Friday, June 26, 2015

How to sharpen blunt scissors ?

When I was watching TV last week , this remedy for blunt scissors was aired on show . I thought of giving it a try .

It is very simple . All we need is blunt scissor and aluminium foil . Method is as explained below ................

Take blunt scissors in one hand and aluminium foil in the other . Now make small pieces of foil ( by cutting it ONLY WITH SCISSORS ) . I had a great wish to cut the foil by my hand , but it is not recommended !

After this , the scissors will be sharper than previous stage .


If this plan don't work , I am not to be blamed . Problem is with blunt scissor itself . It is the right time to buy a new scissor !

Monday, June 22, 2015

Why are the planets , round ?

In our solar system , we have 8 planets which are revolving around Sun . All of them are round in shape . What could be the reason ?

Planets are round because their GRAVITATIONAL FIELD acts as though it is originated from the center of planet and it pulls everything towards it .

We know that before the formation of planets ,they were all covered with fluids . As time passed , the gravitational force which was strong at the centre of the body attracted everything toward centre.

At this point of time , the shape that could be taken up by the body is only SPHERICAL . Hence planets aret round and the shape was as it is after they cool down .

Now asteroids are having different shapes . This is just because they have a weak gravitational field .

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brave Indian army

Yesterday news channels were telecasting the story of combined operation of Indian and Myanmar armies to neutralise the terrorists who killed our soldiers in Manipur .

I agree that being myself as an Indian , I really don't know much about our north eastern part . It may be the same case with others too . I heard that north eastern states are always referred as " seven sisters " .

They are ----

1 . Arunachal Pradesh
2 . Assam
3 . Nagaland
4 . Manipur
5 . Meghalaya
6 . Mizoram
7 . Tripura

According to me , those terrorists might had thought our army always concentrate on Jammu n Kashmir . If they create any nuisance in this part of India , it would be overlooked .

But they were wrong . Our brave Indian army took the revenge for killing its soldiers . This is an example of political cooperation too . Without help of Myanmar army this would not be a success .

But this type of co operation can not be expected from other neighbour country as it is shielding the terrorists who are creating trouble in a northern state .

May be this incident would be an eye opener to that country clearly saying not to mess with us .

Monday, June 8, 2015

Any solution for grandma's problem ?

It is the story of a lady with 2 children . She is having 2 girls and she has lost her husband . But she looked after her children very well.

Now , girls have grown up to become beautiful ladies . Mother has grown old and now everyone calls her " grandma " .

She did the marriage of her elder daughter to a shopkeeper who sells umbrellas in the town and her younger daughter , to a paapad seller.

But after the marriage , she was feeling lonely . Now , she just hope that her children lead a happy life , not like hers .

Now , sky is getting cloudy . Grandma comes out of her house and looked at the sky . It is going to rain , she thought to herself .

By this thought , she felt happy since her first son in law is selling umbrellas . If it is going to rain , then his business will prosper and her elder daughter can lead a happy life .

Next moment itself , another thought comes to her mind . If it is going to rain , then her second son in law will undergo for a heavy loss since he is a paapad salesman . Rain will not allow paapad to get dry .

No one would buy wet paapads and her younger daughter would suffer financial problems.

Now , grandma dont know what to wish for . She is in a dilemma .

Monday, June 1, 2015

My fight with giant spider ......

I am not talking about a cartoon character . Its s real spider . We call it as " pili jeda " in Tulu language .

I was on my way to room . There it was ........

Sitting right infront of entrance . It was on the floor . As I dont have balance to walk independently , I was holding walls and was going to room .

Spider was blocking my way by sitting at the entrance of room . I made a sound " Shoo...Shoo .... ". It moved near my left foot . Terrified that it may bite and I will turn into a spider woman ( ! ) , again I did the sound " Shoo .... Shoo ......."

It was scared more than me . It didn't know what to do . It kept on moving once here and once there . I decided to put an end to all of these ......

As a last try , I thumped my right foot on ground . I need not say giant spider was on my left side . My thumping of foot made a loud noise and spider just ran away ......

I tapped my own back for being such a brave heart ........... !