Friday, August 21, 2015

What is sea sickness and what causes it ?

Sea sickness is a form of motion sickness which is experienced when we go on a long travel on the sea . It is caused because the sensory inputs to our brain are incongruous when we are on a cruise .

The boat on sea would be floating on water with upward and downward motion on water . But only boat is moving . Not the inside things on boat .

Our eyes send signal to brain as we are stationary by looking at surroundings . At the same time , our ears sense motion of boat and likewise they send signal to brain .

Brain is now confused by getting two different signals at the same time . It thinks that we are hallucinating . It thinks that this hallucination is the effect of poison .

So it induces nausea or drowsiness in an attempt to get rid of the poison and it is called SEA SICKNESS .

Friday, August 14, 2015

Wife of Vibhishan

Vibhishan was the brother of Ravan in Ramayan . Unlike his brother , he knew what is right and wrong . When Ravan kidnapped Sita and forcibly brought her to Lanka , Vibhishan advised his brother to let Sita go. But Ravan did not listen.

Ravan had kept Sita in Ashok Van . Ravan was hopeful that one or the other day , Sita will forget Ram and agree to marry him.

But Sita was spending her day chanting the name of Ram . She did not even look at Ravan . This made Ravan very desperate.

Ravan said to Sita that one day he will defeat and kill Ram . It's better if Sita marry Ravan now itself ! But Sita did not believe him.

One day Ravan came near Sita and showed her the head of Ram . Ravan said he had beheaded Ram in war after defeating him .

By seeing the head of Ram , Sita  broke down . Ravan left her like that .

That time came , wife of Vibhishan , Sarame . 

Sarame is just  like her husband . She knew the evil plan of Ravan . She was unhappy with that . Seeing Sita's sorrow , Sarame consoled Sita saying that it is all plan of Ravan . To convince Sita that he has already killed Ram , Ravan has artificially made the head of Ram with the help of his friend . just to say that he has beheaded Ram .

Sarame said Sita that Ram is fine and soon he will come to Lanka and take Sita back. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

DJwaaley babu

Yesterday I heard the song " DJ waaley baabu " sung by baadshah .

Wow ! The song is very good . I just loved the song to such an extent that since yesterday morning I was playing again and again and listening to the song . My mother was so irritated and I had to stop playing the song .

But it was yesterday . Day was over . Today is a fresh day and I already started listening to song . I heard baadshah in " Abhi toh party shuru hui he " . But I feel this song is much better to that song .

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why do I miss Gunda ?

Gunda is no more . He was my neighbour . He was very handsome , fair . He daily used to come to my house to talk with me .

He used to play pranks just to make me laugh . Now sitting alone in the house and remembering him , I listed out the similarities between me and him . It is my way of giving condolence to his death.

Similarities ---------

1. We both are fair and beautiful .

2. He had grown long hair and me too .

3. He had sharp and long finger nails and I started to grow . No idea about his toe nails .

4. He liked to sit infront of morning Sun . Me too .

5. He used to bath and clean himself daily . I also take bath every day with a costly soap .

Final and very important similarity ------

6. He had 4 legs and I too have 4 legs . Two are my own and the remaining two are my crutches .

Main difference ------

He had many enemies . He used to fight with them daily . But I have neither friends nor enemies .

P. S . ---- Gunda was the pet ( tomcat ) of my neighbour .