Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Full form of yahoo

All these days , I thought the word " yahoo " ( which is also the name of a famous website ) is a word expressing happiness .

But the website name is actually the abbreviation that stands for

Y. A. H. O. O. = Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why is a diamond good conductor of heat but not electricity?

Diamond has a large macro molecular structure. It consists of a large network of covalent bonds that are arranged in a regular fashion.

In diamond, each carbon atom is attached to other four carbon atoms in a tetrahedron manner. Due to the wave nature of electrons, electron wave can travel much smoother in crystals without bouncing.

Due to the strong network of covalent bonds,mechanism of heat conduction via molecular vibration is further enhanced making it a good conductor of heat.

All the valence electrons are involved in covalent bonds. Without any free moving electron available, diamond is the poor conductor of electricity

Monday, April 20, 2015

Satya Nagnajiti , wife of Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna had 8 crowned wives . Satya Nagnajiti was one among them .

Satya Nagnajiti was the daughter of King of Kosala , Nagnajit . She was very beautiful and skilled too . Now it is the time for her to get married .

King Nagnajit wanted a brave man to wed his daughter . For that reason , he had arranged a Swayamvara of his daughter . The condition is --- the aspirant must tame 9 ferocious bulls all by himself .

All princes are invited and all of them were gathered to try their luck in the competition and to marry Satya . But as soon as the bull starts to charge , they were running for their life !

They could not stand infront of a single bull . Leave the matter of taming 9 bulls all together . Princes started to feel that it is an impossible task and King Nagnajit is making fun of them .

They all decided to declare a war against king for this insult . Just then , Krishna came on a chariot with Arjuna .

As Krishna grew up among cowherds , it was very easy for him to tame the bulls . The ferocious bulls just got changed to ordinary bulls by presence of Krishna .

After completing and winning the competition , Krishna rode back to Dwaraka with his bride , Satya . The kings and princes who lost the competition , tried to stop Krishna but was defeated by Arjuna .

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reason behind crying

Long ago , there lived a man called Durasappa . He was crazy about money and valuable things. This nature has become a habit for him.

Recently , he bought an imported car worth crores of rupees. Not only this , he even bought a Swiss watch paying lakhs of rupees.

Now , he want to show these to everyone . Hence he went for a ride in his new imported car tying new Swiss watch to his hand.

Alas ! Disaster happened . Durasappa met with an accident . Now his new imported car is reduced into pieces. Police came to accident spot for further investigation.

Police found Durasappa crying loudly seeing the condition of his car . Police officer started consoling him saying that it is a miracle that he was survived in the accident eventhough he lost his hand.

Durasappa started to cry more loudly , after hearing this. He was  crying not because he has lost his hand. 

Then why ?



He was crying because he lost the same hand where he had tied his precious Swiss watch !

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why do our eyes get black if we enter a room from outside?

Suppose , we spent most of the time in a bright sunlight ; suddenly wish to go back to our room to take rest , as we enter the room from outside , we feel our eyes got black i.e. we can not see anything correctly for a few moments.

Why does it happen ?

It is all because of pupil of eye . Pupil is that part of eye , which is round and black in colour and easily visible when we look at the eyes of another person.

It contracts and expands depending on the amount of light . Thus it can block the amount of light entering the eye in bright conditions.

When we are out in the Sun , pupil becomes tiny and it is allowing very little light to enter the eye. But when we go into a dark room , there is not enough light to pass through narrow passage of pupil . That means now pupil must enlarge itself to get a clear image of things in available little light .

This transformation of pupil takes little time , hence we feel that our eyes are getting blackened. But as pupil adjusts itself , we will get clear image.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Horror story turns into a joke !

This story is not mine . I read it in kannada daily newspaper . I liked it very much . So I am reproducing it .

It is a hospital . It has an ICU too . Every Sunday , exactly at 8.00 am , one patient dies at the ward .

Everyone were scared by this . The deaths are not because of deterioration of health condition of patient !

Someone suggested it might be the work of a GHOST !

So on one sunday , doctors of hospital assembled and decided to crack the mystery .

Likewise , everyone hid in ICU waiting for the clock to strike 8 .

Clock struck 8 !




Then came sweeper Muniyamma .

As soon as she came , she unplugged one of life supporting systems and put her mobile to charge !