Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sons of Karna

Karna is a character in great epic Mahabharata . Though Karna is the first son of Kunti , he was disowned by her as she was still unmarried. Then he was brought up by a fisherman named Adhiratha and his wife Radhe who were childless.

That's why he is also referred as Radheya ( son of Radhe ) and also as Soota Putra ( son of fisherman ).

Karna was married to Vrushali and Supriya . He had 9 sons. They were ----

1. Vrishasena
2. Vrishaketu
3. Chitrasena
4. Satyasena
5. Sushena
6. Shatrunjaya
7. Dvipata
8. Banasena
9. Prasena

All of them took part in Kurukshetra war . But Vrishaketu was the only survivor of the war.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Doomsday is nearing........

I mean it. If one see the abnormal things happening, then that person will surely think like this .....

Now I will come straight to the point. By reading the above paragraph, it is obvious that I have seen an unusual thing. Yes.... This is the first time I have seen it.

Yesterday I have seen no..... total 3 cats climbing the medium size tree !!!!

Do they think themselves as monkeys ? Well .... This is unusual. All these days I have seen cats walking on ground or on compound wall. But climbing the tree with their friends and sitting there talking with each other surely points out that....


My advice : Be prepared .......


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Country with 13 sea shores !

Recently I was watching a quiz show . That time the question asked to name the country with 13 sea shores ......

I was really surprised the question . Our country has 3 seas in 3 directions . That makes sense .

No one was able to give the answer . I knew no one would give . The question really sounds weird .

But actually there is a country which has 13 sea shores .!

That is RUSSIA .........

They are ---------

1. White sea
2. Barents sea
3. Kara sea
4. Laptev sea
5. East siberian sea
6. Chukotsk sea
7. Ukhotsk sea
8. Bering sea
9. Sea of Japan
10. Baltic sea
11. Black sea
12 . Sea of Azov
13. Caspian sea

Phew !!!!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thinking today as the final day of life

                          Thinking today as the final day of life

These words may sound pessimistic. But it gives a strong boost to our will power. Impossible things look possible.

There was a theater in the city. Many plays ( dramas ) were  played there. There was an illiterate youth serving as the door keeper of theater.

He was watching every show. Even he was dreaming to take part in a play. But he didnt have prior knowledge of acting . He was the regular spectator of show , whether the hall is full or not ! By this way, he has bi hearted  every single word spoken in drama.

One day , a main artist of the play which was about to air , was suddenly fell ill. Owner of drama company didnt know what to do. Without the main artist , drama can not be played. News spread and our door keeper has heard the news.

He came near the owner and expressed his desire to play the part. Owner brushed away the thought and said " Play is about to begin. You dont know the dialogues to say. You dont look like a capable man. I cant trust you. "

Door keeper said he know all the dialogues. He insisted the owner to give a chance for acting .

Finally owner agreed . But he said this is going to be his first and last chance. In coming days , he must not ask for any chance to play a role.

Door keeper agreed. Play started. He began to play the role thinking that this time is the final time to play a role. All he remembered was , he has to do it right as it is his final chance. He did it with great enthusiasm and every one were dumb founded about performance.

After the play was over , owner came near the door keeper and said " You have done a good job, thinking that this is going to be your final chance. Now onwards , you are going to play the main role in the drama ".

Simple thinking has changed the life of door keeper.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

What makes the curd to taste sour ?

Curd , if made naturally , tastes sour .

We add acidic substance like few drops of already available curd to milk to get fresh curd .

Milk contains lactose . A bacteria called lactobacilus converts this lactose into lactic acid , thus making it sour .

The build up of lactic acid because of bacterial activity , causes the pH of milk to drop . When pH of milk becomes less than 4.6 , the particles of milk protein casein coagulate , and form curd .

Curdling is due to milk becoming sour .

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tulu Saying ....

eru uppunaga ball ijji , ball uppunaga eru ijji .

ಎರು ಉಪ್ಪುನಗ ಬಲ್ಲ್ ಇಜ್ಜಿ , ಬಲ್ಲ್ ಉಪ್ಪುನಗ ಎರು ಇಜ್ಜಿ . 

Translation --------

eru =  ಎರು    = ox / buffalo
uppunaga = ಉಪ್ಪುನಗ   = when available
ball =  ಬಲ್ಲ್    = rope
ijji =  ಇಜ್ಜಿ    = is not there / available

Summary ----

It shows the paradox of life . We all have experianced this in our life. When we want something , at that time it is not there . But when the thing is available , we don't want that.

Here too , a farmer was having an ox. He wants to tie it . But he is not finding a rope at that time . Because of that , ox fled from the scene. Then he spotted the rope to tie the ox. But now ox itself is not there ! Then what is the use of it ?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Faraday's law of electro magnetic induction

Faraday discovered that when he moved a magnet near a wire , a voltage is generated across it . When the magnet was held stationary , that is if we don't move the magnet then no voltage is generated .

This means voltage exists only when the magnet was moving . We call this voltage as " INDUCED EMF ( E ) " .

This also means voltage existed because of magnetic field . This field has both horizontal and vertical components. But only vertical component contributes to the generation of electricity .

Let theta be the angle between the normal and vertical component of magnetic field .

Then ,

Faraday's law can be written as ,

Induced voltage E is proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux ' theta ' .

through the area of loop of conductor .

voltage is denoted with the negative sign to indicate that the voltage opposes the rate of change of magnetic flux .

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hanuman challenged Arjun .....

Hanuman was present in the times of Ramayan . How can he be present in Mahabharat time? The answer to this question is Hanuman is immortal .

Means , there is no death for Hanuman.

Once Arjun went to Rameshwaram , to visit the place where Ram had worshipped God Shiv before leaving for Lanka.

That time , he visited the famous bridge to Lanka from Rameshwaram through sea. Now it is in ruins. Since the bridge was made of large stones , stones were dislocated.

By seeing this, the great archer himself , Arjun pitied about condition of Ram who had taken the help of monkeys to construct the bridge.

Arjun said " Instead of asking monkeys for help , Ram could have construct the bridge with arrows . Then it would have been permanent ". 

A monkey who was staying on nearby tree , heard Arjun's words.

It came infront of him and challenged Arjun to construct a bridge using arrows . Arjun accepted the challenge.

Soon bridge of arrows was  ready !

Monkey said it will check the durability of bridge by itself .

Monkey started to walk on bridge. But wherever it was keeping its foot , there was a big pot . Soon bridge started to collapse !

This made Arjun to think about foolishness of his challenge .

Monkey was not an ordinary monkey , it was Hanuman himself !

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What is Tyndall Effect and example in our life ?

We all have seen ribbons of light peeking through window in the morning .This is just an example of Tyndall Effect.

What is Tyndall Effect?

This effect refers to scattering of light when it passes through a colloid system composed of smaller particles. One more example for this is ----

We have 2 jars of water . One jar contains pure water and other one contains water with impurities or particles. Now we will pass a beam of light through both of them..

The light passing through jar containing pure water emerges as it is , without any change . But when the light passes through the jar containing water with impurities , then light will undergo either reflection or refraction or both.

This effect is widely used in Chemistry labs .

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fooling the ALMIGHTY himself !

One day, a cow of farmer went missing. Farmer tried hard to locate it but is of no use. Finally , he prayed to God that if he is able to trace the cow because of god's grace , then he will sell it and give half of the money to God.

His prayer was answered. He got his cow back. Now it is the time for him to pay back God for his help.

Farmer thought cow must had traced the way back by itself. In that case , why to give half of the money by selling it to God?

Thinking like that he did a plan. He went to market with his goat together with cow. He started saying that cow and goat are for sale. It is compulsory to buy goat with the cow. Goat costs 3000 Rs and Cow costs 300 Rs !

Soon he sold both of them. Now price of cow is just 300 Rs. Out of that , he donated Rs 150 to nearby temple. He is relieved that he fulfilled his promise. !

Friday, September 4, 2015

Marriage of Shri Krishna with Mitravinda

Sri Krishna had 16,008 wives . Out of them , 8 were crowned wives of him . Mitravinda is one among them .

Mitravinda had 2 brothers , by the name Vinda and Anuvinda . Her brothers were the friends of Kourava king , Duryodhan . They wanted their sister , Mitravrinda , to marry Duryodhan .

But Krishna and Mitravrinda were loving each other . Mitravrinda said her wish to marry Krishna . But her brothers did not agree for it .

Swayamvara was arranged . Mitravrinda had suggested Krishna to abduct her . Krishna was successful in the plan of abduction . Duryodhan and all the other princes
who had come for Swayamvara chased them.

Finally , Krishna defeated all of them in the fight and married Mitravinda in Dwaraka .

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Death of Shri Krishna

                                         Death of Shri Krishna

As Krishna Janmashtami is nearing , I am writing articles about Krishna.

During Mahabharat war, Gandhari had lost all of her 100 sons. Krishna visited her to offer his condolence.

That time , Gandhari thought that Krishna could have prevented all the destruction caused by war. But he didn't
Gandhari cursed Krishna that he will meet his end after 36 years. Likewise, when his avatar time is going to end, Krishna went to forest and sat under a tree for meditation.

That time , a hunter named Jara  , by just seeing Krishna's final toe, confused it to be an animal. He wanted to kill it by his bow and arrow.

But alas, it was Krishna himself. Krishna was wounded by arrow and was bleeding. By seeing he had hit a man instead of an animal , Jara came near Krishna to apologize.

That time, Krishna consoled him saying that Jara was Vali during Ramavatar and Ram had killed Vali by standing at his back side. Hence, in Krishnavatar, Vali had taken birth as Jara and he killed Krishna by mistaking him as an animal.

Gods themselves had to suffer the consequences of their doing . What about humans?

Friday, August 21, 2015

What is sea sickness and what causes it ?

Sea sickness is a form of motion sickness which is experienced when we go on a long travel on the sea . It is caused because the sensory inputs to our brain are incongruous when we are on a cruise .

The boat on sea would be floating on water with upward and downward motion on water . But only boat is moving . Not the inside things on boat .

Our eyes send signal to brain as we are stationary by looking at surroundings . At the same time , our ears sense motion of boat and likewise they send signal to brain .

Brain is now confused by getting two different signals at the same time . It thinks that we are hallucinating . It thinks that this hallucination is the effect of poison .

So it induces nausea or drowsiness in an attempt to get rid of the poison and it is called SEA SICKNESS .

Friday, August 14, 2015

Wife of Vibhishan

Vibhishan was the brother of Ravan in Ramayan . Unlike his brother , he knew what is right and wrong . When Ravan kidnapped Sita and forcibly brought her to Lanka , Vibhishan advised his brother to let Sita go. But Ravan did not listen.

Ravan had kept Sita in Ashok Van . Ravan was hopeful that one or the other day , Sita will forget Ram and agree to marry him.

But Sita was spending her day chanting the name of Ram . She did not even look at Ravan . This made Ravan very desperate.

Ravan said to Sita that one day he will defeat and kill Ram . It's better if Sita marry Ravan now itself ! But Sita did not believe him.

One day Ravan came near Sita and showed her the head of Ram . Ravan said he had beheaded Ram in war after defeating him .

By seeing the head of Ram , Sita  broke down . Ravan left her like that .

That time came , wife of Vibhishan , Sarame . 

Sarame is just  like her husband . She knew the evil plan of Ravan . She was unhappy with that . Seeing Sita's sorrow , Sarame consoled Sita saying that it is all plan of Ravan . To convince Sita that he has already killed Ram , Ravan has artificially made the head of Ram with the help of his friend . just to say that he has beheaded Ram .

Sarame said Sita that Ram is fine and soon he will come to Lanka and take Sita back. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

DJwaaley babu

Yesterday I heard the song " DJ waaley baabu " sung by baadshah .

Wow ! The song is very good . I just loved the song to such an extent that since yesterday morning I was playing again and again and listening to the song . My mother was so irritated and I had to stop playing the song .

But it was yesterday . Day was over . Today is a fresh day and I already started listening to song . I heard baadshah in " Abhi toh party shuru hui he " . But I feel this song is much better to that song .

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why do I miss Gunda ?

Gunda is no more . He was my neighbour . He was very handsome , fair . He daily used to come to my house to talk with me .

He used to play pranks just to make me laugh . Now sitting alone in the house and remembering him , I listed out the similarities between me and him . It is my way of giving condolence to his death.

Similarities ---------

1. We both are fair and beautiful .

2. He had grown long hair and me too .

3. He had sharp and long finger nails and I started to grow . No idea about his toe nails .

4. He liked to sit infront of morning Sun . Me too .

5. He used to bath and clean himself daily . I also take bath every day with a costly soap .

Final and very important similarity ------

6. He had 4 legs and I too have 4 legs . Two are my own and the remaining two are my crutches .

Main difference ------

He had many enemies . He used to fight with them daily . But I have neither friends nor enemies .

P. S . ---- Gunda was the pet ( tomcat ) of my neighbour .

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why do coconut trees on sea shore bend towards sea ?

Yesterday I was watching TV . A report on sea erosion was being aired as it is the rainy season .

I saw sea engulfing the sand and the coconut trees . The trees were grown on sea shore .

I was surprised by seeing the trees , all of them , had bent towards the sea . In my house too , we have coconut trees . But all of them have grown straight .

But here , they have bent towards sea . I know trees will grow such a way that they will receive maximum sunlight at a greater surface area .

This phenomena , called phototrophism is evident with coconut trees as they don't branch like other trees . But why bending towards sea and inviting their own death during sea erosion !?

The answer is ......



SEA REFLECTS LOTS OF INCOMING LIGHT TOWARDS TREES . Coconut tree which is searching for sunlight , bend towards sea without knowing the danger it has to face .

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why does a balloon pops, when squeezed ?

All of us have observed this . When we squeeze a balloon ,( having air inside it ) it pops . Why ?

It is according to " Boyle's Law " .

Boyle's law states that " pressure of the gas is inversly proportional to its volume at constant temperature . "

V1 / V2 = P2 / P1

Where V1 , P1 = initial volume and pressure
V2 , P2 = final volume and pressure

Thus , we can conclude that when we squeeze the balloon ( which is already having air inside it ) the volume of air decreases , it increases the pressure inside balloon and it pops out .

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Full of twists in "adaalat"

Yesterday's "adaalat" serial was loaded with sudden twists in the story . It is about taking revenge against lawyer KD himself .

It is about terrorists from other nation ( no prize for guessing the name ! ) . Actually it was made to appear like that .

Police got the information that a youth who is a student is trying to fix a bomb in Mumbai.

As the drama unfolds , police were able to get hold of that student . They managed diffuse the bomb in time.

Student was taken into custody . As it is a terrorist activity , no one is ready to defend the culprit . Lawyer KD was given the job of prosecuting the student.

KD had 3 witnesses who have seen the student encouraging terrorist activities . KD and police department together made arrangements for the safety of witnesses.

Soon twist in the story comes. All the 3 witnesses were kidnapped ........


Now without any proof to prove the student as a terrorist , KD was helpless . That time he receives a CD in which a shadow claims to have kidnapped witnesses and challenged KD to come for rescue.

KD was successful in rescue operation . KD proved student as guilty in court and court gives the judgement to hang till death .But one more twist to story comes .......


Again KD received one more CD which claimed that the student who was thought as a terrorist is actually an innocent person and there is no connection of him and the terrorist activities .......




Now KD is in a fix . He , himself had proved the student as guilty . Now after getting the information of innocence of student , KD again re opens the case and proves thst student is innocent .

The master mind behind all these drama is also held . I liked the episode because of sudden twists it had taken .

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do snakes blink ?

Snakes do not blink as we do .

They don't have movable eyelids . Instead they have a hard , protective shell over their eyeball which protects it and keeps dirt off it .

Since snakes don't have eyelids , they have to sleep with their eyes open !

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Taking right decision

It is a museum . It is famous for its collection of various marble idols .

Recently , its owner has done renewation of museum . Now the floors of museum are decorated with marble tiles . This new interior design has given it a grand , rich look.

Owner thought of buying some new idols to display . Those are made of marble stones .

New idols were put for viewing . Now , many people are visiting the museum .

Marble tiles put to floor were envious of treatment , marble idols are getting . One day tiles asked idols " We both belong to same family . But you are getting good treatment . But we are neglected . Why is it so ? "

Idols replied " When sculptors had come to look for marble stones for proposed idols , you people were scared of the strokes of their chiesels and you hid your good qualities from them . But we didn't . Thus we became beautiful idols and you remained as the ordinary tiles for floor ."

Marble tiles which had been put on floor started repenting for their behaviour .

Friday, June 26, 2015

How to sharpen blunt scissors ?

When I was watching TV last week , this remedy for blunt scissors was aired on show . I thought of giving it a try .

It is very simple . All we need is blunt scissor and aluminium foil . Method is as explained below ................

Take blunt scissors in one hand and aluminium foil in the other . Now make small pieces of foil ( by cutting it ONLY WITH SCISSORS ) . I had a great wish to cut the foil by my hand , but it is not recommended !

After this , the scissors will be sharper than previous stage .


If this plan don't work , I am not to be blamed . Problem is with blunt scissor itself . It is the right time to buy a new scissor !

Monday, June 22, 2015

Why are the planets , round ?

In our solar system , we have 8 planets which are revolving around Sun . All of them are round in shape . What could be the reason ?

Planets are round because their GRAVITATIONAL FIELD acts as though it is originated from the center of planet and it pulls everything towards it .

We know that before the formation of planets ,they were all covered with fluids . As time passed , the gravitational force which was strong at the centre of the body attracted everything toward centre.

At this point of time , the shape that could be taken up by the body is only SPHERICAL . Hence planets aret round and the shape was as it is after they cool down .

Now asteroids are having different shapes . This is just because they have a weak gravitational field .

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brave Indian army

Yesterday news channels were telecasting the story of combined operation of Indian and Myanmar armies to neutralise the terrorists who killed our soldiers in Manipur .

I agree that being myself as an Indian , I really don't know much about our north eastern part . It may be the same case with others too . I heard that north eastern states are always referred as " seven sisters " .

They are ----

1 . Arunachal Pradesh
2 . Assam
3 . Nagaland
4 . Manipur
5 . Meghalaya
6 . Mizoram
7 . Tripura

According to me , those terrorists might had thought our army always concentrate on Jammu n Kashmir . If they create any nuisance in this part of India , it would be overlooked .

But they were wrong . Our brave Indian army took the revenge for killing its soldiers . This is an example of political cooperation too . Without help of Myanmar army this would not be a success .

But this type of co operation can not be expected from other neighbour country as it is shielding the terrorists who are creating trouble in a northern state .

May be this incident would be an eye opener to that country clearly saying not to mess with us .

Monday, June 8, 2015

Any solution for grandma's problem ?

It is the story of a lady with 2 children . She is having 2 girls and she has lost her husband . But she looked after her children very well.

Now , girls have grown up to become beautiful ladies . Mother has grown old and now everyone calls her " grandma " .

She did the marriage of her elder daughter to a shopkeeper who sells umbrellas in the town and her younger daughter , to a paapad seller.

But after the marriage , she was feeling lonely . Now , she just hope that her children lead a happy life , not like hers .

Now , sky is getting cloudy . Grandma comes out of her house and looked at the sky . It is going to rain , she thought to herself .

By this thought , she felt happy since her first son in law is selling umbrellas . If it is going to rain , then his business will prosper and her elder daughter can lead a happy life .

Next moment itself , another thought comes to her mind . If it is going to rain , then her second son in law will undergo for a heavy loss since he is a paapad salesman . Rain will not allow paapad to get dry .

No one would buy wet paapads and her younger daughter would suffer financial problems.

Now , grandma dont know what to wish for . She is in a dilemma .

Monday, June 1, 2015

My fight with giant spider ......

I am not talking about a cartoon character . Its s real spider . We call it as " pili jeda " in Tulu language .

I was on my way to room . There it was ........

Sitting right infront of entrance . It was on the floor . As I dont have balance to walk independently , I was holding walls and was going to room .

Spider was blocking my way by sitting at the entrance of room . I made a sound " Shoo...Shoo .... ". It moved near my left foot . Terrified that it may bite and I will turn into a spider woman ( ! ) , again I did the sound " Shoo .... Shoo ......."

It was scared more than me . It didn't know what to do . It kept on moving once here and once there . I decided to put an end to all of these ......

As a last try , I thumped my right foot on ground . I need not say giant spider was on my left side . My thumping of foot made a loud noise and spider just ran away ......

I tapped my own back for being such a brave heart ........... !


Monday, May 25, 2015

Can electric current pass through dead human body ?

This was the question came in my mind after watching yesterday's "adaalat" serial.

In the serial , it was shown some wicked doctors trying to make experiments by passing high voltage electric current through dead human bodies.

Being an electrical engineer by myself , I know human body is made up of fluids . Our body acts as a perfect conductor for electricity to flow through . During rainy season , we often hear about death of people by electrocution .

Now it is clear that a person dies when high voltage electricity pass through him . But what about dead human bodies ?! Will they act as conductors ?



Surprisingly the answer is YES .

Eventhough electricity passes through dead human bodies , resistance to the flow of electric current increases as the body goes on dessicated .

Monday, May 18, 2015

Surprising twist in yesterday's adaalat

The case in which KD had thought the lady who was arrested and taken into police custody on murder of her husband , is innocent ( which I said in previous blog article ) had taken a new twist .

KD had proved that lady suffered from the side effect of an anti depression tablet and was unaware of the outcome of her work , was acquitted from all charges..

But later KD had returned the money , which lady had offered to him . That time itself I had sensed something wrong . Because KD always fight for truth .

It was all pre planned . Killer had used the fact of serious side effect of tablet to his advantage . KD sensed it but judgement was given . The opposition party had questioned the judgement in upper court .
KD now decided to disclose the identity of killer and reason behind it . The killer and the murder plan was disclosed in court by KD . Judgement was changed and guilty was punished .


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Murder of husband by his wife !

I can describe yesterday's adaalat by these words .

Serial started with a person crawling on the floor with a knife pierced into his stomach and blood was oozing out . He was calling his wife ( who was watching a comedy program on tv ) for help . But she didnt take off her eyes from tv .

After seeing all episodes of adaalat , even I have developed some detective skill and assumed wife must be having psychological problem , otherwise why would she act, such a careless person ?

But I got a shock when wife was convicted of murder . First she pierced the knife into husband's stomach , left him suffering in pain and was watching comedy program on tv !

But wife agrees that she killed her husband but it was not HER fault . KD has taken her case as he is convinced of her innocence .

I am eagerly waiting to watch remaining episode .

Friday, May 8, 2015

Why don't eggs get crushed by the weight of hen while hatching ?

I have seen in the cartoons that mother hen sits on her eggs when hatching . But none of eggs get crushed because of weight of hen . I wondered how is this possible ?

Egg's unique shape gives it tremendous strength . Eggs are similar to the shape of a 3-D arch which is one of the strongest architectural form .

The egg is strongest at the top and bottom . This is similar to same position in an arch .

The curved part of egg shell distributes equal pressure on all the sides rather than concentrating on a single point .

That's why eggs don't get crushed when hen is sitting on them when hatching . Because hen puts equal pressure on every egg on every side of it .

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why is the colour of flame orange?

The strong orange colour of most wood flames results when sodium contained in the wood is heated. But the typical yellowish orange colour of flame is due to unburned carbon particles.

We must keep in mind that , " the temperature of the fire and the material being burned are the factors that determine the colour of flame ".

The temperature of wood flames are lower than the candle flame , that's why wood flames are not yellow.

The colour of the flame changes from blue , ( at the hottest lower part of flame ) , to yellowish orange then to orange where the flame is the coolest . 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Full form of yahoo

All these days , I thought the word " yahoo " ( which is also the name of a famous website ) is a word expressing happiness .

But the website name is actually the abbreviation that stands for

Y. A. H. O. O. = Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why is a diamond good conductor of heat but not electricity?

Diamond has a large macro molecular structure. It consists of a large network of covalent bonds that are arranged in a regular fashion.

In diamond, each carbon atom is attached to other four carbon atoms in a tetrahedron manner. Due to the wave nature of electrons, electron wave can travel much smoother in crystals without bouncing.

Due to the strong network of covalent bonds,mechanism of heat conduction via molecular vibration is further enhanced making it a good conductor of heat.

All the valence electrons are involved in covalent bonds. Without any free moving electron available, diamond is the poor conductor of electricity

Monday, April 20, 2015

Satya Nagnajiti , wife of Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna had 8 crowned wives . Satya Nagnajiti was one among them .

Satya Nagnajiti was the daughter of King of Kosala , Nagnajit . She was very beautiful and skilled too . Now it is the time for her to get married .

King Nagnajit wanted a brave man to wed his daughter . For that reason , he had arranged a Swayamvara of his daughter . The condition is --- the aspirant must tame 9 ferocious bulls all by himself .

All princes are invited and all of them were gathered to try their luck in the competition and to marry Satya . But as soon as the bull starts to charge , they were running for their life !

They could not stand infront of a single bull . Leave the matter of taming 9 bulls all together . Princes started to feel that it is an impossible task and King Nagnajit is making fun of them .

They all decided to declare a war against king for this insult . Just then , Krishna came on a chariot with Arjuna .

As Krishna grew up among cowherds , it was very easy for him to tame the bulls . The ferocious bulls just got changed to ordinary bulls by presence of Krishna .

After completing and winning the competition , Krishna rode back to Dwaraka with his bride , Satya . The kings and princes who lost the competition , tried to stop Krishna but was defeated by Arjuna .

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reason behind crying

Long ago , there lived a man called Durasappa . He was crazy about money and valuable things. This nature has become a habit for him.

Recently , he bought an imported car worth crores of rupees. Not only this , he even bought a Swiss watch paying lakhs of rupees.

Now , he want to show these to everyone . Hence he went for a ride in his new imported car tying new Swiss watch to his hand.

Alas ! Disaster happened . Durasappa met with an accident . Now his new imported car is reduced into pieces. Police came to accident spot for further investigation.

Police found Durasappa crying loudly seeing the condition of his car . Police officer started consoling him saying that it is a miracle that he was survived in the accident eventhough he lost his hand.

Durasappa started to cry more loudly , after hearing this. He was  crying not because he has lost his hand. 

Then why ?



He was crying because he lost the same hand where he had tied his precious Swiss watch !

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why do our eyes get black if we enter a room from outside?

Suppose , we spent most of the time in a bright sunlight ; suddenly wish to go back to our room to take rest , as we enter the room from outside , we feel our eyes got black i.e. we can not see anything correctly for a few moments.

Why does it happen ?

It is all because of pupil of eye . Pupil is that part of eye , which is round and black in colour and easily visible when we look at the eyes of another person.

It contracts and expands depending on the amount of light . Thus it can block the amount of light entering the eye in bright conditions.

When we are out in the Sun , pupil becomes tiny and it is allowing very little light to enter the eye. But when we go into a dark room , there is not enough light to pass through narrow passage of pupil . That means now pupil must enlarge itself to get a clear image of things in available little light .

This transformation of pupil takes little time , hence we feel that our eyes are getting blackened. But as pupil adjusts itself , we will get clear image.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Horror story turns into a joke !

This story is not mine . I read it in kannada daily newspaper . I liked it very much . So I am reproducing it .

It is a hospital . It has an ICU too . Every Sunday , exactly at 8.00 am , one patient dies at the ward .

Everyone were scared by this . The deaths are not because of deterioration of health condition of patient !

Someone suggested it might be the work of a GHOST !

So on one sunday , doctors of hospital assembled and decided to crack the mystery .

Likewise , everyone hid in ICU waiting for the clock to strike 8 .

Clock struck 8 !




Then came sweeper Muniyamma .

As soon as she came , she unplugged one of life supporting systems and put her mobile to charge !

Thursday, March 26, 2015

India is out of cricket world cup 2015

Today was the day of semifinal between India and Australia . I sat infront of TV at 9.00 am itself . Australia elected to bat first . I vacated the place as I didnt want to watch bowling of India.

But , soon first batsman of Australia got out . After listening to the news , I changed my mind and again started watching match .

Australia had set the target of 329 runs to win for India . I kept watching as I was confident that India will successfully chase the target and will win .

Shikhar Dhawan got out and Kohli came . Kohli got out for 1 run . That time itself I visualised India's defeat .

Soon I changed channel and started watching " Tom and Jerry " cartoon show on Pogo .

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dinosaur in "adaalat" !

Last week's "adaalat" serial was truly awesome . In that episode , K. D.with other fellows Inspector Dave , a judge , prosecution lawyer , an industrialist , his PA , a reporter , plane crew all were travelling by a plane which was landed in an island which was inhabited by dinosaurs !

The first thing I appreciated in the episode was how did they recreate dinosaur which we all know are extinct long ago .

Now the origin of dinosaur is by a mad scientist . He dont want this secret to be known to outside world . Because of this mentality of him , all were trapped in the island .

Scientist could communicate with dinosaur and threatened the captives that if they try to escape , he will instruct his dinosaur army to kill them ! Likewise some are dead too because of dinosaur !

But scientist denied that he was responsible for that . Real twist comes when he himself got killed by dinosaur ! Someone else is instructing dinosaur the killing .

Now who did that and why , these details I will not disclose . I watched the entire episode ( with advertisements too ! ) without moving from chair . I deserve some respect !

Monday, March 16, 2015

Who are eligible ?

Once King Indraverma was going through forest . King is a good administrator and also he is encouraging musicians in his kingdom . He , himself is a good vocalist . He also encourages other vocalists who come to his kingdom.

Indraverma had lost his way in the forest. As he was wandering , he heard a voice . He went in that direction . The sound is of some one singing .

Finally , Indraverma spotted a sage who was singing . Indraverma was mesmerized  by the music. King waited till sage finishes his music.

After that , he met the sage and urged him to come to his court and let others too , can enjoy his music. Sage didn't agree .

But Indraverma continued pressurising sage. Finally , sage agreed to come to Indraverma's court . But he put a strange condition.

The condition was that no one must show their appreciation to music by tilting head or clapping hands ! If someone is caught doing that , he must be beheaded ! King agreed.

King announced about the orchestra of sage in packed court . He also said about the condition. Whole court fell silent .

Slowly , half of the court was emptied . People gave different reasons for their departure . now , only  half of court was present .

finally sage arrived and started his singing. The music was too good . Whole court was mesmerised by the music . Even the King was so happy that he was seen tilting his head in appreciation .

When the orchestra was over , King apologised near the sage for his fault . He said he is ready to face the punishment .

Sage smiled and said " I wanted to give the orchestra only infront of true listeners . Hence , I put that strange condition . I am satisfied that you all are true listeners as you people had listened to music knowing the condition "

King rewarded the sage for his music .

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why don't we get AIDS from mosquito bites ?

Mosquito bites will not transmit AIDS from person to person .

Here is the reason.

When a mosquito bites someone,it does not inject its own blood or the blood of other animals or persons it had earlier bitten to new person.

When a mosquito bites, it does inject saliva in which malaria virus and many viruses can multiply. But HIV virus will not multiply in the saliva of mosquito

A mosquito after sucking the blood of a person need time to digest it. Same mosquito will not go on biting everyone in a room !

It is impossible for a mosquito to transmit AIDS as virus will not reproduce itself.

Friday, March 6, 2015

India V/S West Indies cricket match

I had missed all the action of India V/S South Africa cricket match . India had won the match with its superb performance.
Today  , it is India V/S West Indies cricket match. So I sat infront of TV since afternoon . West Indies had  put the target of 183 runs to win for India .
When India started batting , my father joined me in watching TV . This time I was very confident that India will win the match .
Soon Dhawan got out followed by Rohit Sharma . My father said India is making the easy goal to turn difficult . I assured him that Kohli will set the things right . He was keeping my words !
But even he got out . Then Raina too . Now father started saying pessimistically " It is going to be tough " . Then came Dhoni and Jadeja.
Now the situation got changed as soon as Jadeja was out . There are plenty of balls to play , but no wickets . Sometimes what you continously think about , that will become true .
Here in this case , father is going on stressing that India has landed up in trouble , even  I thought India may lose the match . But as the target was low , Indians succeded in winning the match by scoring just singles.
But I have a strong complaint against West Indies wicket keeper Ramdin . He was the one responsible for the departure of several Indian batsmen and also in stopping the ball going to boundary .
Ramdin must not forget that his roots are in India .! Now he is the resident of West Indies , but he must realise his blood connection with India . He must help India whenever they are playing against us by allowing the ball to reach boundary !

Story of compassion

This is the story of Rahul . Rahul had just enrolled himself to the best college in the country . He had big dreams in his eyes .
One day on his way to college , he met with an accident . It costed him one of his legs . His dreams were shattered . But he didn't sit in the corner , crying.
He practised  walking with crutches . Soon he was feeling independent to do his works . One day as he was walking on road , he heard the voice of two cats fighting .
The fight was so fierce that one  cat was badly wounded . It had broken its leg . It tried to stand , but fell on ground .Now it is only able to crawl .
Seeing its condition , tears rolled down on Rahul's cheeks . Even he had gone through same suffering . A sense of compassion passed through his whole body .
Rahul decided to help the wounded cat . Cat was so excausted that now it can not open its eyes also . Rahul always had a spare bag with him .
He gently put the wounded cat in the bag . He rushed to nearby vet's shop . Vet examined the cat and said one of leg bones has broken .
He did the bandage . He asked Rahul to see that till the leg of cat completely healed, he must take care of his pet .
Rahul said it is a stray cat . He could not see the suffering of cat . Vet was impressed by the kindness of Rahul .
As the pain got subsided  , cat opened its eyes . It saw Rahul . It looked at him as if it is telling a thank you.
Rahul  was moved by this and decided to take the cat with him to his house . Now  cat has become all right and it is the pet in Rahul's house.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Birbal's wisdom

Once a merchant's house was robbed . Merchant had doubts on his servants. But everyone denied that they have robbed anything.

Merchant asked for help of Birbal . Birbal came to house and asked with every servant about robbery . But everyone denied their role in it.

Birbal had some sticks with him . He gave the sticks to every servant and said " These are the magical sticks. They will grow bigger by 2 inches with the robber in overnight. Take these sticks with you to your house and return them in the morning ". 

Next day morning , every servant had sticks with him . Birbal started measuring the sticks infront of respective servant.

Soon he found that one stick was shorter by 2 inches . The servant who had that with him , agreed his guilt and returned all the robbed wealth.

Servant turned robber was scared that the magical stick with him , may grow larger by 2 inch as he is the robber . That's why he had cut the stick by 2 inches .

Monday, February 23, 2015

My pessimistic way of thinking

Yesterday ,there was a cricket match between India and south Africa . For this match there was much a hype created by media. It was said that India didn't won any of the match played between them in world cup.
I had read each and every word of it . That time itself I had made up a conclusion that India is going to lose this match .
That is the reason I didn't watch the match . Through by other means, I came to know the final total of India . I thought being a strong team, South Africa will chase the total and win the match .
With this pessimistic thought, I didn't watch the second half also . I realised that India has won the match by all round performance . Now there is no other work for me other than cursing myself for missing all the action !

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spinning of ball as explained by Bernoulli's theorem

As it is the cricket world cup season, the scientific explanation of spinning of balls is as follows ---------

When a spin bowler is spinning the ball by his fingers, due to spinning of air layers around the ball, there will be more velocity at upper side of ball than at the lower side .

According to Bernoulli's theorem, this results in more pressure at the lower side of ball than the upper side . This difference of pressure gives rise to dynamic lift on ball , giving rise to bounce and also the drag of ball. Thus a spinner is able to spin the ball .

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scary Saturday

Yesterday's "adaalat" serial was too scary that it succeed in giving me shivers.

Serial started with howling sound of wolves ( or was it a dog ?). A man was seen sleeping with his wife and little girl child. The rolling chair was moved by itself.

Lights were flickering too. Man was suddenly awake by the mourning sound. An invisible voice was telling the man to kill . Man got up and opened the drawer. He found his gun there. Voice went on saying to kill.....

No.... No ...

Not his wife and child !

Instead man went to his step son's room and aimed at him. But suddenly neighbor woman stepped in and she was shot dead.

His wife came running and was puzzled to see her husband holding gun and dead body of neighbor .

Even wife and maid had experienced the unusual things . So they believed the man's claim that ghost did it . His daughter had drawn the picture of ghost too.

But I know in tomorrow's episode , lawyer KD will prove man is innocent. He will even prove that it is not the work of ghost but the work of humans disguised as ghosts .

That is the reason for which I watch adaalat even though I get scared by scenes.

Last word : My doubt is on broker who had helped the couple to buy the house .

Friday, February 13, 2015

Gandhiji's witty reply

Those were the days when Gandhiji was studying law in South Africa . During that time , white people were harassing black people just because of their skin colour .

One day , Gandhiji went to a restaurant to have his breakfast . Since it was early in the morning , there were not many customers . A white man was sitting in the middle of the room , sipping coffee .

As Gandhiji entered , white man was clearly unhappy with this , he said to Gandhiji in a sarcastic manner " a bird and a pig must not sit together !" .

Gandhiji shot back , " Don't worry . I will just fly away after having breakfast ! " . Gandhiji clearly gave the message to white man .

Sunday, February 8, 2015

KD as protector of truth

Yesterday's "adaalat" serial had a surprising twist . KD took a case where a girl is accused of committing the murder of her boyfriend .

She requested KD to be her lawyer acting in defence . As we know KD has the record of helping his clients to get released . But this time, KD was convinced that his client whom he was trying to prove non guilty is the real murderer .

If KD had wished, he could prove his client to be non guilty . But KD had always fought for what is the truth. His principles didn't agree to do so and to prosecution's surprise, he proved his client to be guilty .

Justice was awarded in the right way.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tulu saying.....

                                        Tulu saying ....

Binnere maryaadi mooji dinoge

ಬಿನ್ನೆರೆ ಮರ್ಯಾದಿ ಮೋಜಿ ದಿನೊಗೆ 

Translation --------

binnere = ಬಿನ್ನೆರೆ  = guests'
maryaadi = ಮರ್ಯಾದಿ = honour
mooji =  ಮೋಜಿ   = three
dinoge =  ದಿನೊಗೆ  = days

Summary ----

This phrase describes the mentality of people .

When guests come to one's house , they will be treated nicely for first few days. Here the term three , symbolically refers to first few days .

If they continue their stay in the respective house , the people of house will start to treat them like they are a burden to them. Some may say it openly , others make it evident by their work .

This phrase suggests not to take hosts' hospitality for permanent . All will look nice only for first few days.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Court martial case in " adaalat "

Yesterday's " adaalat " serial was having the story of a court martial case .

Instead of usual ghost stories , yesterday's story had a realistic approach .

There were two soldiers who were envious of each other . Both were patrolling in the area of glacier . Suddenly one of them got shot down and dead .

This was not the work from enemy side . On the crime occasion , only the above said soldiers were there . The other soldier who was convicted denied that he did murder .

According to him , a person wearing a snow suit was also present on the scene . But no one had seen him. The evidences got on crime scene all pointed against the convicted soldier .

Lawyer KD proved the guilty soldier non guilty . At the end things were taken patriotic angle and finally it turned out be the story of a brave heart .

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Facts about crocodile's bullet proof skin

Crocodile skin is highly appreciated in fashion industry and it represent fashion symbol for the wealthy class. That's why it is listed as an endangered animal.

Crocodile skin on their back contains bony structure which make their skin bullet proof. But the skin under their belly is very smooth.

As crocodiles don't have sweat glands in their body , they are often seen lying with their jaws wide open to cool themselves.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

What is the full form of TVS ?

TVS motors is the famous two wheeler manufacturer in India . It manufactures 2-wheelers , mopeds , auto rickshaws and scooters .

Now , what is the full form of TVS ?

The name is derived from the name of the founder of company ,

Thirukurungudi Venkagaruswamy Sundaram ( TVS )

Monday, January 19, 2015

Strange murder plan

Yesterday's " adaalat " serial was having the story of strange but well executed murder plan .

It is the murder done by a kite !

Actually , a youth was standing on terrace looking at sky watching flying kites .

Suddenly one kite came down near him and it touches him. Soon his body was covered with fire and he was burnt alive .

Murder weapon , kite was not traced by police . Now question comes how do I know before the police ? Its very simple .

They had shown it on TV !

Now a kite which has to be operated by a human can not do murder by itself . This implies there is a human hand behind this evil plan .

As my hands are aching already , my body is giving me warnings not to continue typing . KD was successful in nabbing the actual murderer .

Monday, January 12, 2015

Kaalindi , wife of Lord Shri Krishna

This incident comes in epic Mahabharat , before the Kurukshetra war .

Once Krishna had visited the palace of Pandavas in Hastinapur . Both Krishna and Arjuna together went for hunting .

They got thirsty when they were hunting . So , they came to banks of river Yamuna to drink water . When they were taking rest , Krishna observed a beautiful girl walking all alone across the shore .

Curious to know about her whereabouts , Krishna asked Arjuna to ask the same with her .

Arjuna met her and asked her who is she and what is she doing there all alone ? Girl replied " I am Kaalindi , daughter of Yama and Yami . I have accepted Shri Krishna as my husband . I live inside river Yamuna . I am praying to God so that I can meet Shri Krishna one day and serve him " .

Arjuna passed the message to Krishna and Krishna having no intention to hurt the feelings of his ardent follower , married Kaalindi .

Monday, January 5, 2015

Why did Prahlad came alive even after throwing into sea ?

Some months back , I had read in newspaper that , in Malpe beach sea has thrown many unused objects , on shore , those we had thrown into sea.

That means sea will not keep any thing with it which is from outside

At that time , I remembered a story narrated by Admar seer.

Prahlad is the son of demon king Hiranyakashipu . Hiranyakashipu is an enemy of angels and gods . But Prahlad is an ardent follower of God Vishnu.

Hiranyakashipu said in many ways to his son , to stop chanting name of Vishnu . But Prahlad didn't listen and continued chanting name of Vishnu .

This annoyed Hiranyakashipu. He ordered his soldiers to throw Prahlad into sea. Hiranyakashipu thought Prahlad will get drowned and that will be a nice lesson for Prahlad for not obeying the words of his father .

Soldiers did their work . They had thrown Prahlad into sea. But sea will not accept anything which is from outside .

As soon as soldiers had thrown Prahlad into water , sea brought Prahlad alive on the shore in a different place !

This is an example that God will be always with his followers.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

How do lizards cut their own tail without bleeding to death ?

Lizards usually lose their tails to throw off predators who are after it . This is a defence mechanism .

These tails are made of bony vertebrae . Hence it will not bleed .

When the tail detaches itself , the nervous spasms make this dropped tail to wag around as if it is alive . This startles the enemy and gives precious seconds to lizard to escape .

The tail will regenerate itself , but the process requires lot of energy .