Friday, March 17, 2017

Is biting of house spiders dangerous ?

No . Occasionally a house spider bites and if it does ,it is not likely to inject a human with venom because it would be biting out of defence and not trying to feed on a human prey .

But some tissue swelling is possible depending on the individual's response to spider bites .

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You may need it in future !

Ramanna was struggling hard to meet his family's demands. But he was able to give his only son , a good education . But son still could not find a job .

Ramanna , by using his influence , was able to get a small job to his son . Now son is married and having his own son . Ramanna is now suffering from paralysis and is dependent on others for his daily activities .

Ramanna's son was becoming more and more restless as expenses of house were going on increasing . He thought looking after his disabled father is becoming a burden . So he decided to get rid of his father .

He bought a new wheel chair and asked Ramanna to sit on chair as he is taking Ramanna , near a doctor for check up .

Both started their journey . Ramanna was getting confused as they are heading to top of a hill instead of hospital . Now Ramanna has come to know of evil plan of his son . He didn't say anything.

Finally , they have reached the top of hill . Son prepared to push the wheel chair down the hill . That time Ramanna said , " Don't push the wheelchair down with me . You may need it in future in similar condition !"

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fire proof balloon !

Yesterday was science day. 

We know that balloons are very fragile . If a balloon is filled with air. then it has to be kept away from sharp objects and also from fire . Because a fire can weaken the rubber. of which balloon is made of , and cause it to burst.

Now in this experiment , our inflated balloon acts as fire proof ! This fire proof balloon experiment is very simple. All we need is two non inflated balloons , fire and water.

First take one balloon and fill it with air . Tie the mouth tightly. Now hold this balloon over fire. Balloon breaks.

WHY ?????


It is because of heat expansion . Now what is getting expanded ? Air inside the balloon.

Now take the other balloon. Fill it with little water and then fill it with air. Tie the mouth tightly . Now hold this balloon over fire. It will not break , how long the time is !!!

WHY ???????



Let me explain . This balloon is filled with air and water . As water is heavier than air. It settles at the bottom of balloon . So when we are heating it , water first starts to get heated . Remember. water is a good absorber of heat.

So, water absorbs all the heat  Thus  air will not get heat to expand . That's why the balloon acts fire proof.