Friday, September 11, 2015

Fooling the ALMIGHTY himself !

One day, a cow of farmer went missing. Farmer tried hard to locate it but is of no use. Finally , he prayed to God that if he is able to trace the cow because of god's grace , then he will sell it and give half of the money to God.

His prayer was answered. He got his cow back. Now it is the time for him to pay back God for his help.

Farmer thought cow must had traced the way back by itself. In that case , why to give half of the money by selling it to God?

Thinking like that he did a plan. He went to market with his goat together with cow. He started saying that cow and goat are for sale. It is compulsory to buy goat with the cow. Goat costs 3000 Rs and Cow costs 300 Rs !

Soon he sold both of them. Now price of cow is just 300 Rs. Out of that , he donated Rs 150 to nearby temple. He is relieved that he fulfilled his promise. !

Friday, September 4, 2015

Marriage of Shri Krishna with Mitravinda

Sri Krishna had 16,008 wives . Out of them , 8 were crowned wives of him . Mitravinda is one among them .

Mitravinda had 2 brothers , by the name Vinda and Anuvinda . Her brothers were the friends of Kourava king , Duryodhan . They wanted their sister , Mitravrinda , to marry Duryodhan .

But Krishna and Mitravrinda were loving each other . Mitravrinda said her wish to marry Krishna . But her brothers did not agree for it .

Swayamvara was arranged . Mitravrinda had suggested Krishna to abduct her . Krishna was successful in the plan of abduction . Duryodhan and all the other princes
who had come for Swayamvara chased them.

Finally , Krishna defeated all of them in the fight and married Mitravinda in Dwaraka .

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Death of Shri Krishna

                                         Death of Shri Krishna

As Krishna Janmashtami is nearing , I am writing articles about Krishna.

During Mahabharat war, Gandhari had lost all of her 100 sons. Krishna visited her to offer his condolence.

That time , Gandhari thought that Krishna could have prevented all the destruction caused by war. But he didn't
Gandhari cursed Krishna that he will meet his end after 36 years. Likewise, when his avatar time is going to end, Krishna went to forest and sat under a tree for meditation.

That time , a hunter named Jara  , by just seeing Krishna's final toe, confused it to be an animal. He wanted to kill it by his bow and arrow.

But alas, it was Krishna himself. Krishna was wounded by arrow and was bleeding. By seeing he had hit a man instead of an animal , Jara came near Krishna to apologize.

That time, Krishna consoled him saying that Jara was Vali during Ramavatar and Ram had killed Vali by standing at his back side. Hence, in Krishnavatar, Vali had taken birth as Jara and he killed Krishna by mistaking him as an animal.

Gods themselves had to suffer the consequences of their doing . What about humans?