Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sweet death

This term refers to the death by carbon monoxide ( CO ) poisoning as inhaling the carbon monoxide gas results in unconsciousness and then death .

How carbon monoxide gas is produced ?

Science tells us that if the fuel burns incompletely  , that time carbon monoxide gas is formed. Let me explain with an example .

If we start burning a fuel of any kind in a closed container , fuel starts burning completely only till oxygen is present in closed container.

This results in decreasing oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide . There comes a point where all oxygen has become empty. Now incomplete combustion of fuel starts and carbon monoxide gas forms.

If we inhale carbon monoxide gas , it will directly get attached with haemoglobin of blood instead of oxygen . When this carboxy haemoglobin reach cells , they suffer by absence of oxygen and die .

This condition results in unconsciousness . Still inhaling the gas results in death .

How to avoid this situation ?

We have to make sure that combustion always takes place in fully ventilated area thereby ensuring the good circulation of oxygen gas . Very common area of combustion in house is bathroom where gas geyser is installed to get hot water.

 The gas geysers should be maintained well by cleaning the exhaust pathways thereby ensuring no accumulation of harmful chemicals and gases taking place .

These gas geysers should be always installed in a fully ventilated area having windows and ventilators .

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ravan as king of Ayodhya !

Yes , I have written the title of article with full sense of my mind ! The title may sound weird but it was going to be a reality .

Now let us come to point .

Those were the days when Sri Ram had reached Lanka with his monkey army . He had come to know that king of Lanka , Ravan had kidnapped his wife , Sita and held her as captive .

Now Ravan is forcing Sita to marry him . Ravan is already.married . His wife Mandodari , brother Vibhishan and everyone else had tried to convince Ravan saying that it is not right to abduct someone's wife and forcing her for marriage .

But Ravan is adamant . He didn't listen to anyone . His brother Vibhishan was fed up of Ravan's adamant nature and joined Sri Ram's party .

Sri Ram gave assurance to Vibhishan that since he has come near him realizing what is right and what is wrong , he will appoint Vibhishan as future king of Lanka .

Members of monkey army are unsatisfied with Ram's words . They asked Ram in a sarcastic manner "  what if Ravan himself come near Ram apologizing for his fault ? "

That time Sri Ram replied that in that case , he would appoint Ravan as king of Ayodhya itself as he realised his fault . Everyone should be given a chance to change themselves when they repent for their fault from bottom of their heart .

But as all of us know , Ravan opted to fight with Sri Ram and Ramayana happened .

Friday, October 14, 2016

Ozone , a double edged sword .....

We often hear about depletion of ozone layer . It is because of industrialization and reports say that green house effect will happen soon.

Whenever I was reading this news , I was thinking that if the ozone layer is depleting , why don't we try to produce ozone at ground level and then move it to space like we send satellites ?

Ozone is good up-high and bad nearby . That's why I called it as a double edged sword . 

How ????

Let me explain ------

Atmosphere of earth is having layers. The layer closest to earth is troposphere . Here the found ozone is an air pollutant that is harmful to breathe and it damages crops , trees and other vegetation. It is the main ingredient of urban SMOG ( smoke + fog )

The layer troposphere extends upto 6 miles up. Then comes the layer stratosphere . Here ozone changes its mind and now protects the creatures of earth by sun's harmful UV rays .

This explains why ozone is a double edged sword .

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why do we have eyebrows ?

We all have eyebrows . Some people have bushy eyebrows and some  ( specially girls ) have eyebrows which are cut into various rainbow shapes .

But without eyebrows , a person lacks his appearance.
Eyebrows play a significant role in beauty , non verbal communications and also the appearance of a person .

We know that eyebrows help in keeping moisture out of our eyes when we sweat or walk in rain . The arch shape of eyebrows diverts rain or sweat , to the extreme sides of our eye keeping them almost dry.


Work of eyebrows make a significant difference in our ability to see by diverting the moisture or sweat away from eyes . It also acts as a barrier to UV ( ultraviolet rays ) from reaching directly to eyes .

Saturday, October 1, 2016

One minute of bad thought changed whole scene !

Avinash was a famous builder in the city . The apartments constructed by him were regarded as safest to live in .

Many engineers were working under his company . Rahul was one among them . Even Rahul wanted to be a builder in realty business . Avinash had known about the secret ambition of Rahul . But he was trying to retain him in his company.

Rahul wanted to start  his own business. But if he says the same near Avinash , Avinash will not let him to do that . That's why , Rahul lied to Avinash saying that he want to go to his own town and will look after the poultry business of his father .

Avinash didn't doubt Rahul's words . But he said leaving the job , would cost him dearly in the future. But Rahul was adamant .

Finally , Avinash agreed . But he wanted Rahul to do a favour . Avinash wanted Rahul to build a final building .

Rahul could not say NO. He agreed and started working on it . But suddenly a bad thought came to his mind . Why should he work so hard ? Avinash is going to take the credits of Rahul's work . Rahul decided that he will not work with dedication as he was used to do earlier.

Finally , Rahul managed to complete the work of building somehow . But Rahul can not guarantee the safety of the building. Evil thought had occupied his mind . If anything bad happens , Avinash is going to be responsible for it . Why Rahul should worry ?

Rahul informed Avinash about the completion of work . Avinash came in person to see the building . After seeing the building , Avinash handed over the keys of building to Rahul saying that it is the gift from his side for the work Rahul has done all these years !

Now Rahul is in a fix . It is still a mystery whether Rahul had accepted the keys or not !