Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Punjabi songs in hindi movies

Recently I heard the song kaala chasma from the movie baar baar dekho. I just loved the song because of its tone and music. 

I could identify the voice of singer Baadshah in the song . I have become the great fan of Baadshah since I heard the song Abhi toh party shuru hui hai .
I even liked the song Ladki beautiful and Let's nacho from the movie kapoor and sons . I like the songs which have Punjabi words in them. They sound peppy dance numbers. 
The songs from the movie Tanu weds  Manu return are also my favourites. I believe they are also Punjabi songs as they make people to dance to their tone !
Wish I would be a Punjabi by birth !

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Eating raw rajma is poisonous ......

Rajma is one among most nutritionally valuable vegetable food. They are high in protein, carbohydrates and many minerals while low in fat and cholesterol.

But they also contain a protein that can be toxic in high sufficient quantities IF CONSUMED RAW .

Rajma contain a toxic protein called phyto hemagglutinin. Now why do the plant is having this toxin? It is known as a pesticide and plants may have produced it to keep their seeds from being destroyed from pests.

In humans, if rajma consumed raw, then it will result in severe vomiting and diarrhea. ,which may turn fatal if untreated.

But they are not often eaten raw . They are usually dried and require several hours of cooking before they become soft enough to consume.

That time, this protein is deactivated and reduced to safe levels for consumption. Don't eat rajma raw.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Aparna , a Hindu mythological character

I am not talking about the person named " Aparna " . I am writing this blog article to say where I have come across " Aparna " as a character in Hindu mythology .

We all know that Sati is the wife of God Shiv . I know all will say Parvati is the wife of God Shiv . Even that is also true . Parvati is the reincarnation of Sati .

Sati was the daughter of King Daksha . She has grown up by listening to the stories about God Shiv . She had decided to get married to God Shiv . But her father didn't agree with his daughter's decision . That's why Sati meditated or performed tapasya to please God Shiv .

She was performing hard kind of tapasya . First she started tapasya by only eating leaves . Later she moved to the stage where she stopped eating leaves also. That time she was known by the name " Aparna " . In Sanskrit Parna means leaf . A - parna means without leaf as Sati performed tapasya by not eating even the leaf.

She had pleased God Shiv . She got married to him against her father's consent . This made king Daksha to get angry . He was doing an auspicious ritual or homa . He invited each and every gods and angels . But he didn't invite God Shiv .

Sati came to know of it . She wanted to participate in the ritual with her husband , God Shiv . But Shiv refused to accompany her as he was not invited and forbidden Sati also from attending .

But Sati was adamant and went to attend the ritual alone . But king Daksha was furious by seeing Sati . He insulted both Sati and her husband God Shiv . Disheartened by her father's behaviour , Sati entered the fire ( set ablaze herself ).

She was reincarnated as Parvati and later again married God Shiv .

Monday, August 1, 2016

Which hand is better when giving alms?

My granny used to say " When giving something to others, always use right hand ". Recently I came across a story which states it is a myth.

Once Sri Krishna and Karna sat together talking. That time, a person came and he wanted to have a word with Karna.

Daughter of that person is going to get married. As he is poor, he urgently need money. Since Karna is having a fame in helping others, he had come near Karna.

By listening to the story , Karna immediately took out the gold chain , he was wearing and gave it to that poor person by HIS LEFT HAND.

Poor man took the chain and went on his way. But Sri Krishna was unhappy after watching all these. He objected for Karna's deed of giving chain using his left hand. Krishna said " Poor man has come for help for an auspicious work. But you have given the chain using your left hand ! He might face problems because of this ".

Listening to that, Karna laughed. He said " When the poor man told his story , there was only one thing in my mind. i.e. to HELP HIM. I didnt think of what hand I am using at that moment. If I waste a single moment  at that time, my mind might get changed by another thought. Thats why I didnt care for which hand I am using . My intention was to help him. "

Moral : We must not wait when we are about to do some good to others.