Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The reason for China's aggression on us

Nowadays there are reports saying that China blew fire on India. It is threatening us saying that history is in its favour as it has won the 1962 India -China war. Again and again China is threatening us saying the same thing.

I was curious to know what had happened in 1962 India and China war. As I was not there in 1962 ( ! ) , I asked my father about this war.

My father said that after independence, it was Nehru who sworn inn as prime minister of India. He saying that we are a peace loving country, he didn't pay attention to develop our armed forces.

China as cunning it was, knew our weakness. More over , Nehru had soft corner for communist countries. He didn't take China seriously which is our neighbour country.

As a result, China attacked us. We didn't have the ability to fight with China as we didn't have army itself. We lost the war. But that day and today, things have changed. Now we have a powerful armed forces with us. We are able to give a befitting reply to enemies if they try to challenge us.

Today is the Kargil Vijay Divas. Who knows better than Pakistan about our mighty military ? Pakistan has lost all the wars it has declared on us . It is better if China ask Pakistan what we can do if it try to attack on our territory .

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Indian women cricket team is playing final match tomorrow....

Indian women cricket team is playing the final match of cricket world cup match tomorrow against England. I personally didn't watch the cricket match they played against Australia.

I read in news paper that Harman Preet Kaur smashed runs and India was able to restrict the Australian cricket team from reaching the target.

Tomorrow is the final match between India and England women cricket team. I am not having any plan of watching the cricket match.

Because I am terribly upset that comedian Kapil Sharma is hospitalised. I really like the show hosted by him by the name kapil sharma show.

I also like the character played by Kiku Sharda . It is Bachcha Yadav . I myself didn't know that I am so much addicted to the comedy show that now I am not in a mood to do anything.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My favourite songs till date

I am little late in finding the worth of these songs. But never late than never. The thing I most liked in these songs are they have the Punjabi words. These Punjabi words add little spice to the songs and make them peppy dance numbers.

That's the magic of Punjabi words in recent songs. I am listening to these songs since yesterday. Every time they make me fresh.

The songs are ------

1. Mercy by badshah

2. Main tera boyfriend from the movie Rabta

I want everyone to listen to these two songs and appreciate my taste !

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Today India vs West Indies T20 cricket match

Today it is India vs West Indies T20 cricket match. But I am not going to watch. There is a big reason behind this.

One reason is that it is at 9 pm. It is the time I go to sleep. I wake up early in the morning. So I have to go to bed early to balance my sleep cycle.

The other reason is I am not still out from the shock Indian cricket team has given me in the final match of champion cricket trophy where India lost to Pakistan. All the matches are one side and India vs Pakistan on the other side. Don't you agree ?

Monday, July 3, 2017

What is China planning to do?

When I read on the newspaper report about growing tension in sikkim border , I was totally blank . All these days , I heard about the shadow war played by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir , I thought Pakistan is the only problematic neighbour country we have.

But now, even another neighbour country China has also joined the group. I didn't know that China can pose such a tension to us.

When China blocked our entry to NSG group , I thought it was doing all these because of Pakistan's friendship. The terrorists themselves now are agreeing that they are responsible for the terrorist attacks carried out in India , China is not believing that.

It is always a hurdle in declaring some terrorists as global threats . If I were the prime minister, I couldn't handle this much tension and I would go into depression.

It needs guts to be the prime minister of this country which has two problematic nations as neighbours. If China is successful in invading sikkim, then all communications between us and north eastern states will be cut off.

Then it is the same situation where traitors in JDU said bharat tere tukde honge. I am getting tensed. Now I will go and watch Chchota Bheem on Pogo !

Saturday, July 1, 2017

How to prepare mango milkshake ?


Slices of mango
Powdered sugar - -- 4 table spoon
Milk ------ 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder , cashew powder , almond powder ----- as per taste

Method ------

Put all the above mentioned ingredients into a mixer jar and make a fine paste. Now mango milkshake is ready to serve .