Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fullform of ATM

I thought fullform of ATM is

Any Time Money .

The capital letter of words fits suitably ! Also it serves the purpose of task of drawing the money for our need at any time. I know I am not alone in thinking in this matter !

But actual fullfform of ATM is ------------

Automated Teller Machine


Automatic Teller Machine

Kindly note :

This article is written for knowledge of readers of this blog !

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why does cheese have holes ?

Yesterday I was watching Tom and Jerry cartoon show on t.v. . There Jerry mouse was eyeing on a piece of cheese . That piece of cheese was having holes in it.

As I am a keen observer of such silly things , I began to wonder why does cheese have holes ?

The holes are made by the bubbles of gas produced by bacteria in fermentation process . When this fermentation process is carried out , long molecules of cheese are broken down into small , simpler and tastier molecules by the action of enzymes .

At the same time , bacteria will produce carbonic gases which will result in the formation of holes just like our dosa .

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Remembering Gunda ............

Gunda is not with me. He left me alone for ever. But his memories are still fresh with me.

One such incident still make me to smile. .....

One day I was alone in the house. I was expecting my father to come. Hence I didn't latch the door but just closed it such a way that just by a small push , it would get open .

I was in rest room . I heard Gunda's voice calling me. I shouted loudly from restroom and asked him to come later. After that, there was silence.

I thought Gunda left. After completing my work, I came out of restroom. There he was , sitting on chair and waiting for me to come out .........

Gunda always understood my mood. Though our languages are different, it was not a problem for us.






But now he left me. I sometimes really wonder why didn't he tell a word , before leaving ......

I think he preferred to be a STRAY CAT than serving as a pet to some one   !!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Law makers should obey the laws

This incident happened when Lal Bahadur Shastri was the prime minister of India. Though he was a PM , Shastriji was very down to earth.

Once he had to travel to another place by catching a train. But because of work pressure , he was late when he had reached the railway station.

But in railway station , everyone were aware about Shastriji's travel. The railway guard who gives signal for the movement of trains, observed the car of Shastriji coming to railway station. But it was already late for the departure of train.

Guard thought if he gives green signal for the train movement, Shastriji would miss the train. Hence, he waited till Shastriji enters the platform. Shastriji was surprised to see the train still standing on platform as it was supposed to leave by this time.

Railway guard came forward and said proudly that he didnt give green signal to train. He was aware that Shastriji would travel in that train and Shastriji was late.

Guard was expecting Shastriji to be happy and give good remarks about him. But Shastriji was angry. He scolded guard for his work. He was very concerned about fellow passengers who had suffered the delay in train movement.

Shastriji believed that law makers should follow the laws . He didn't want any special arrangements for the fact that he was the PM .