Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Punitive strikes by Indian army along LOC

Finally India has strike back. Indian army carried out strikes on Pakistani terror outposts backed by Pakistani army.

It is no longer a secret that Pakistan lovingly nurtures terrorist organizations along LOC. Pakistan military and government always aims at destabilizing India and Indian economy.

Now it has been proved that Pakistan is funding the separatists in Jammu and Kashmir. My question is can't they focus on Pakistan occupied Kashmir ( POK ) instead of our Kashmir ?

Why don't they ( Pakistan ) mind their own business instead of doing shadow wars on our country ? These punitive strikes must take place . But it is never late . Pakistan military has to learn a lesson , it will never forget . 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Kangaroo court

Yesterday Kulbhushan Jadhav's legal trial was going on at the International Court of Justice ( ICJ) . Kulbhushan Jadhav is a retired Indian navy officer .

Our neighbour country Pakistan arrested him on the charges of spying . A trial was done in the military court of Pakistan ( like that they say ) , which was referred as Kangaroo court and it has announced death sentence to Jadhav .

Anyone can tell that Pakistan mistakenly did this job . Anyway Jadhav has got the justice as India moved to ICJ and now death sentence is halted till final decision .

I wondered what is a kangaroo court ?

Kangaroo court is an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone , especially without good evidence , as guilty of crime or misdemeanour .

Pakistan military court is correctly referred as a kangaroo court as there is no evidence and also they are not providing consular access to Jadhav.

What is my thinking is they have ( Pakistan ) already executed Jadhav . Otherwise even Jadhav will face the same situation as Sarabjit Singh who got killed by fellow prisoners without any reason .

Anything can happen in the country like Pakistan where army is stronger than the government. The rogue country like Pakistan has the support of another rogue country China .

I don't think Pakistan will obey the order of ICJ .

Just now, I saw in news channel that cricketer Mohd kaif got trolled in Twitter for hailing ICJ verdict. Kaif is an Indian and he did the right thing. Patriotism don't have religion . Always nation first.

I just saw the reply given by mohd kaif to the troller who asked him to change his name from mohd. Kaif has given the befitting reply to troller. But what I wonder is the troller why he was following kaif ?

We Indians don't differentiate between the persons on religion. The troller must be a Pakistani . These are the ones who give money to stone pelters in Kashmir to attack the armed forces who are working to restore the peace in the valley.

Shame on them !

Monday, May 15, 2017

Punjabi songs of hindi movies

Last weekend , I heard the song ishq tadpave from the movie hindi medium . I liked it. But I wanted to hear the original song.

When I searched the web , I got the original version of song . It is sung by Sukbhir. The song started with bhangra tunes. It really makes one to get up and dance .

I heard the song move your luck baby from the movie noor . It is sung by my favourite singer badshah . I am the biggest fan of his singing from the days of abhi to party shuru hui hai.

Even this song tempts one to dance. Nowadays all the new hindi movies have at least one or more of Punjabi songs . Each and every song has become a chart bluster !

Monday, May 8, 2017

Don't lose heart

Raju is 10 year old . He is just like other children of his age . But he differs from them as he had lost his one arm in an accident.

But he continued his studies . He is the topper of his class . He is actively participating in every cultural activities of his school .

One day , he saw some boys of his own age playing the game of cricket in the playground . Even he wanted to play.

He went near the captain of team and expressed his wish . But captain made fun of him saying Raju is having only one arm , he can not do neither batting nor fielding which requires both arms .

Disheartened as he was , Raju sat in the corner of playground . The coach of team , had witnessed what had happened . He came near Raju .

Coach asked Raju how much serious is he regarding the game of cricket ? Raju replied though he is handicapped , he is not dependent on others .

Coach liked the positive attitude of Raju . He said since Raju has lost his one arm ,he can not do batting or fielding . But he can bowl.

Raju was very happy . Coach trained Raju as a bowler who can play googly . Now Raju has created his own records and now waiting for a call from national team selectors .

Monday, May 1, 2017

Why don't eyelashes grow long ?

The eyelash hair looks similar to head hair . But it don't grow long like head hair. Ever wondered why is it so?

The hairs on eyelashes and also eyebrows have a very short life span . They are programmed to grow only for a couple of months .

Unlike hair on head which grow for years , eyelashes fall off soon . This is the reason why don't they grow long as they are programmed to have their lifespan  short.