Tuesday, December 20, 2016

What is muscle fatigue ?

Yesterday I was doing physiotherapy exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist . As I was doing exercise, suddenly I observed that my left leg was shaking by itself .

Curious about that , I asked the physiotherapist what is happening with me ? She said it is muscle fatigue and asked me to take rest .

Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or exhaustion or need to rest because of lack of energy or strength.

Fatigue that lasts longer than 2 weeks , requires a visit to doctor .

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Always eat like an animal !

Surprised ????

Yes , we all must eat like animals . We must not live to eat . We must eat to live .

Animals , take lion itself as an example , if lion catches a large buffalo while hunting and kills it , it just eats only to quench its hunger and just leave the remaining part as it is .

It will not show greediness that large amount of food lies infront and it must eat all of them.

But we humans , act as if we are living just to eat . I agree it is not good to waste food . But in beginning itself , if we just serve the food just to quench our hunger , then the left over food can be destributed between the needy.

That's why we must eat like animals .

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The punishments given for the crime

Long ago , in a village there was a merchant named Dhananjay . He had a grocery shop . He mainly sells ghee in the shop.

But he was a cheat . He was selling adulterated ghee in the shop. If he has 15 barrels of pure ghee , he was mixing impurities to them and making the barrels amount to 50 and was selling this ghee to customers who were coming to his shop.

Once , people sensed something fishy in his shop. Soon they caught his crime. They complained near the King against him.

Even King also convinced of Dhananjay's fault . He gave the verdict as Dhananjay is guilty and has to face the punishment. King gave Dhananjay 3 types of punishments to choose from . Out of them , for one he can undergo punishment .

The choices were ---------

1. Dhananjay has to drink ghee from 15 barrels of ghee from his shop.

2 . Dhananjay has to get 100 lashes from the whip.

3. Dhananjay has to pay 1000 gold coins for his fault and must give pure ghee from nowonwards.

Dhananjay thought for a moment. He thought Giving 1000 gold coins would be a huge sum for him to pay . 100 lashes from whip would be too painful. He concluded that drinking ghee would be fine for him and he said that he will undergo for first punishment.

Soon 15 barrels of ghee from Dhananjay's own shop were arranged . Dhananjay started to drink ghee . But soon he fell sick by drinking adulterated ghee. When he realised that he can't drink anymore ghee , he preferred 2nd punishment to undergo.

Soon whip was arranged and Dhananjay got ready to receive the lashes. But soon after receiving just 5 lashes , he laid down himself on ground and begged for mercy with the King and said that he is ready to pay 1000 gold coins to state.

Like this , Dhananjay received all the 3 punishments which were put infront of him . Finally he learnt a good lesson !

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why is foam of different colour soaps , always white ?

We use different colour of soap to bath. No matter what is the colour of soap, the foam we get is always white. Why is it so ?



No substance has its own colour. We see a substance of a particular colour depending on whether it absorbs or reflects the light spectrum falling on it.

In other words, light spectrum is made of 7 colours : violet , indigo , blue , green , yellow , orange , red . When light falls on a substance, it will either reflect or absorb anyone or combination of colours.

For ex, a green leaf reflects only the green wavelength of light spectrum and hence looks green . Similarly for blue colour of sky , red rose etc . Sometimes we see colours other than above said like pink . This may be due to combination of colours.

Foam of soap is large bunch of bubbles which is made up of thin soap solution and some air . If the bubbles don't reflect any perticular colour ,then this state of colorlessness is called WHITE COLOUR .

That's why foam is white.

Now what if a substance absorb all the colours ?


Remember black holes? They don't allow anything to pass through them because of their gravity hence look black .