole glass jar because other gases in the air are still present inside glass jar .

This illustrates the presence of oxygen in air .

If we stop breathing , we die . Because we breathe only oxygen in the air . This way also , we can observe . But it creates more unnecessary problems !!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Needed 5 runs in 1 ball and a sixer !

Yesterday was the final match between India and Bangladesh in T20 cricket match series . Bangladesh lost toss and asked to bat first . Thanks to the super fielding of India , Bangladesh were restricted to 166/8 . The catch taken by Indian fielder near the boundary line was the highlight of Indian fielding .

Then Indian batting started . At that time itself , in our area , suddenly low voltage occurred . It is the situation where you can not say electricity is gone . Power is there . But normal voltage will be of 230 v . But in this condition , supply would be of lower voltage .

So it is not good to run electric instruments . I switched off t.v. . When we got normal power , India needed 34 runs to win from 12 balls .

Considering the coefficient of tension and pressure as it is the final match , I concluded that winning chances of India is less . So I switched off t.v. and went to sleep .

But when I saw the news , India had won the match and lifted up the trophy ! Dinesh Kartik has achieved the impossible task . 5 runs required in 1 ball and he finished the match scoring a six !

It must have been a tensed moment during the last and final over . Anything could happen in a T20 cricket match .

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The nightmare of engineering graphics and maths .....

Every engineering student knows about engineering graphics . This subject every student has to study , no matter what is their engineering branch , in first year of their engineering student life .

There are some necessary things to study engineering graphics . They are -----

1. Drawing board
2. Mini Drafter
3. Set square
4. Protractor and Divider

Graphics mainly consists of drawing top view , front view and side view of a given object .

Maths , an engineering student has to study in first year is another big story . Now also I really struggle to differentiate between permutations and combinations . When the lecturer is explaining a problem on this subject , there is always one genius present in the classroom , who is always there with the answer already !

I always wondered how did he manage to solve the problem ? I was still confused about whether it a permutation or combination ?! All I remember is npr and ncr and also the factorial .

Thursday, March 8, 2018

India and Bangladesh T20 cricket match

Today is the T20 cricket match between India and Bangladesh . India has won the toss and decided to field first . Now India has restricted Bangladesh to 139 / 8 . The Indian cricket team is having inexperienced players as the star players are being rested for this T20 series . The Indian fielding was consisted of dropped catches . But as the target is moderate to chase down , India will definitely win the match .

I am writing this blog article to share my viewing experience . Today I have watched the match on DD - Sports channel . The telecast was so good that it didn't aired unnecessary and long advertisements between the overs .

I wonder why I didn't watch the other cricket matches on this channel .  But the commentary they are airing is in hindi language . I don't have problem with that . But it creates a problem when they say some figures ( numbers ) in hindi .

It is very difficult for me to make out the result . Also I don't experience the thrill I enjoy with English language commentary .