Monday, July 3, 2017

What is China planning to do?

When I read on the newspaper report about growing tension in sikkim border , I was totally blank . All these days , I heard about the shadow war played by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir , I thought Pakistan is the only problematic neighbour country we have.

But now, even another neighbour country China has also joined the group. I didn't know that China can pose such a tension to us.

When China blocked our entry to NSG group , I thought it was doing all these because of Pakistan's friendship. The terrorists themselves now are agreeing that they are responsible for the terrorist attacks carried out in India , China is not believing that.

It is always a hurdle in declaring some terrorists as global threats . If I were the prime minister, I couldn't handle this much tension and I would go into depression.

It needs guts to be the prime minister of this country which has two problematic nations as neighbours. If China is successful in invading sikkim, then all communications between us and north eastern states will be cut off.

Then it is the same situation where traitors in JDU said bharat tere tukde honge. I am getting tensed. Now I will go and watch Chchota Bheem on Pogo !

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