Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The disguised enemy in armed forces .......

Please don't get alarmed ........ !

I am talking about the previous episode of " adaalat " serial which had the story line of a disguised enemy in our air force .

The story goes like this .......

It is the area of " aksai chin " . This area is near to Ladaakh . It belongs to us means to our country . But our neighbour country China has occupied this and claims that aksai chin belongs to it .
We , Indians are just protesting by mouth .

China had created some bunkers ( as per serial story ) . Two of our airforce pilots were given the responsibility of destroying the target. They were successful in their mission.

But when returning to base camp , one of the fighter plane was hit and thus got crashed . The missile which was responsible for the casualty was fired from the other fighter plane as only two fighter planes were present at that time. The survival pilot was held as the culprit.

Now the blue prints of our airforce bases and also of various fighter planes and ammunition were seized from the room of culprit . Now he is charged as " traitor " .

But the accused pilot denied all the charges against him though the evidences are against him . KD took the case as he is always fighting for truth and justice .

KD proved the pilot innocent and was successful in relieving the dirty plot of China in demoralizing our brave soldiers by doing such cheap tricks of making suspicious of each other.

I realized we ,Indians are surrounded with the neighbour countries who always doing the job of weakening the pillars of our country. Why don't China help flood victims of its own citizens instead of helping Pakistan in joint military exercises ?


Friday, July 15, 2016

Work ethics of Chanakya

Chanakya is believed to be an intelligent man . He could solve any problem by taking correct steps so that result would be in our favour .

He was the minister in King Chandra Gupta Mourya's court . Chinese travellers were visiting King's court .

Same way , a Chinese traveller had visited the court . He wanted to meet Chanakya . When he reached the house of Chanakya , traveller saw Chanakya writing something under the shade of oil lamp .

He waited till Chanakya finish his work . After that , he went inside to meet Chanakya . By seeing the traveller , Chanakya blew off the burning lamp . He went inside and came out with another lamp .

Traveller was puzzled by this . He asked Chanakya why did he blew off the previous lamp ? They could manage with that .

Chanakya replied , " The previous lamp was running by the oil I had purchased in people's tax money . I am using that lamp only for official work . Now you have come . You are my guest . Since it is not good to use that lamp for my personal work , I have blown off the lamp ."

This shows working ethics of Chanakya .

Friday, July 8, 2016

Examples of Boyle's law in day to day life

Boyle's law states that pressure is inversely proportional to volume if temperature is kept constant.

The most common example of this law is ------- breathing .

Surprised.      ??????




We expand our chest to breathe. Means volume is increased. According to law , pressure must decrease. With pressure being lower, air from outside enters our lungs. Means we inhale.

When we exhale, we compress our chest. Now volume is decreased. As law states, pressure has to increase. This Increased pressure forces air out of our lungs.

Friday, July 1, 2016

A hungry stomach dont want lectures

Buddha's student was preaching infront of a man. But man seem to not paying attention.

Student tried many methods so that he can convince him.but the efforts are fruitless.

Disheartened he came near Buddha and said the whole story. Buddha wanted to meet the man.

As soon as the man came, Buddha asked him to have lunch. After that , buddha sat near him and asked him about his life and problems he is facing.

After listening to that, Buddha started to give solutions. Man listened to everything and said he will try to follow.

Student was surprised. Buddha replied " a hungry stomach thinks only of food. It is waste of time giving lectures infront of a starved man. We must come to know the root cause of someone's problem of not giving attention ".