Thursday, June 23, 2016

KD's trick of using horse as witness ..... !

Last Saturday " adaalat " serial was the perfect example of how lawyer K. D. can use the silliest thing to make the truth to come out ......!

The story started with a murder in the horse stable . A horse jockey who was present inside the stable at the time of murder was taken into custody.

As no one else were in the stable than the horse jockey , his claim of innocence was not believed by many. But KD took the case . He solved the case proving innocence of horse jockey and also by nailing the real culprit.

For this , he used the horse which was present at the site , as the witness ! Horse came to court to tell the evidence !!!!

Even prosecution lawyer had the doubt that how a horse who can not speak , tell the evidence ?!

KD proved that horse does know what is right and what is wrong . KD said as the horse can not speak , it will tap the floor once if the said thing is true otherwise twice if it is wrong .

KD went on asking questions to horse . It went on tapping the floor if it is true or false , thus by revealing the entire mystery behind the case .





You are not alone ..........

Even prosecution lawyer had the same doubt . Then KD explained that he has trained the horse in such a way that if he taps the  table once  , even horse has to tap the floor once .  If he taps the table twice , even horse has to tap the floor twice !!!!!!

That's KD !!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Positive attitude

Father has promised son that he will bring crackers on the eve of Diwali . As their home is in the outskirts of city , father said he will bring crackers when he is returning from his job.

But father was stuck between his office works. He had totally forgotten about his promise . In the house , son was waiting .....

Father returned home , exhausted . He was exhausted because he was stuck in the traffic when driving his car .But as soon as he saw his son's face , he remembered his promise and began to feel guilt for not able to fulfill the promise.

It was getting late . Father asked son to come with him to the city in the car to buy crackers. Son was very happy after listening to that.

Both climbed car . Father was driving fast as it was getting late . He was fearing that shops may close before they reach .

Alas , as they reach the city limit , they were welcomed by traffic. Father was fast driving so that he can skip traffic signal.

But at one junction , they were about to cross the signal , that time itself signal went red .! Now they have to wait till it gets green.

Father was losing his patience . He was looking at his wrist watch repeatedly . As soon as traffic light turned green , father started driving the car fast .

He wanted to skip the traffic signal of next junction and to reach the shop as soon as possible. But this time too, same thing happened . They were about to cross signal , signal turned RED ! Father was cursing his fate , but son was jumping with joy .

This made him angry. He asked his son to explain the reason . Son replied " We are the first one to cross the signal compared to others in queue . This is the second time that we are becoming winners . We had defeated other vehicles !"

That time , father turned back . He saw many vehicles standing in queue , waiting for signal to clear .He then realised whatever his son is telling true . This is the POSITIVE ATTITUDE OF MIND .

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Why does salt dissolves in water faster than sugar ?

When we try to dissolve sugar in water , it needs constant stirring . But if we put salt into water , it just disappears in a fraction of second !

WHY ?????



The chemical formula of salt is Na+Cl- . Chemical formula of water is H+2 O - . When we put salt into water , water molecules come between the ionic bonding of salt . Na gets attracted towards O atom of water and Cl towards H atom .

Thus solvation of salt in water occurs . Whereas in sugar , the molecules are quite big and compound . So , breaking of these bonds requires more energy .

This compound bond makes sugar to dissolve less in water . To make the process quick , constant stirring is required .

Salt because of its simple bond structure , dissolves faster in water .

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wives of god Kartikeya , god of war

Kartikeya is the son of divine couple , Shiv and Parvati . Kartikeya is popularly known as Murugan and Subramanya . He is the god of war .

Kartikeya has 2 wives . Namely Devasana and Valli . This article is about Kartikeya's marriage with Valli .

King Nambirajan prayed to God Shiv for a girl child . When returning from forest , he found a girl child . He brought her up as his own daughter and named her Valli .

When she grew up , Kartikeya disguised himself as bangle seller and met Valli and started chatting with her . But Valli's brothers did not like their sister talking with a stranger . They objected and started fighting . Kartikeya escaped .

Kartikeya wanted to marry Valli . Once he saved Valli from a wild elephant .

That time he proposed her . Valli gave her consent to marriage . Both got married .