Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why do coconut trees on sea shore bend towards sea ?

Yesterday I was watching TV . A report on sea erosion was being aired as it is the rainy season .

I saw sea engulfing the sand and the coconut trees . The trees were grown on sea shore .

I was surprised by seeing the trees , all of them , had bent towards the sea . In my house too , we have coconut trees . But all of them have grown straight .

But here , they have bent towards sea . I know trees will grow such a way that they will receive maximum sunlight at a greater surface area .

This phenomena , called phototrophism is evident with coconut trees as they don't branch like other trees . But why bending towards sea and inviting their own death during sea erosion !?

The answer is ......



SEA REFLECTS LOTS OF INCOMING LIGHT TOWARDS TREES . Coconut tree which is searching for sunlight , bend towards sea without knowing the danger it has to face .

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why does a balloon pops, when squeezed ?

All of us have observed this . When we squeeze a balloon ,( having air inside it ) it pops . Why ?

It is according to " Boyle's Law " .

Boyle's law states that " pressure of the gas is inversly proportional to its volume at constant temperature . "

V1 / V2 = P2 / P1

Where V1 , P1 = initial volume and pressure
V2 , P2 = final volume and pressure

Thus , we can conclude that when we squeeze the balloon ( which is already having air inside it ) the volume of air decreases , it increases the pressure inside balloon and it pops out .

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Full of twists in "adaalat"

Yesterday's "adaalat" serial was loaded with sudden twists in the story . It is about taking revenge against lawyer KD himself .

It is about terrorists from other nation ( no prize for guessing the name ! ) . Actually it was made to appear like that .

Police got the information that a youth who is a student is trying to fix a bomb in Mumbai.

As the drama unfolds , police were able to get hold of that student . They managed diffuse the bomb in time.

Student was taken into custody . As it is a terrorist activity , no one is ready to defend the culprit . Lawyer KD was given the job of prosecuting the student.

KD had 3 witnesses who have seen the student encouraging terrorist activities . KD and police department together made arrangements for the safety of witnesses.

Soon twist in the story comes. All the 3 witnesses were kidnapped ........


Now without any proof to prove the student as a terrorist , KD was helpless . That time he receives a CD in which a shadow claims to have kidnapped witnesses and challenged KD to come for rescue.

KD was successful in rescue operation . KD proved student as guilty in court and court gives the judgement to hang till death .But one more twist to story comes .......


Again KD received one more CD which claimed that the student who was thought as a terrorist is actually an innocent person and there is no connection of him and the terrorist activities .......




Now KD is in a fix . He , himself had proved the student as guilty . Now after getting the information of innocence of student , KD again re opens the case and proves thst student is innocent .

The master mind behind all these drama is also held . I liked the episode because of sudden twists it had taken .

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do snakes blink ?

Snakes do not blink as we do .

They don't have movable eyelids . Instead they have a hard , protective shell over their eyeball which protects it and keeps dirt off it .

Since snakes don't have eyelids , they have to sleep with their eyes open !

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Taking right decision

It is a museum . It is famous for its collection of various marble idols .

Recently , its owner has done renewation of museum . Now the floors of museum are decorated with marble tiles . This new interior design has given it a grand , rich look.

Owner thought of buying some new idols to display . Those are made of marble stones .

New idols were put for viewing . Now , many people are visiting the museum .

Marble tiles put to floor were envious of treatment , marble idols are getting . One day tiles asked idols " We both belong to same family . But you are getting good treatment . But we are neglected . Why is it so ? "

Idols replied " When sculptors had come to look for marble stones for proposed idols , you people were scared of the strokes of their chiesels and you hid your good qualities from them . But we didn't . Thus we became beautiful idols and you remained as the ordinary tiles for floor ."

Marble tiles which had been put on floor started repenting for their behaviour .