Monday, November 21, 2016

Rail fracture

Yesterday Indore and Patna express train got derailed resulting in many deaths and injuries to many passengers who were traveling in the train. It is indeed a great tragedy . Rail fracture is said to be the cause of the accident .

I have heard about bone fracture . But the term rail fracture is new to me. I was curious to know what it is .

The steel rails found in railway track are strong and durable . They can safely carry many hundreds of thousands of tonnes of traffic in their life time .

Small defects may be present in rails at the time of manufacture or while installing them and went unnoticed . These small defects may grow as more trains pass over and finally result in the breakage of rails .

Most broken rails occurs in winter season . In very cold conditions rails may be five degrees below the air temperature . This puts the rails under lots of tension and they become more vulnerable to breakage at the point of defects as trains pass over them .

What we can do to prevent rail breakage ?

1 . By regularly removing the small defects from the rails by grinding the surface .

2.  If a track is heavily used , then more frequent examination has to be done .

3.  The bolted joints between the rails have to be replaced with welded joints .

4 . The rails in the problem area must be replaced with new rails which can withstand higher worn out.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Tulu Saying...

Panjida ottugu serdu kanjila p tindndu.

ಪಂಜಿದ ಒಟ್ಟುಗು ಸೇರ್ದು ಕಂಜಿಲಾ ಪಿ ತಿಂದ್ ನ್ಡು 

Translation ----

panji = ಪಂಜಿ   = pig
panjida ottugu serdu = ಪಂಜಿದ ಒಟ್ಟುಗು ಸೇರ್ದು  = in company of pig
kanji =  ಕಂಜಿ    = calf
p tindndu =  ಪಿ ತಿಂದ್ ನ್ದ್    = started eating excretory product

Summary ----

This saying says what happens if we make contacts with bad people.

Here is an example of a pig and a calf. Both have different food habits. Pig is always seen munching the excretory product of animals whereas calf is vegetarian.

If calf makes friendship with pig and prefers to stay with it , then calf has to get adjust with pig's food habits too. It has to start eating excretory product of animals.

Likewise , if we get close to people with bad habits and always stay with them , naturally we also get used to habits of theirs . That's why elders advise us to always stay in contact with good people. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Unite we work , everything is easier !

It was a classroom . About 50 students were waiting for their teacher. Because on that day, teacher said that he will tell something through demonstration. Everyone were excited about that. There , the teacher entered the class.

After greeting each other, he asked the students to take a small piece of paper and to write their name on that.

Students did the same. Teacher collected each and every piece of paper and held them closed in his palm. He asked the students to wait outside the class room.

No one had an idea what does the teacher about to do. All went out. Now , teacher switched on the fan and opened his palm.

Now the pieces , flew in the air and settled themselves in every corner of room. Now teacher asked the students to come into class and serch for the pieces containing their respective names and he had given them 5 minutes of time.

Students started searching. But no one could find out the piece carrying his own name. Time was over. Students were disheartened that they could not do a silly task.

Seeing their face, teacher had come to know the result. Now he said , they can start the search afresh and now they can hand over the piece carrying the name to respective person. For this task too, he has given 5 minutes of time.

Students , whatever they caught hold of the piece , read the name written on it and handed over the piece to respective person. Soon , they all had got their respective slips in no time !

Teacher smiled at them and said if we do a work unitedly instead of doing it alone, that work would be easier to do. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Quick and easy recipe : bread chat

This recipe don't require the use of fire . Hence it is very easy to prepare. Though it is a chat item , it can be prepared without using chat masala .

Required ingredients  :

Bread ( sweet or plain )
Chilly powder
Salt and sugar ( as per taste )
Onion , tomato , coriander leaves : for garnishing

Method to prepare :

Add little water to curd and make it watery . Now add chilly powder , sugar and salt and mix them well. Now soak the bread in this mixture and put it in a plate . Now put some of the mixture on bread. Above that do garnishing by placing tomato and onion slices and also the coriander leaves .  Put sev above . Its ready to serve .