Sunday, March 20, 2016

Backyard of my house has become a little forest !

Yesterday there was no power in my house in the evening . As our place is in coastal area , it is very difficult to sit inside the house . So no other way for me . I had to go outside and sit in our backyard .

I made myself comfortable by sitting on a chair . My father was watering the plants . Now question arises why didn't I helped him in the work instead of sitting on chair .

I can't stand without support . As I was watching the surroundings , I observed two cranes coming flying to our backyard .

They had come to drink water which was stored near the plants . They were so comfortable as I was sitting like a stone and watching them .

Soon came a peacock . ! It was searching for worms . The list don't end here . There were crows too who had come to take bath !

All were doing their work though they were aware of my presence . That time itself , 3 cats also entered the scene . They directly came near me as soon as I called them .

There came " cheev , cheev " sound . It is of squirrel . There came flying " kuppala " ( tulu word as I don't know English equivalent ) . There were millipedes too .

Phew! I still think I left some one very important .

It is not complete without mentioning the frequent visitors of our backyard, MONKEYS ! I still wonder why do they still come to our house , as they have already finished all the tender coconuts on coconut trees !

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why do I get irked when India loses cricket match ?

Yesterday was the day of first T20 cricket match of Indian cricket team . It was against New Zealand cricket team . As India had won the previous T20 matches against its opponents I had high expectations.

New Zealand chose to bat first. I was very happy by watching its first 3 batsmen were out just by scoring single digits . Even Indian fielding was good .

Finally New Zealand completed it's quota by scoring 126 runs . I was over enthusiastic to watch India batting as we have a strong batting line-up .

When India started battling , Shikhar Dhawan was out . Then Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina all for single digits ! I remembered I was happy watching New Zealand batsmen got dismissed for single digits .

I thought Dhoni and Kohli together will guide India to reach the target . But when Kohli got out , I switched off t.v. .

WHY ??????



I have developed special powers of guessing the future !

Same thing happened . India lost the match .

I was irked as I had high expectations on Indian cricket team .

Monday, March 14, 2016

Birbal caught the thief

Once King Akbar has lost his precious ring in his packed court , He was worried as it was the gift from his father .

By seeing his worried face , Birbal asked for reason . Akbar said he has lost the ring given to him by his father as a gift in the court and it is very difficult to find it in the packed court.

Birbal promised Akbar that he will find the ring . Soon Birbal made an announcement in the court saying that " King has lost his ring . We have identified the man who has taken it . He is one among the people who are present here. He is having a long beard . He is unaware that what he had eat in the morning as breakfast , is still sticking to his beard . We will soon nail him " .

By hearing the news, one of the courtiers checked his beard .Soon Birbal caught him . Courtier agreed that he had taken the ring and returned ring to Akbar.

Akbar was puzzled by all these drama. He asked Birbal how did he know that thief was having beard and part of breakfast is still sticking to his beard ?

Birbal smiled and replied " A guilty person is always scared that someone will nail him . Ring was lost in court . One or the other courtier must have taken it . I just played a mind game and it worked . You have got your ring. "

Akbar was amused by wisdom of Birbal.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Power of belief

Long ago,there lived a saint near the river bank. One lady was supplying him milk everyday. Since she was living on opposite bank of river, she had to cross the river everytime.

She was taking help of a person who knew how to drive a boat. But that person is very irregular and because of that , woman sometimes is unable to supply milk to saint.

Once saint asked for her absence previous day. Lady said the problem. That time, saint jokingly asked her to practice walking on water by chanting the name of god. Lady took it seriosly.

From that day onwards she was regular on her duty. Saint was surprised. On asking . she said that now she dont wait for boat as she can walk on water.

Saint didnt believe her. Both of them went near river. Soon lady started to walk on water. By seeing her doing so even saint thought of trying.

But he was scared that his lungi may get wet. By seeing his dilemma woman said " if you believe in your ability that you are able to do a work, then nothing can stop you by achieving the goal ". By listening to the words, Saint was ashamed of himself.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why do rotten eggs float in fresh water ?

A fresh egg will sink in fresh water . But a rotten one floats .

Why ????




As the time passes , egg will decompose by itself . Because of this , mass of egg is reduced as egg shell is porous and inner vapour content will escape to atmosphere .

This reduces the mass of egg . If this egg is put into water , the volume of water displaced by this egg is more than its own mass . Hence it will float .