Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rain is in full speed

                                Rain is in full speed
Rain in our place is in full speed !
I thought rain without saying a word , had disappeared;
Morning to evening , raining is the same story
Finally seeing back rain , I am happy .

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Advice from a thief !

                                         Advice from a thief !
Long ago, in a village there lived a man called Ramanna. He is rich. But on the same time, he is miser. Though he is having everything, he leads a life of a poor. He kept all his valuables in a secret place that even his wife don't know.
His wife has to live like a poor woman. She had tried several times saying to her husband about living comfortably not luxuriously. But  Ramanna didn't listen. Then she stopped saying to her husband about what is right and what is not.
Ramanna though he had several acres of land, he didnt't use it because of laziness. If someone comes saying that they will plough the land for free, then he will gladly give the work. But the yield must be given to him since it is his land.
Ramanna didn't plough his land. All of it turned to barren land. But Ramanna didnt changed his mind. One day at night , a thief broke into his house. He had hoped that he will find some property to steal. But to his dismay, he didn't find anything. Instead Ramanna woke up and saw a thief who was searching for property. Soon, he started to shout "thief , thief".
Hearing this, thief came near Ramanna and said "I came to steal your house . But I could not find anything. Still you are shouting in order to wake others. I think you are a lazy person who didn't work so that I can steal something. Nothing comes if you sit not doing anything. Atleast earn something so that you can live ". After saying this, thief left the place.
Ramanna prepared to go to police station with a complaint. Then his wife stopped him and said "Thief said true thing. Today itself we will go to our land and grow something useful. Then no one can point to us. Thief has given a good advice".
Hearing this, Ramanna realised it is true. He was ashamed that from a thief he had to get an advice. That moment itself, he vowed that he will change himself.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who is stronger?

                             Who is stronger?
One day there was a heated argument between Air and Sun regarding who is stronger? Both of them are saying they are strongest than the other. The matter didn't get solved. At the same time, a man was seen coming on the way wearing a rug on his body since it was cold.
By seeing him, air challenges Sun that whoever will make man to remove his rug, he will considered to be stronger. Sun agreed. Air blown with all its speed so that it can make man to throw out his rug because of difficulty in carrying it. But when man came to know wind is blowing strongly, he wrapped himself completely under rug. Finally air agreed its defeat.
Now its turn of Sun. Sun started to shine brightly. Now man felt it is very hot under rug. So, he threw out his rug. Then air realised no one is inferior to anyone. All are having their own qualities. Sometimes even air can cause destruction like sun.
Moral: We must not underestimate anyone.

Curse given to moon

                              Curse given to moon
Daksha had 27 daughters namely Ashwini, Bharani, Kruttika, Rohini etc. All of his daughters are beautiful. Now its time that they get married. Many princes approached Daksha on this matter. But Daksha had one boy in mind. He is Moon. Moon is very handsome. He has many desirable qualities . Because of his appearance, all the herbs are blossoming.
But Moon is in love with Rohini. Even Rohini secretly loves him. Moon came near Daksha seeking Rohini's hand. But Daksha said if he he wants to marry Rohini, he has to marry her 26 sisters also. Moon was in madly love with Rohini and he agreed to marry all of daksha's daughters. But Daksha put a condition that moon has to consider all his daughters with love not only Rohini.
Moon agreed. He came home with all his 27 wives. Though he wanted to treat them equally, he could not escape the attraction of Rohini. He was found spending all of his time only with Rohini. This annoyed the other wives. They all went near their father and complained about moon. Daksha was very angry by hearing this. He himself came to know the truth.
He realised moon has broken his promise. He gave a curse to moon that moon must die. Because of this, effect of moon started decreasing. Herbs which are blossoming because of light of moon were seen dying. There was a big chaos in whole world.
Finally god Shiva took the responsibility of solving the problem. He came near Daksha and explained him the consequences of his curse. Then Daksha said for 15 days in month, moon will become smaller and smaller and on no moon day he wil not be seen. In remaining 15 days, he will grow and on full moon day, he will attain his original shape. Thus, no moon day and full moon day appeared.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gandhiji's Simplicity

                                            Gandhiji's Simplicity
This incidence happened when Gandhiji was in Bombay. It was oct 2. It is the birthday of Gandhiji. Since he was in Bombay, all of his followers planned to celebrate his birthday. Likewise they arranged a function. There they lit a lamp which glows on ghee.
They invited Gandhiji to venue. Gandhiji observed all the preparations. It was a simple program. Being knowing Gandhiji is against such celebrations, they arranged it very simple. Gandhiji called his wife Kasturba. Everyone thought Gandhiji will praise the preparation done.
Gandhiji told Kasturba " How can you allow this? In our whole country, people are struggling to have one square meal also. But here you have allowed them to arrange a lamp glows on ghee. Many people have not tasted it in our country. Here we are wasting it".
By hearing these words, Bajaj came forward and said Kasturba dont have to do anything with this. It was his idea. Soon they begged for pardon with Gandhiji. They also arranged for free meal for poor people on this vacation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This incident happened when Gopala Krishna Gokhale was in his childhood. Once in the school , maths teacher gave homework to students. Next day he wanted students to come to class with completed homework.
But since the problems were little difficult, no student had done the homework except Gokhale. Teacher checked answer sheet of Gokhale and found all the solution to problems are correct. He showed the paper to class and praised Gokhale.
Teacher wanted Gokhale to come infront of class. But Gokhale didnt leave his seat. Teacher called again and again. Gokhale sat in his seat itself. Teacher came near Gokhale and asked for reason that he is not coming infront of class.
Then Gokhale replied that the homework he has done with the help of his brother. He has not done it by himself. So , he is not eligible for what the teacher mean to do. By hearing this, teacher was dumbfounded by Gokhale's truthfulness.


Long ago, in a village there lived 2 brothers. The elder one has got wisdom in studies. He had read many books . He was giving lecture to people on how to lead a healthy life. He used to say his lecture with lots of examples he had read in books. People liked his lectures. They used to relate their life with the examples given by elder brother.
Younger brother was not interested in all these things. He could not find a suitable job to look after his family. He got jealous of his elder brother's popularity. He thought even he will follow the same path as his brother. He started reading books and noted down several examples also.
One day , he also started giving lectures like his brother. Though in beginning people were coming to his lecture, the number of people soon became less. Elder brother still giving lecture to packed audiance. Younger brother could not stand this.
One night, he came with burning torch in his hand to his brother's house. Brother and his family were out of town. Younger brother thought it is the right time for revenge. He burnt his brother's house. It gave him a slight relief. He came to his house and slept.
Elder brother returned to see his house had been burnt down. He was worrying about the cause. Soon he got strong evidences to prove that this was his brother's work. Elder brother came to younger brother's house and asked him why he has done like that?
Younger brother didnt approve that this was his work. But when shown evidences, he finally agreed. He said because of jealousy , he had done the work. Though he is also giving lectures as his elder brother, people are not listening to his lectures. But they go near elder brother.
Elder brother understood the condition. He said to his brother "If you do any work with dedication ,then surely people recognise your effort. If you do a work because others are doing, you will not taste the success. So start giving lecture with true heart."
Younger brother understood what his brother meant to say. He dedicated himself in his work. Soon , he also bacame famous as his brother.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rain gone

                                         Rain gone
Rain is gone somewhere else leaving us dry
Why don't rain listen to our pray?
We have waited so long for rain with our eyes on sky
How can rain go without saying us a small bye !

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Draupadi's wish

                                      Draupadi's wish
Draupadi is the wife of Pandavas. Once she was roaming with her husbands and a nice smell  captivated her. It was a flower. Its name is Sougandhika pushpa. Draupadi is very much attracted by the beauty of the flower and also its smell.  She had a desire to have it.
She knew her husbands are brave. But she also knew that the news may seem ridiculous to them. She knew out of her 5 husbands, only Bhima can help her in fulfilling her wish. She came near Bhima and told her wish. Bhima could not say no to his wife's wish. He tracked down the direction of smell of flower that Draupadi had got.
He went on that direction. He travelled a lot. But could not find the flower. While he was on his way, he saw an aged monkey sleeping in middle of the way. He came near and told monkey to vacate the way. But monkey acted that it didnt listen.
Bhima thought that he will lift the tail of the monkey which is an obstacle in path. He thought if he just use his sword, he could lift the tail. But he could not. Then he used one of his hands. But no use. Then he used both his hands to lift the tail. He could not move it an inch also. Bhima thought that he is one of mightiest man in world. But now he could not lift a tail also.
Bhima realised monkey must be a person in disguise. When he asked , Monkey replied he is Hanuman. Since both are born because of boon of Vaayu Deva ,now thay have become brothers. Hanuman came to know from Bhima that he is after a flower which is beautiful and also having nice smell. Hanuman realised that the flower must be from garden from Kubera.
Hanuman said so to Bhima. He also told the way to go to Kubera's garden. Bhima thanked Hanuman and went near Kubera. Kubera gave the flower to Bhima when he asked for it. Bhima came near Draupadi and gave the flower thus completing her wish.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why does Shiva stays in graveyard?

                              Why does Shiva stays in graveyard?
Once there was a heated disussion between Shiva and Parvati in Kailasa. Parvati in rage asked Shiva to leave Kailasa as it is her house. Shiva that moment itself, came out of Kailasa. But where to go? Vainkunta is God Vishnu's place. Sathyaloka is God Brahma's place. He can't go to either of them. Now he started to think deeply.
Shiva engrossed in his own thoughts, Narada who was passing by saw him. He came near Shiva and asked him what had happened? Then Shiva explained him what had happened. As now he is not having any place to stay , he is thinking where to go.
By hearing this, Narada said Graveyard is the best place to stay as there is no one to disturb. Shiva also realised it is true that graveyard is  the best place to stay. He went to graveyard and applied ash to his body and started doing meditation there. Thus, it is said that Shiva is Smashana Vaasi( resident of graveyard).

Birth of panjurli

                                     Birth of panjurli
In our place, people worship a deity called Panjurli.Panjurli has different names across Tulunadu. Here is the story that says regarding  this.
Long ago, there lived a male and female panji. (panji means pig in tulu).They were living as brother and sister. Seeing their close relationship, god Shiva blessed them that from now onwards they can live as husband and wife. Like this, they were living.
They began a family. Female panji gave birth to small children. They were so beautiful and at the same time they were very naughty too. Once they were wandering in a garden. They were playing with each other. At the same time , Parvati saw them playing happily. She was attracted by their beauty. She pleaded her husband(Shiva) to give one of them to her.
Shiva could not say no to his wife's wish. He gave one of piglets to Parvati. She was looking after it as if it is her own son. But one day,in playful mood the piglet went out and reached Shiva's garden. It spoiled the garden. Shiva came to know of this. In rage, he killed the piglet. Back home, Parvati was waiting for her son. She came to know what had happened.
She was in great sorrow. Shiva could not see his wife's sorrow. He said he will give life to it. But when giving life. Shiva blessed the piglet to have some divine powers and asked it to go to Bhooloka and help people to overcome their problems.Likewise, it came to Bhooloka. With its divine powers, it solved the problems of people. People used to worship it in order to solve their problems. Thus , the panji becomes a deity called PANJURLI in Tulunadu. Still people are worshiping it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Existence of heaven and hell

                                          Existence of heaven and hell
This incident happened in China. There lived a great philosopher. Everyone used to come near him with their doubts. He used to give solutions to them. One day King of that country came near him. He bowed to philosopher and asked him to show heaven and hell. Philosopher didnt say anything but he smiled. Then he asked some questions.
He asked to king "you dont look like a king ." By hearing this, king got annoyed. But he didnt say anything. He was seeing his sword. By seeing that, philosopher went on saying "The sword is rusted. No one can kill anyone from that. Not even a mosquito.! "
By hearing that, king's patience was over. He pointed the sword to philosopher and said he will surely kill him if he continue saying like that. Then philosopher said with a smile " You asked me to show heaven and hell . Now this is hell. Everything seems hatred here."
Soon king realised his folly. He begged for mercy with philosopher. He has become now so  decent. By seeing that , philosopher said " Here is now heaven as love is everywhere". King realised hell and heaven are with our own deeds not anywhere else.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sister-brother relationship

                          Sister-brother relationship
In a village there lived a family of 4. It consisted of father,mother and their 2 children. They had one girl and a boy. Girl is the elder one. Everyone were reminding her of her responsibility. Because she is the elder of 2 children. Boy is little troublesome. He used to play pranks.  When neighbours are complaining, he used to say that his sister has done it. All the scoldings are given to his sister. If she says that she didnt do it, no one is ready to believe her.
One day brother played a prank. Mother saw him doing that. She was about to scold him, then elder sister came and said that she has done it. Mother got confused. But her daughter was accepting the fault. Mother then believed and scolded her daughter.
Brother was seeing all this. He didnt understand why his sister has done like that. He came near her and asked her the reason. Then she said all these times, eventhough she has not played pranks, everyone thought it is her. No one is believing her. So this time also, she has taken the responsibility of the prank she didnt play.
Brother understood the pain behind the words of his sister. He vowed that from that day onwards, he will not play pranks and he will be a good boy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Golden mangoes

                                           Golden mangoes
King Krishna Devaraya's mother was counting her last days. King was concerned . He came near her and asked her what is the last wish of hers. She said she wants to eat mangoes. King was lost in thought as it was not the season of mangoes. His mother died craving for mangoes. King asked near his pundits what to do as he could not fulfill his mother's last wish.
Pundits told if he can give golden mangoes of the size of real mangos to pundits, then his mother's last wish can be completed. Without thinking King gave the golden mangoes to pundits. Pundits were happy seeing the foolishness of King.
Tenali Ramakrishna came to know about this. He vowed to teach pundits a lesson. He invited pundits to his house and said he wants to fulfil his mother's last wish. Pundits came to Ramakrishna's house thinking that this time also they may receive nice gift.
Ramakrishna served them meal. Now it is the time to tell his mother's last wish. Ramakrishna's wife came out with two hot bars. Ramakrishna told as his mother was a paralytic patient , she wanted the beatings from hot bar. But as Ramakrishna was bringing the bars, his  mother died. Hence, her wish was incomplete. Now he wants to complete it by giving beatings to pundits as King completed his mother's last wish of mangoes by giving golden mangoes to them.
By hearing this, pundits realised their plan has back fired them. They begged for mercy with Ramakrishna and agreed to return the golden mangoes to King.

Snake husband

                                                  Snake husband
Long ago, in a village there lived a couple. They didn't have child. For that reason, they have done all the poojas and prayed to god. Because of this, one day a boy child born. Couple were happy. But as the days passed on, the boy slowly started to change to a snake. Parents were horrified by seeing this. Soon the boy transformed to a live snake.
Parents didn't know what to do . After so many years, the boy had born but now he transformed to a snake. But also, the love for their child didn't become less in them. They kept the snake with them and treated as if it were their son.
Days passed. The snake grew up. Now it is bigger than previous days. By seeing this, mother thought her son has grown up. Now it is the time for him to get married. But who is going to marry a snake? In their village, no girl was ready. Thy tried to find the girl in other villages.
Once , husband happened to pass a village where his friend lives. He stayed in friend's house. By seeing friend's tense face , his friend asked about the problem. Man told that he is finding a bride for his son. But no one is ready to marry his son. By hearing this, friend said he will give his daughter for his friend's son. Hearing this, man was surprised. Without asking anything about the boy, his friend is agreed to marry his daughter to his son. He said his doubt to friend.
Friend said he knows man and his wife. He is sure that their son also will be a good person. He said he will give his daughter as bride. Soon the news spread. All people started to meet girl and they were saying it is a snake and not a boy. But the girl said firmly to them that as her parents know what is right for her , she will do as they wish.
Soon marriage took place. Girl married the snake. But she was not at all worried. She came to her in-laws house and started living with them. She looked after her husband well. One day night, her husband i.e. a snake came near her . She was seeing  the snake changed to a handsome young man. Girl was very happy that her husband is a human.
But as the night ends, her husband again changed to snake. This continued for many days. One day snake's father grew suspicious and saw what happens in night. He was surprised by seeing that. One day he waited till his son changed to human form from snake . That time itself ,he came and threw the skin of the snake into fire. His son was seeing all this.
After the skin of snake completely burnt down, he came near father and said because of curse, he had changed to a snake. But when the skin of snake is burnt infront of his own eyes, that time his curse ended. After this incident , all of them lived happily.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Strength of motivation

                                    Strength of motivation
Ramu is in 5th standard. He is very dull in studies. Everyday he used to get the scoldings from teachers for not doing assignment or not giving correct answer to asked questions. Everyone is humiliating him in his class. He was made laughing stock infront of the class everytime. Even teachers are not coming to his help. Ramu is having fear of his teachers.
One day, his class teacher called his mother to school for discussion on his progress card. When his mother came to school, teacher told her that her son is very dull in studies. If he continues to be like this, he will go on failing in each exam of school. Teacher told Ramu's mother that it is impossible for them to handle him in school.
By hearing all the complaints about her son, mother said she dont want her son to study in a school which doesn't care for him. So she opted to take her son with her and said that she will educate him in house and next year he will be the topper for entire state in the board exam. Everyone ridiculed her by hearing this. But mother was firm in her stand.
Mother taught subjects to Ramu in house. Ramu was not paying attention. Mother didn't lose hope. She urged Ramu to study harder. If he doesn't understand chapter of subject in first try , she told him to restudy that subject. Ramu in beginning, thought it is the burden for him. But once he tried and later subject seems easy to read !
Now, he continued the practice for everything. He has gained command on subject  because of this habbit. Soon it was the end of perticular academic year. Board exam came. Ramu faced the exam with confidence. Soon results came out. Ramu was the topper for whole state ! His mother eyelids are wet with tears of happiness.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sweet talk wins everyone's heart

                                         Sweet talk wins everyone's heart
Long ago. in a village there lived 2 neighbours namely Ramanna and Bheemanna. Both of them are selling fruits. They had their shops opposite to each other. It was the season of mango fruit. So, both of them were selling mango fruits. But Ramanna's shop is full of people who are eager to buy mango fruit. Eventhough, Bheemanna is also selling mangos, his shop is not crowded. Bheemanna started to suffer financial loss.
But Ramanna is becoming wealthier day by day by selling mangos. Bheemanna one day came home with this tension. At the same time, in his house his 2 children are fighting with each other. Bheemanna was engrossed in his own tension, he could not stand the quarrel between children. He angrily beated the children. Children started to cry.
By listening to all the chaos going on, Bheemanna's wife came out . She understood what had happened. She came near her husband and asked him what bothers him? Then Bheemanna replied Ramanna becoming wealthier by selling mango fruit. He is also selling mangos of superior quality. But people dont come to his shop. He is suffering financial loss because of this.
Bheemanna's wife thought for a while and replied "Ramanna talks sweetly with customers. Even if the mangos are a bit sour also, people will not complain by hearing the words of Ramanna. So, people come to his shop more and more often. He has captured the hearts of people by his sweet talk. If you start talking sweet with your customers , they will come to shop again and again. "
By hearing this, Bheemanna understood the success lies in sweet talk with people. He changed himself from that day onwards. Now even his shop is crowded.

Monday, June 6, 2011

How to prepare tomato soup?

                                How to prepare tomato soup?
The recipe of tomato soup was aired on tv. I remembered and writing it.


Tomato - 2-3
Carrot - 2-3
Potato(sliced )- 1-2
Onions- 1-2
Salt to taste
Sugar - 1 spoon


Take tomato,potato,carrot and onions with little water and bake them in a pressure cooker until 2 whistles blown. Now take out the vegetables on a mixie jar and grind them till it becomes a  fine paste.  Now filter the paste to a bowl . Now place a pan on gas stove and transfer this paste to it. Finely boil it. When it starts boiling , add salt to taste and also a spoon of sugar to it. Again boil them for 5 minutes. Now, tomato soup is  ready. Serve it hot.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Esope's moral story

                                   Esope's moral story
Long ago, there lived a saint. In his hut ,there lived a mouse also. Once a cat started chasing the mouse. With great difficulty, mouse escaped from the clutches of cat. Saint was seeing all this. He pitied about mouse. He asked the mouse what he can do so that it can live happily. Mouse replied if it would be a cat then all of his problems are solved.
Saint made the mouse as a cat. Now , it was happy. No need to be scared of other cats. But its joy lasted soon. A dog chased the cat. Cat panickly entered the hut of the saint. By seeing it, saint asked what made him to enter the hut?
Then cat replied a dog chased it. With great difficulty, it escaped. If it is a dog then it can live happily without anyone's fear. Saint also thought the same. He made the cat as a dog. Now this dog seen wandering all over barking and terrifying other creatures.
Once it was wandering barking, that time from tnearby forest a tiger came and chased the dog so that it can kill and eat it. As usual , dog escaped and again came to the hut of saint. Saint again asked what happened? Then dog replied a tiger wants to kill it. If it were a tiger, then it could have fighted with the other tiger. Saint thought it is right and made it as a tiger.
The dog now became a tiger. As it was hungry, it saw the saint and thought of killing him. But saint came to know of it. He thought I made a mistake by making a mouse as tiger.Now it wants to kill me. So he made the tiger again to a mouse. Thus,by its ungreatfulness, tiger became as a mouse again.

Cat woman

                                      Cat woman
Long ago, there lived a man in a village. He had a pet. It is a she- cat. He adored it a lot. Since he was living alone, the cat used to give him company. Once he was saying to cat that if she is a woman, he would marry her. This was heard by an angel who was passing on sky. She thought the man must be feeling lonely and because of that he is saying the words. She granted a boon that the cat become a beautiful woman as wished by man.
To man's surprise. his pet cat changed to a pretty woman. He married her. Both of them are  living happily. Man was seeing that his cat bride must not come to know that she was a cat once. He was taking much care of her.
Days passed without any major problems. Once the couple were preparing to go to bed. That  time itself, a mouse entered their room. Man was perplexed. As soon as  his bride saw the mouse, she sprang on mouse and killed it. Then going to a corner , she began to eat the mouse.
By seeing this, man realised even though the external appearance could be changed, the internal character can not be changed.
Moral : Internal character is more important than external appearance.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Simplicity of Shastri

                           Simplicity of Shastri
Lal Bahadur Shastri was one of the prime minister of India. This incident shows simplicity of his life.
This incident happened when China declared war against India. That time, there was a serious shortage of food in country. People were fighting for a small piece of food . That time Shastri was thinking how can he help the country.
When he was in his house, his wife comes near him and shows one of his kurta. It was torn completely. His wife said out of existing 4 kurtas, this one is totally torn. The condition of remaining 3 kurtas are also same. Now, the situation is like Shastri is not having any kurta in good condition. So, Shastri's wife urged him to buy new kurta.
That time Shastri replied "Now, it is not right time for buying new kurta. People are struggling to have one meal also per day. Plese see whether the kurtas can be repaired ". Shastri wore the repaired kurtas thus he saved some money . He donated that to relief fund.

Monsoon arrived !

                               Monsoon arrived !
In my place, monsoon has arrived
The sky is dark , with black rain cloud ;
I guess, rain god always come in procession
Because , with rain there will be lighting and thunder always in succession !

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mother heart

                                    Mother heart
Long ago, there lived a woman named kisa goutami. She had a boy child. She adored him a lot.  One day suddenly, he died of some illness. Now, Kisa goutami is mad in grief.  People saw her sorrow,asked her to go near Bhagwan Buddha who has come to their place. They said Buddha will surely give life to Goutami's child. Goutami went near Buddha.
Buddha saw Goutami carrying the dead body of her child and coming near him. Goutami put the dead body of her child near Buddha's feet and begged him to give life to her son. Buddha realised for a mother's heart in grief, sympathy will not be sufficient. He asked Goutami to bring mustard seeds from a house, where no death has happened.
Goutami agreed and went back to village. She asked everyone for mustard seed  but on a condition that death must not have happened in their house. But everyone said they cant give mustard seeds as recently death had happened in their house. Goutami was broken hearted.
She returned near Buddha. Now, she has understood that death is unavoidable to each creature. Goutami became the follower of Buddha and tried to understand the secret of death and life.
MORAL : When we born, our death is also born with us.

how does the planet earth got the name PRITHVI

                           How does the planet earth got the name PRITHVI
Long ago, there lived a king named Vena. He was very powerful and he had won all the countries existed on world. But besides it, he was not a very good administrator. In his kingdom, people are having many problems. King is always busy in declaring war against other kings. The administration had totally ruined. People were fed up of this.
There lived holy saints in the kingdom. The troubled people took their woes near the saints. Saints listened to them patiently and decided to put an end to all the sorrows of people. So, they came to king's court and met him. They advised him of good administration.
King was not ready to listen to the good words. He insulted them. The saints got angry and in a rage, they killed him. Now, the kingdom is without king. Vena had a son named Prithu. Prithu disapproved his father's deeds. He tried to talk to his father also. But all went in vain.
Now, saints decided Prithu can be crowned king. Likewise they crowned him. Prithu treated his people as his own children. People spent happy lives under his rule.  The saints who crowned him, were happy with Prithu's rule as there is no complaint against him. They blessed the king saying from that day onwards, the kingdom ruled by prithu will be called PRITHVI.
Moral : Good work done by  people will be always remembered.