Friday, April 22, 2016

Simple science experiment

Today I am writing about a simple science experiment. For this, no parental guidance is required !

Take water in a glass. Now put a straw inside the glass. Hold a straw outside the glass in hand.

Now put both the straws in the mouth and try to suck water.


Though one straw is inside the glass and touching the water level, still we can't suck the water from either of straws.

WHY ???..

Air is lighter than water. In scientific terms, density of air is less than that of water. So when we are trying to suck water, one straw in water and another in air, air being lighter than water, is easily sucked first inside the mouth through straw.

Now our mouth is not empty. It is full of air. This air puts pressure on the entry of water. In other words, the space is already occupied by air and this air is not allowing the water to come inside.

That's why we cannot suck water.

Friday, April 15, 2016

We get the same as we give ....

It is a small village . It has one bakery which sells mainly bread . Villagers were bringing bread for their daily use from the same bakery .

Bakery shop keeper had hired a farmer to supply him butter . Daily bakery shop keeper needs 1 kg of butter .  A farmer was giving the butter and in turn he was getting bread of same quantity . This was the practice which continued for years.

One day , bakery shop keeper was suspicious that whatever he is buying the butter , thought to be 1 kg , is not exactly 1 kg but less than that .

He weighed the butter . He was right ! It was just 700 gm instead of 1 kg . Bakery shop keeper realised that he was cheated by farmer all these years.

Bakery shop keeper complained in the court that farmer is cheating him . Farmer is telling butter weighs 1 kg , but it weighs less than that .

Farmer got summons. In the court , farmer was asked why is he selling the butter which weighs lesser than 1 kg saying it weighs 1 kg ?

Farmer replied " I don't have weighing machine . I am giving the same amount of butter as the bread , the bakery shop keeper gives. "!

Bakery shop keeper fell silent because now everyone has come to know that he is the one , who is cheating that weight of bread is 1 kg !

Friday, April 8, 2016

Uses of baking soda

Here I am not talking about how well we can prepare food using baking soda ! Instead I am telling about chemical nature of baking soda and how we can make use of it in our life.

Baking soda is actually Sodium bicarbonate ( NaHCO3 ). It is alkaline in nature and exhibits the property of a base.

Basic knowledge we know is if acid and base come in contact with each other, they will neutralise the effect of each other.

Now we will see how can we make use of this in our daily life.

1. During summer, chances of milk getting spoiled is more. Now we will look into scientific reason for this. Milk is basically made of LACTIC ACID. If we don't boil the milk in summer, bacteria will soon grow up in the acidic environment and milk gets spoiled.
As baking soda is alkaline in nature, we can mix it with milk and prevent it from getting spoiled.

2. When ants bite us or honeybees stung us, we will suffer from pain and burning sensation. What exactly causes it? When ants bite us or honeybees stung us, they inject FOLIC ACID on our skin which causes burning sensation. As baking soda is alkaline in nature , we can use it as a first aid on the wound.

3. It is scientifically proven that whenever the pH of mouth gets below 5.5 , or in other words when mouth becomes acidic then bacteria get active and cause dental cavities. By rinsing our mouth with baking soda after lunch , we can be safe from dental cavities because of its alkaline nature.

No....... No......


Monday, April 4, 2016

Miracles DO happen !

It was the day of final match of T20 world cup between West Indies and England yesterday . As I said earlier I have the special powers to predict the results . When I came to know that West Indies had won the toss and chose to field first , that time itself I knew West Indies will win the match !

Game started . I was not interested to watch as I have already know the result ! But I came to know that England has given the target of 155 runs to West Indies to chase .

I was anxious to watch Chris Gayle batting when West Indies started their turn . But I switched off t.v. after West Indies score was 9 runs for 3 wickets . This implies Chris Gayle was out and also the heroes of match against India .

I thought West Indies may not reach the total of 100 as the pressure was building up on them . I started watching pogo channel . I didn't watch rest of the match .

By reading newspaper's sport section , I came to know that West Indies needed 19 runs from final over to win the match . That means 19 runs from 6 balls .

Then miracle happened ! West Indies batsman , Brathwaite , has hit continues 4 Sixers . Now that means 4*6 = 24 runs . West Indies have won the match .

As usual I am waiting for the highlights of the match to come on tv !

Friday, April 1, 2016

Real chokers of T20 cricket world cup........

Don't you think Indian cricket team best deserve the label " CHOKERS "
India is out of T20 cricket world cup , because of Simmons and Charles ;
Bad way of bowling proved India costly
Despite Kohli`s knock , India lost the match miserably.....

It all started when West Indies chose to bowl first after winning the toss ,
India posted a huge target but had to suffer , the match loss .