Friday, June 27, 2014

Why is it not safe to sleep under the trees during nights?

               Why is it not safe to sleep under the trees during nights?

No... Its not for the presence of ghosts !
During the day , in presence of sunlight , the plants use up the Carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) and release oxygen ( O2 ) as a by product.
But during the night, they are unable to use CO2 and this leads to the increase of it in the air. Also , during nights trees breathe in oxygen and releases CO2.
If the wind is not blowing, then CO2 amount is more in the air and it will be hazardous for health..

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why do birds fly in V-shape?

                                      Why do birds fly in V-shape?

We all have seen birds belonging to same type, fly in V-shape. This theory depends on aerodynamics. The V- formation greatly boosts the efficiency and range of birds.
By this type of shape, each and every member can see what is in front. It gives the upwash to move ahead among birds.They will also spread fatigue equally among themselves.
This theory is also adopted in military flight missions.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My opinion about national language of India

There is a report that Government is trying to impose Hindi in all administrative work.

But I have a different stand on this .

I strongly recommend " Punjabi " as the national language !

WHY ??????

Take any of newly released Hindi movies . It must have a Punjabi song in it .

If hero lives in a place outside to Punjab , he will sing a song in Punjabi tone very easily ! Because of that , even I know some Punjabi words .

Kudiye , Chak de phatte , Soniye , Tere naal , Gal , dil vich etc.

When watching a Hindi movie , I often dream that I should have born as Punjabi speaking girl.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The true successor

                                     The successor 

It was an old temple in Shimla. It was located at the peak of a mountain. To that temple, a priest was there. He was getting old and falling ill too.
One day , while he was counting his last days, he expressed his wish to the trustee of the temple. His wish was they must appoint a " human being " as his successor. Before saying anything further , he died. Soon the news spread in the country.
People who are well versed in reciting shlokas and also who are scholars in ancient books all have gathered in the premises of temple for the post of priest.
Trustee to whom , the old priest had said his last wish was given the responsibility of selecting a new priest. Since they had to pass through the jungle, the aspirants for the post had a difficult time. The path was full of stones and thorns. There was the fear of wild animals attacking , too. When aspirants had reached the temple, their body was bleeding because of thorns.
Trustee was conducting the interview. Everyone were well prepared for the post. It was getting late in the evening.
That time, a person had come. His entire body including his palms were profusely bleeding. He was exhausted too.
By seeing him , trustee said he was late for interview. Person said " I  know I am late. If you have all ready appointed the new priest , I have no problem. I will go back to my place. I dont want to do injustice to other participants who had come on time. "
By listening to the words, trustee was curious to know what made him so late ? Though person hesitated to say , finally he said " There were many stones and thorns on the way to temple. I have cleared all of them so that devotees who are coming to temple, must not face the same problem. It has taken this much time and I am late ".
Hearing to that, trustee remembered what the old priest had said. He wished that a human being must be appointed as the priest. Soon, trustee declared he is appointing the man as new priest. For this, other aspirants objected.
Trustee said " Old priest wanted a human being to be appointed as priest. A person who cares for the well being of other people is the real human being. He cared for the well being of other people who come as devotees. Thats why he is the new priest ".

Friday, June 20, 2014

How did Ravana get his name as Ravana ?

                                 How did Ravana get his name as Ravana ?

Ravan actually had the name as Dashaanan meaning person having 10 heads. According to epic Ramayana , once Dashaanan infuriated the great monkey king, Vaali , who was praying on the mountain. Agitated Vaali trapped him.
Dashaanan kept howling till Vaali released him from trapping. From then onwards, he was known as Ravan for his continuous howling.
Ravan was an ardent follower of God Shiv. He wanted to take Shiv to his homeland , Lanka. But Shiv refused. In a rage, Ravan tried to take the whole Kailash mountain with him. In anger, Shiv punished Ravan by pressing him under his little toe.
Ravan once again howled in pain , thus making justice to his name ! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


It is the name of a terrorist group.

We can call it as Al - Qa'ida of Iraq.

ISIS ====== Islamic State of Iraq and levant ( Equivalent english word for Arabic word al - Sham )

It is a fanatic group killing Shia Muslims and Christians whenever possible.

ISIS now controls western Iraq and eastern Syria.

Belief in ourselves

                                     Belief in ourselves

There was tree which was about to fall , on river banks. A crow was sitting on this tree. A passerby saw this. Pitying about the crow, he said " Cant you see ! This tree is about to fall down. You are sitting on tree and you are in danger ".
Hearing to that , crow replied " I believe in myself. I am not relying on this tree . I believe in strength of my wings. I can survive anything ".
If we believe in ourselves, then we can fight with anything which comes in our way.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What is dark lightning?

This is the rainy season. Thunder and lightning are the common things.
What is the colour of lightning as we see in the sky ? It is a white line.

But there is dark lightning too.

Surprised ?

As normal lightning , even the dark lightning is caused due to charged particles within the storm clouds trying to cancel the opposite charges.

As the name suggests , dark lightning is invisible to our eyes as this process do not radiate any heat or light instead it releases bursts of gamma radiation.

Scientists have identified dark lightning preceding the normal flash of ordinary lightning.

Monday, June 16, 2014

National sport of Bhutan

Our neighbour country Bhutan has a national sport which surprised me as many nations have popular sports such as football as national sport.
The national sport of Bhutan is " archery ". The bow and arrow play a major role in many Bhutanese myths and legends.
Archery was declared national sport when Bhutan became the member of United Nations. Now , archery tournaments and competitions are held throughout the country.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The origin of word honeymoon

After coming to know what is strawberry moon , I was curious about the origin of widely used word honeymoon .Here is my search result.
The term honeymoon refers to the month after wedding . It was in the days of Babylon . They followed lunar calender.
After a month of wedding , the bride's father used to give the groom , a bottle of honey beer . Hence the name for that month became " honey month " and later it has taken the form as honey moon.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tonight is strawberry moon

What is a strawberry moon?

The full moon that appears in the month of June is called " strawberry moon " .

Why is it called by this name ?

Full moon names have been used by many cultures to keep in track of changing seasons.
In north america , June is the month of peak harvesting season for strawberries.
The people of Algonquin tribe of north america had influenced this type of naming by Americans.

What is Convection?

                           What is Convection?

Convection is the mode of heat transfer observed in liquids and gases.
It is not possible in solids because in solids , molecules are tightly packed .
Convection can also be defined as transfer of heat by molecules of liquid or gas due to difference in density because of change in temperature.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why do wearing seat belts is necessary while driving a car?

It is always told to wear seat belts while driving a car. All the persons sitting inside the car are required to wear seat belts.

But WHY?

It is one of Newton's law of motion. 

It states that An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted by an outside force in the opposite direction. 

That means , if the car stops , we are still in motion. We will not stop suddenly. Seat belts will provide an external force which is required to stop our movement, thus save our lives by preventing us , hitting the front window shield.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Without hard work, desired result can not be obtained

                      Without hard work, desired result can not be obtained

Long ago, there lived a couple in China. They were blessed with a baby boy after so many years of marriage.
They were adoring the boy very much. They were not letting him to do any work. They were rich . They could afford servants for small work also. As a result, boy grew up without any common knowledge of world.
Boy turned into a youth. Now , parents were noticing the difference between their son and other boys. They realised their son is not quite intelligent. They thought if he is given proper education, he would become intelligent.
They met a teacher nearby and requested him to teach their son. Teacher agreed. Parents left their son near teacher.
Teacher called the boy and asked him to fetch water from well. But for his surprise, boy had his servants with him. They did the work for him.
Teacher again asked the boy to feed the cows. Again servants did the work for boy. Teacher was annoyed. He thought of teaching the boy , a good lesson.
From next day, he stopped giving boy anything to eat. Boy was very hungry. But teacher was not giving anything to eat.
Soon, boy was unhealthy. He started to suffer from various disease. Hearing the news, his parents rushed to the spot, carrying the medicines and also good food.
Teacher stopped them in the midway and collected all the things , they had brought. He gave the food and also the medicines to servants !
Parents were aghast. Teacher replied " Boy is not doing any work by himself. He is depending on servants for everything. If he is not doing any hardwork, how can he have the knowledge of doing work? Please take away the servants. Then boy will get the knowledge of world by doing various work and he will become intelligent too."
Parents agreed and boy learnt the art of living by himself.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to classify ( regional & national ) political parties ?

Recently , in our country elections are over and the new government has been formed.
During elections , we can hear the name of some political parties which are in perticular states and not throughout the country.
If a political party proves its existence in the election , atleast in 4 states , then it is considered as national party. Otherwise it is a regional party.
For example  , Janata Dal ( Secular ) of our state Karnataka , AIADMK , DMK and similar parties of Tamilnadu , Biju Janatadal of Odisha , Telugudesham of Andhra Pradesh , Trinamool Congress of West Bengal etc.
These parties have proven their existance in their home states not in other places.
But political parties like Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) , Congress  have succeded in winning seats in through out country and are considered national parties.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

My unanswered doubts in Adaalat serial

I am having several doubts . Its not about the story .
Doubt #1 -----
It is the scene of lawyer K . D . Pathak presenting his argument in the court . At that time , when K . D . dont have any points to say , exactly at that time , the wall clock in the court room either shows 5.00 pm or 1.30 pm . Judge either he adjourns the court for a day or it is the lunch break . Why does it happen when K . D . goes speechless every time ?
Doubt # 2 ------
When the arguments regarding a perticular case is going on , the real culprit is always present in the court room , following the court proceedings . When K . D . nail the truth , that time he try to flee. Why ?
Doubt # 3 ----
K . D . solves the case just in 1 hour or 2 . I heard that court proceedings will take years to conclude. But here in the serial , it is the opposite. How ?
Doubt # 4 ----
Whenever , K . D . finds a break through matter , at that time itself , there appear gang of adbertisements . They test my level of patience . Why do they appear always , on the above said time ?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Why does the flame always point upwards?

                            Why does the flame always point upwards?

When we light a candle or lamp or the matchstick, we can observe the flame is always pointed upwards.

Why ?

Heated gas is lighter than cold gas. When a substance is burnt, the temperature of substance rises.
Heated gas goes up. Its place is taken up by surrounding cold air which also goes up if the substance is continously heated.
It is called Convection.
Since it is a continuos process, it appears as if the flame is pointed upwards. Flame is rising from high to lower pressure region.
Because of gravity, hot air goes up. In space , the flame is spherical as there is no gravity.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Story behind proverb

                                      Story behind proverb

It is a Tulu language proverb. Recently I have come to know of the story.

Tulu Proverb -

Maami bolladu ponaga marmaal " maami, elle kaande ari et, bayyag et pand pole " incha pandalge.

ಮಾಮಿ ಬೊಲ್ಲಡ್ ಪೋನಗ ಮರ್ಮಾಲ್ " ಮಾಮಿ, ಎಲ್ಲೆ ಕಾಂಡೆ ಅರಿ ಏತ್ ,ಬಯ್ಯಗ್ ಏತ್ ಪಂಡ್ ಪೋಲೆ " ಇಂಚ ಪಂಡಲ್ಗೆ . 

Translation --

Maami = ಮಾಮಿ  = mother in law
bollad = ಬೊಲ್ಲಡ್ = in flood
ponaga = ಪೋನಗ = getting drowned
marmaal = ಮರ್ಮಾಲ್ = daughter in law
elle = ಎಲ್ಲೆ = tomorrow
kaande = ಕಾಂಡೆ = morning
eet = ಏತ್  = how much
ari = ಅರಿ = rice
bayya = ಬಯ್ಯ  = evening
pand pole = ಪಂಡ್ ಪೋಲೆ = tell before leaving
incha pandalge = ಇಂಚ ಪಂಡಲ್ಗೆ = said

Summary =

Mother in law was very strict with her daughter in law. She was giving the orders when daughter in law was doing work. Daughter in law was fed up of this.
One day , it had rained heavily. There was a flood situation. Mother in law was getting sweeped away by flood. By seeing that , daughter in law says " before you leave , give instructions to prepare food ( like quantity of rice etc ).
In that situation also, daughter in law was saying these words. This shows her frustration

Monday, June 2, 2014

Eye blinking

                                 Eye blinking

Blinking is the quick action of closing and opening of eyelid. Blinking necessary because it clears away dust particles and lubricates the eyeball.
Average person blinks approximately once for every 10 seconds. Now what happens if we dont blink?
It gives rise to dry eye symptom. Nowadays people are more attached to their mobile phones and computer.
They are so busy doing their work that they dont have time to blink their eyes too ! They want to save the time which is used to blink the eyes.
But it gives rise to dry eye and if not treated, we may lose the eyes.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Akbar - Birbal Story

                                           Akbar - Birbal Story

Akbar was fond of Birbal. Birbal's witty answers were pleasing Akbar. One day he was praising Birbal in the court.
One courtier does not like this and challenged that if Birbal could give the answers to his 3 questions, then he will consider Birbal as the most intelligent person in the world.
His 3 questions were ---
1. How many stars are there in the sky?
2. Where is the center of earth?
3. How many men and women are there in the world?
Birbal listened to the questions. Akbar was very eager to hear the answers from Birbal.
Birbal brought a hairy sheep to court . He said " There are exactly the same number of stars in the sky as the hairs on sheep. Courtier can count them if he wish ".
To know the center of Earth ,  Birbal drew a couple of lines on the floor and bore an iron rod in it and said " It is the center of Earth . If any body has doubt, they are welcome to measure it ".
As the answer to third question, Birbal said " There are people which belongs to the category of either men and women similar to the courtier ! If these people are killed, then the exact number can be calculated "
Hearing the answers , Akbar could not control his laughter .