Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why do we always see water as mirage?

Yesterday I was watching a cartoon show. There one of the characters was walking on desert and suddenly he finds the mirage of water. He ran towards it as he was very thirsty but disheartened to find out that it is just the illusion.

As I always think differently, I started to think why everyone travelling across desert always see WATER as the mirage? Why not milk or soft drinks?!


It is all the work of our mind. Mirages are the form of an optical illusion which is caused by total refraction of light.

As I mentioned it is an optical illusion, when we see a mirage, we first see a shining material in long distance.

Now our mind starts to think what it could be?
A mirror?
A glass frame?
Pond of water?

As we are familiar with pond of water ( which is also the present need as we are in desert and we are thirsty ) ,our mind rules out the first two possibilities and arrive to the conclusion that it must be the pond of water !

That's why mirages are always WATER .

Friday, January 22, 2016

Do not self pity yourself

I believe GOD created all of us. He has made us so that we can achieve something in life .

Some of us have already achieved luxuries in life. Some are still struggling . As Shri Krishna said " one has to do his work , put his efforts . The end result is in HIS hand. "

As God created this whole world , he was taking rest after the tiresome work. That time he observed a crab passing by. Watching its style of walking, GOD pitied about the creature.

He asked crab " I have done injustice to you by making you to walk like this. To compensate my mistake ,I would like to grant a boon to you . Ask whatever you want ".

Crab replied , " God , you have made me different from others. I have a unique walking style which no one has in the whole world. That makes me special .I am happy with this and I don't want any boon ".

Crab don't have self pity about itself. It knows if GOD has made it like that, there must be some reason. Just believe in ourselves. Self pity is always harmful.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tulu saying

Enme tindadu edde paaterodu

Translation ----

Enme = Sesame seeds
Tindadu = after eating
Edde = good words
Paaterodu  = to say

Summary -----

As today is Makara Sankranti , we Hindus believe that this time as auspicious. On this day, we share jaggery and sesame seeds to each other and hope to spend rest of the time in harmony.
The above tulu saying says the same.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Kind hearted papaya tree

Last year, in the month of August I had observed a tiny plant in our front yard . As day passed, it was becoming taller . By external features, it looked like a papaya plant.

My mother was very happy that papaya tree is growing in our front yard. As everyone know that I think logically, this time also I was not ready to believe it as a papaya tree.

My logic based on several facts.

1. In recent days, we didn't have eaten papaya fruit. So there is no chance that one of us had put the seed in the soil and were responsible for the birth of plant.

2. Our neighbours too didn't have this plant in their garden. So no question of pollination arises .

Based on these facts, I concluded that it must be a stray plant. I decided to pluck it out.

I went near the plant and tried to pull it. But it was having a good grip and I couldn't pull it. Finally I changed my mind and broke down its stem. I thought it will die on its own.

But that plant is very stubborn and again it started to grow. Now it has its twin brother also , two plants emerging from same stem !!! By this time, in house everyone were aware of what I did.

I was forbidden to touch the plant. Everyone were quite sure that it is the papaya plant except me. I decided to wait and watch.


On new year day, first papaya fruit was available on the same plant. After 3 days one more. !

Now when eating those papaya fruit, I thought this plant is very kind hearted. Eventhough I tried to kill it , it didn't mind and changed my way of thinking by giving tasty papaya fruit.

Moral : Don't underestimate anyone .

Friday, January 1, 2016

What colour would the leaf look ?

We know leaf looks green in daylight . Chlorophyll present in leaf absorbs all the colours of light spectrum but reflects green . Hence leaf looks green to our eye .

Now let us change the source of light . Now leaf is in dark room under a red light . Now without any prior thinking , if we look at leaf , what colour it has ?



Leaf looks BLACK !

Why is it so ?

Let me explain . If it is under daylight , it just reflects the green light wavelength of light spectrum . Not others .

Now the source of light itself is red light . Remember , leaf only reflects green light and absorbs all the other colours .

This time also , leaf absorbed red light . Since no green light wavelength is available in present light spectrum , it has nothing to reflect .

Hence , leaf would look black.