Sunday, May 29, 2011

Don't accept !

                             Don't accept
One day, a man came near Bhagwan Buddha and started abusing him . But Buddha sat and listened to all of the scoldings with smiling face. This was not accepted by followers. They thought "Why Buddha listening to all the scoldings? He must give reply to the man "
The man seeing no reaction from Buddha, got tired and vacated the place. At that time, one of the followers asked Buddha why did he keep quiet? Then Buddha offered a stone to follower. But he didnt accept. Then Buddha said " I offered you a stone. But you didnt accept. So , stone is still with me. Like wise, the man threw tantrums on me. But I didnt accept. So, the effect of his wordings are still with him. It will definitely make him to loose his cool. Knowing all this, I didnt give reply to man".
Then followers understood the meaning behind Buddha's words. They also decided to follow Buddha's guidance in their life.

Don't underestimate

                                   Don't underestimate
It is a park in the city. There were many trees and plants in the park. People would come to park for their morning walk. There was a rose plant in the park. There was a nice rose flower blossoming in the plant. People would always appreciate the flower for its beauty. Hence, rose plant was little proud about itself thinking that people are praising its beauty.
Nearby rose plant, there was a cactus plant. It was having more thorns than leaves in it. Rose plant always thought that cactus plant is useless. It should not be in park etc. One day it told its opinion to a bird which was flying on sky. Rose plant compained that cactus is full of thorns .It is unfit to be there on the park with other plants.
Hearing this, bird asked "Even you have thorns in you. In that case, even you must not be in the park". Then rose plant replied " Even though, I have thorns I will give nice flower also.But cactus is only having thorns. It is not of use to anyone".
Days passed. Summer season came. There was a water scarcity in city. It  was difficult to water the plants in the park. Because of this, rose plant started to wither its leaves. Now it was afraid that it may die because of unavailability of water. But cactus plant was not  at all worried. Because of less number of leaves, it could conserve the water.
All the plants came near cactus for water for their survival. Cactus would happily give the water. But rose plant though it was dying, it decided that it will not ask for water with cactus. Days passed. No sign of rain in the city.Every plant in the park advised rose plant to ask for water with cactus. Finally rose plant agreed. It begged for water with cactus. Cactus plant happily gave the water .
Then rose plant realised "Though, cactus is full of thorns it could spend the days without water. Eventhough people appreciate my beauty , I cant store water like cactus. I must not underestimate anyone because of their external features".
From that day onwards, cactus and rose plant became good friends.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Strengh of patience

                                     Strengh of patience
This incident happened in sant Eknaath's life. Sant Eknaath and his wife are considered as the couple who are not at all getting angry.
One day, a man came to Sant Eknaath's house. He started abusing Eknaath. If there is any other person , they would have  scolded the person who is abusing them coming to their house. There would have been a big fight. But in this case, nothing happened.
Eknaath and his wife were busy in their daily work as this person went on abusing. They didnt say anything. The person abusing took a break. That time it was almost midday. So, Eknaath came near the man and said gently " You are talking since morning. You must have felt tired. Now,its lunch time. Please have meal with us. Then you can continue your work."
The other person agreed for that. Eknaath gave water to him to clean his hands. Then all of them sat for lunch. When Eknaath's wife started serving the meal, this person sat on her back in a fraction of second. Everyone present there were aghast by seeing this.
Eknaath was cool. He said to his wife ," Be careful. Child sat on back. See that he must not hurt himself " .Hearing this, Eknaath's wife replied " Dont worry. Our son also done the same thing while i was serving the meal. I wiill take care".
By hearing this, The person who had come to Eknaath's house with purpose of abusing him, felt ashamed. Then he got down from the back, begged pardon from Eknaath couple. He had come to check Eknaath's ability of tolerate anything.
Thus, Eknaath controlled his anger and kept patience through out this incident.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Courage and self confidence

                                         Courage and self confidence
Henry Ford is one of the successfull businessman of America.  This incident happened when he was being interviewed by journalists. This conversation between Ford and a journalist happened like this----
Journalist: Congratulation Sir. You have been considered one of the successful businesssman in America.
Ford: Thank you.
Journalist: What is the secret of your success?
Ford: Courage and self confidence in tackling the problems.
Journalist: It is the usual dialogue said by everyone.
Ford: I mean it. I can prove also. You give me any task which is not possible by ordinary men. I will make it possible.
Journalist: So, transfer water in sieve from one room to another !
Ford (thinking for a while) :  I can do it. But I need some time for it.
Journalist:  What? how much time you need?
Ford: I better wait for change in climate. I will do the work as soon winter arrives.
Journalist: What is special in winter?
Ford: Wait and see.
Press meet was over. But ford remembered the challenge. As the winter arrived, he again invited journalists.
Ford: Now , as I said earlier I will transfer water in sieve from one room to another.
He put water on sieve. As it was winter, water soon cristallised and became ice. Now, Ford taking ice in sieve transferred it to another room.
Ford: I transferred water from one room to another. The journalist friend just said to tranfer water. But he didnt specify in what form . Ice is the solid form of water. I could transfer it carrying in a sieve. I had confidence in me(self confidence) and also the courage to take the challenge. And I succeded.
By hearing this, all the journalists present there clapped for Ford's courage.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Secret of success

                              Secret of success
Long ago, there lived mother and her child in a broken house. They didnt have the money to repair their house as they are poor. But mother wants her child to be well educated. She always says to her child to study well.
One day , child refused to go to school. Mother didnt take it seriously. But the situation continued for next day and to the next week also. Now she began to worry. She tried to talk to the child about what makes him not to go to school.
At first, child didnt reply. But as the pressure continued from his mother, now , he opened up. He said to her, all the students make fun of him in school. Thats why he didnt want to go to school. Hearing this, mother fell silent for a while.
Then she took the child to nearby river. River was flowing silently. She pointed to it and said to child that river is flowing silently. Now she dropped a large stone on river water. Now , the flow of water is disrupted. But it was only for a moment.
Water found there is little space available beneath the stone. It started flowing in that direction. First, little water came outside through the space. Then more water. As water inflow became more, water came upon the stone and started flowing on it. Now, the water flow is such that it can not be said there was a stone in it. River then started flowing normally.
Mother showed this to child and said " As water didnt care for a stone blocking its way, like that we also must not care for tantrums thrown by people. Then success will come near us. We must not lay the step behind fearing to these small time obstacles".
Child understood what his mother mean to say . He started going to school regularly not worrying about other people. He grown up and became  the first prime minister of Indonesia.
Moral: Our goal must always be on reaching the target .

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Absent minded Einstein

                                   Absent minded Einstein
This happened with Albert Einstein. Once he was travelling in train. The ticket collector came and was checking the tickets of passengers. Likewise, he came near Einstein and asked for ticket. Einstein was searching his pockets but could not find it. Then he started searching his luggage for the ticket. But there also he could not find it.
As he was struggling to find the ticket, ticket collector said No need to worry. All know him. He must have purchased the ticket. After saying this, He went forward to check other passenger's tickets. But einstein was still busy in searching for ticket.
Ticket collector was about to go to his cabin. He observed Einstein is still searching for ticket. He came near Einstein and said no need to worry as he know who is he. But Einstein was still searching for ticket. Ticket collector said it is OK.
Then Einstein replied he is searching for ticket so that he will come to know where he is about to go ! Hearing this, ticket collector suppressed his laugh and went out.

Princess's Condition

                                 Princess's Condition for marriage
Once upon a time, the king of Kosala had a pretty daughter. She was the only child of his. King looked after his daughter as though she is his son. Even princess learnt everything a prince will study. She is very good at archery. She was invincible at that art.
Princess has grown up now. King thought it is the right time for her to get marry. Princess came to know of this and she said whoever will defeat her in archery is  the man she will marry. So king arranged a competition of archery.
Many prince had come to take part in competition. But princess defeated all of them. The news spread. The prince of  Delhi wanted to take part in competition. He heard of beauty of princess too. He was aware that she is invincible in archery.
He came to Kosala. He attented the competition as spectator. He saw that princess defeating the opponent in competition. He thought he will daily come and observe the game so that he will come to know her weakness and strengh in archery.
Like this he came to know strength and weakness of princess in archery. He prepared in that direction. As he got confidence, one day he challenged the princess. Competition arranged and prince defeated princess. Then king congratulated him and asked where did he study archery?
Prince replied that by seeing the game of princess, he learnt the art. By hearing this, princess said she cant marry him as now he became her student . Prince also agreed that she is his teacher in the art. Because of her, he learnt the art . Even he said it is not right to marry her and he went back to his country. Princess also dropped her condition and got married to a handsome boy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Advantage of physical hard work

                                Advantage of physical hard work
Once upon a time there lived a king. He had a large kingdom. able ministers and also able servants. He had no worries at all. Everyone used to get jealous of his luxury. But all is not well. King was not getting proper sleep at the night. It seemed like ages that he had a sound sleep.
Doctors came and gave medicines to king for sleeplessness. But bad luck of king, nothing worked on him. King's problem persisted. King followed all the advice offered to him on this matter. Nothing gave good result. One day, king was spending a sleepless night as usual.
He was fed up of his problem. He decided to disguise himself as an ordinary man and thought of roaming in his kingdom . Like this, he will come to know the problems faced by people. He went out of his palace. On the street, he saw a man who was sleeping on road. King got jealous of him. Being a king, with all the luxury around him he cant sleep at nights. And here this man is having a sound sleep.
King waited there itself till the man gets up. When he got up, King asked him his doubt that how he can have a sound  sleep on such a busy road ! The man didnt answer but took king to the nearby construction site. There the man is working as labourer. He asked king to get the job there and that will answer his question. King took up the job as labourer there.
King was made to lift stones and iron rods etc. By all this work, king was so tired that his whole body started aching. He took a break and returned to his palace. There he dressed as a king and sat to have lunch. While having lunch , he was getting drowsy. So, he returned to his room to have sleep. What a miracle ! King got a sound sleep.
Then king realised its all because of the physical work he had done in construction site. Then he realised the importance of physical work. He got tired because he has done physical work and had a sound sleep. He decided that atleast his work he will do from nowonwards.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Newton's example

                                     Newton's example to manage anger
Everyone knows who is Newton. Here is the story how he managed to win over the anger.
Newton was doing inventions and he used to write down eveything about it in a paper. He was having much of the experiments written on paper. It also helped him to rectify his mistakes. He had a pet cat named diamond. He loved it. Diamond used to be with Newton always.
One day Newton was busy in making the draft of his experiment. At that time, doorbell rang. Newton got up from his chair to answer the call. That time, diamond was also present there. Newton lit a lamp with full of oil on it , to do writing work.
A moth got attracted near the lamp. It started roaming near the lamp. Diamond was observing all these. It tried to catch the moth. In the process, the lamp turned upside down and all the oil spilled over the paper Newton was preparing.
Soon papers got fire. All papers burnt to ashes in a second. Newton returned to the room and saw his hardwork is no more. Soon, he understood what had happen. He was mad in angryness. He thought all happened because of diamond.
He reached for his gun and aimed at diamond to kill it. Diamond was not aware of all this. It caught the moth and busy in eating it. Then innermind of Newton asked him "Diamond has not done any unsual thing. Now if you kill diamond in rage, people will start talking about your rage that you have killed a cat in rage. The experiments could be done again. But the effect of ill doing will always haunt you."
Newton dropped the gun. Diamond after its work completed, came near Newton and started purring him. Then Newton realised ,in rage what type of wrong thing he was going to do. Then he dropped the idea of doing anything wrong . Started again doing his experiments.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In a village, the construction work for a shiva temple was going on. Sculptors brought stones from same hill to do shiva idol and also for the remaining work of temple. They chose a stone for idol and remaining stones for other work. The work of the temple is completed. People started pouring in. Special poojas have been offered to diety there.
But all were not happy. There was a stone which have been used for stairs. But it was all the time looking at the stone used for idol and always cursing its bad luck. Once it asked with the stone used for idol " eventhough we both are from same place, you are respected by all people. But look at me, people are just neglecting me . They are thinking I am useless"
Then the stone used for idol said " It is good that i am being worshipped. But to reach this stage, do you know how many beatings from chiesel of sculptor I got? Just to shape my nose, I have taken atleast 20 beatings . Then I got this shape. So stop comparing yourself with me as you didnt receive any beatings from chiesel like I got".
By hearing this,the other stone thought its condition is far better than the stone used for idol. It stopped comparing itself with the other stone.
Moral: All problem arises when we start comparing ourselves with others.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Akbar's son-in-law

                                         Akbar's Son-in-law
King Akbar had a troublesome son-in-law. He was  poking his nose in everything. Eventhough not wanted, he used to give his advice in administrative works and also insisting that people must follow whatever he tells. All people in court were fed up of him.
All people went near Birbal and urged him to help them. Birbal assured them not to worry. Once when Akbar and Birbal went for hunting , Birbal thought it is the right time to tell. He indirectly told the matter to Akbar waiting for his reaction.
As expected, Akbar was angry by receiving the complaint against his son-in-law. So, he asked Birbal what punishment should be given to his son-in-law. Birbal understood Akbar is sarcastingly asking him the question.
But also, he said culprit must be given beatings from  whip. Akbar agreed and ordered Birbal to make arrangements. Birbal agreed. They returned to capital. Next day Akbar went to see the arrangements made by Birbal.
There he saw 3 persons holding whip. Akbar was puzzled. He asks them what were they doing there? They replied Birbal hired them. Akbar wanted Birbal to come at once to the place. Birbal arrived. Akbar asks Birbal why did he hired 3 people?
Then Birbal replied one is for Akbar's son-in-law. Then Akbar asks what about the remaining two? At that time Birbal replied one is for Akbar and one is for himself as both are son-in-laws for their respectve father-in-law. Then Akbar could not stop laughing.
Then Birbal explained Akbar the real matter. He said he is not against royal son-in-law. Akbar understood what Birbal meant to say. He assured Birbal that he will talk to his son-in-law, And announced cash reward for Birbal.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Old man's wisdom

                                Old man's wisdom
Not long ago. in a city there was an oldman. He had 3 sons. All were doctors. Everyone was praising oldman's goodluck. But oldman didnt say anything to them. He was just smiling when he received any compliments.
Old man did a will anticipating he may die soon. In the will he has given a larger share in his property to his elder son who is a doctor. Though his all sons were doctors, he had given a larger part of his property to his elder son.
His sons came to know of this. Old man's younger son who was very famous in surroundings was not happy with father's decision. Once he asked his father also . He said all the people in surrounding area are praising me since I can cure the patients who are in their last minute. And also my brother,who is the middle one , also familiar to people since he can identify the disease by just looking at the symptoms of people. But elder brother is not so popular like us. But you have given the larger part of the property to him. It is injustice you have done to us.
Old man listened to all of this. Finally he said You all are doctors. But according to me, the elder one is doing a great job. You are curing the people who are in their last minute. The middle boy can cure the people by just seeing their symptoms of disease. But the elder one is doing a great job. He is educating people about the fatal diseases. Also he is telling how to prevent the diseases. So, according to me his work is superior compared to you people.
Then the son understood the meaning behind the words. It is always better to prevent a disease than curing it. He congratulated father for right decision.
Moral: Prevention is always better than cure.

Its my birthday!

                                     Its my birthday
In 2 days, its going to be my birthday
But for me, its not a matter of joy;
My dreams have been shattered like the doll of clay
I am worrying about my future, what to say?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


                           Simplicity of Laal Bahaddur Shastri
This incident occured in the times of Lal Bahaddur Shastri. At that time, he was working as the home minister of the government. Shastriji was a simple man. It is impossible to compare him with today's politicians. Once he had to attend a function in neighbouring town. He didnt inform anyone of his trip. But his followers somehow came to know of this.
They arranged a grand welcome ceremony for him in railway station itself. Because Shastriji was to come in a train in first class compartment. They arranged for ceremony. But Shastriji came to know of this preparation. He didnt want all this. But people will not listen to him. Then ,he thought of a plan to get rid of this without telling anyone.
He travelled in train. Though he had to travel in first class compartment, he changed his mind and travelled in third class compartment. He reached his destination. From the window, he saw people are waiting with garlands anticipating Shastriji to come.
They were eagerly waiting for arrival of Shastriji. They didnt know of changed plan of Shastriji. Train arrived. All people rushed near the first class compartment. At that time, Shastriji was quitely descending the stair of third class compartment.
By seeing his behaviour, the policeman present there  ,has grown suspicious. He didnt recognise Shastriji. He got hold of Shastriji and started asking questions. But Shastriji didnt answer. Then policeman started scolding Shastriji. At that time, hearing the chaos going on, a passerby's attention fell on them.
He recognised Shastriji. Hurriedly he came near the policeman and informed him about Shastriji. Then policeman started shaking in fear and apologised to Shastriji. Then Shastriji told him not to worry . He has done his duty efficiently. He announced  a cash reward to police man on the spot and also he did the increment of that perticular policeman.
Moral : People may look simple. But the true value of them will come out later. So, we must not underestimate anyone.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Why nightingale always sings sitting on mango tree?

                              Why nightingale always sings sitting on mango tree?
I was always puzzled that why nightingale bird always sits and sings on a mango tree? Since there are many coconut trees in surrounding area , it would be a nice entertainment for me too. Now , here is the story explaining this.
God Vishnu once thought of having divine liquid amrita. He said his wish to his follower Garuda. Garuda obeyed his master's instruction and flew to bring amrita to his master. When returning to Vaikuntha with amrita , he met with an angel who was singing. Her voice was so captivating that Garuda stood listening to song. When angel observed Garuda carrying amrita , she begged Garuda to let her drink some amrita too. But Garuda didnt agree.
A heated argument happened between two. In the quarrel. a drop of amrita fell down to earth. It is believed that drop itself has grown into mango tree . After lots of his time wasted, Garuda suceeded in flowing back to Vaikuntha. There Vishnu was waiting for Garuda's arrival.
Vishnu asks for reason for late coming with Garuda. Then Garuda explained everything. Then Vishnu got angry and cursed that perticular angel that she must born as a black bird who is very shy. At that time, angel begged for mercy with Vishnu.
Then, Vishnu said his curse can not be reversed. But as she can sing well, even as a black bird also she will continue to sing on a mango tree by eating its leaves. Because even she was fond of amrita and mango tree was grown up because of fallen drop of amrita.
The bird nightingale is the same angel who was fond of singing. As she was after amrita, the bird nightingale always sits on mango tree eating its leaves . The bird is so shy that it is very difficult to spot it sitting on tree. But at the time of blossoming of mango leaves, bird nightingale always comes and sings.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Effect of angryness

                                        Effect of angryness
Long a village there lived a father and son. Son was very arrogant. He used to get angry for very small reasons. Father was worrying about this as it may jeopardise son's future. Hence , one day father called son and advised him not to get angry unnecessarily. Son said he cant control his angryness. it just happens . So, father said a solution.
He said to son , "Whenever you get angry, just go and hit a nail to the wall till you get calm". Son agreed . That day itself he started hitting the nail to the wall whenever he gets angry. First day , he hit 100 times. Next day little less. This continued for days. Now, the amount of nail hitting is greatly reducing day by day. One day came and son didnt think of hitting the nail to wall !
That day he came and said to father about this. Father said it is a good sign. Now try to remove the nails you have hit on the wall. Son agreed. Though it is difficult for him , he succeded in removing all the nails taking many days of time.
Son came and said the same thing to father. Then father went near the wall with son. There were all marks on the wall by nail hitting. Father showed the marks to son. He asked whether he can correct that also. Son replied he cant. Then father said " Same thing with humans also. You may scold anyone in angryness . Then you may beg pardon also. But the effect of scolding will be always there in other person's mind. That cannot be repaired. So , its better to control our own angryness .We must not let it to harm other's feelings." By hearing these words, son learnt a great lesson.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

It is not possible to cheat GOD !

                                   It is not possible to cheat GOD !
Long ago, there is a man called Dharmadeva in kashi. He was a teacher. He used to teach religion and also yoga. As his teachings were good, he had many students. He had a beautiful daughter named Susheela. Susheela is now grown up and Dharmadeva thought it is time to get her married. He started looking for suitable grooms.
But none of the proposals liked him. Then he thought instead of looking outside for the groom, why not among his students? He thought he will marry his daughter to intelligent  boy among his students. But now it has become difficult for him to judge an intelligent boy among his students. Then an idea struck to him .Likewise he did.
He called all his students and said he want his daughter to get married to an intelligent boy amongst them. He said as he is not so rich, he cant afford costly clothes or jewellary to his daughter. Thats why he wants his son in law to be to afford all those things. They can get those things by robbing the shops. But no one must come to know about this.
All agreed and went to rob the shops. They came with lots of costly clothes and jewellary by robbing the shops. They presented all  those to their master hoping he will be happy . But there is a boy called Dharmasaheela who didnt bring anything. Dharmadeva asked him the reason.
Then Dharmasheela replied he can cheat surrounding people. But he cant cheat the God inside him. He will come to know of everything. Thats why he didnt rob.   By hearing this, all the other students made fun of Dharmasheela.
But Dharmadeva said It is not possible to cheat the GOD who is inside us. Dharmasheela did the right thing. After saying this, he said Dharmasheela is the right person to marry Susheela.
Moral : GOD is there inside of everyone.

Friday, May 6, 2011

How to find god?

                                  How to find god?
This is a zen story on how to find god?
One day , a young man came near a zen master and requested him to tell the way of how to find the god? Zen master was silent for a moment. Then he asked the young man whether it is raining outside? For this, young man said YES. Then zen master asked how the young man came in rain? For this, young man said he had an umbrella. Then zen master asked him where he had put the umbrella when coming inside the house? For this, young man replied he had kept the umbrella near the door.
Then ,zen master asked whether he had kept the umbrella on the right side of the door or on the left side? By listening to the question , the patience of young man was over. He thought, he had come near the zen master asking how to find god? and here zen master is wasting time asking irrrevelent questions !
Seeing the silence of young man , zen master again repeated the question. At this point, disturbed young man replied he dont remember. Hearing this answer, zen master smiled. Then, he said for these questions itself , you have got disturbed. To find the god, patience is very important. God is there in everything. It has to be our goal to find him .
By hearing this, young man apologised to zen master for his behaviour. He said now his doubt got cleared. He will try to find god in his surroundings .

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No work is inferior

                                            No work is inferior
This incident happened in the times of Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Vinoba Bhave was projecting his "Bhoodana" compaign. He was pursuading rich people to give away their extra agricultural field to needy who are poor. On one of his visits, he came to one village. Since it was late, he decided to spend the night in the village.
He chose the school of the village for his stay. But as soon as he arrived , he observed that school is not very tidy. All dust were visible on the benches. The plight of toilet of school is very worst. Children who used it, didnt put water also . So it was giving bad smell. Vinoba Bhave observed all these things and wanted to talk with Head Master of school.
He asked for the reason with the head master. Head master said the people who are supposed to clean the school didnt come to work for the past 2 days. He said nowadays it is very difficult to find people to do work. Vinoba Bhave listened to all the things silently.
After this, he removed his shirt. Everyone thought he is about to go to bed. But to everyone's surprise ,he was searching for a broomstick. As soon as he found one, he started sweeping the floor of the school. Everyone was aghast. He didnt stop at this. He went to toilet and began cleaning it. Now, everyone tried to stop him.
But , he didnt listen to anyone. He completed all the cleaning work. Then, while taking rest, he said "no work is inferior. If we do our work by ourselves, then there is no need for waiting for others to do the work for us." Everyone stood with ttheir head bent in shame infront of him.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Destiny will come anyway!

                                 Destiny will come anyway
Ramu is a poor boy. He is living with his mother. He lost his father in a very young age. Then afterwards, his mother is looking after him. Sometimes, she could not satisfy all of his demands. But also, she tries to keep him happy.
One day ,samething happened. Ramu wanted doll to play with. But his mother was not having that much money to buy that. So, she gave a wooden stick to Ramu and said that till he gets doll, he can play with stick.
So, Ramu took the stick and went out.
He was going to play ground. On the way , he saw an old woman was struggling to bake roties as she was not having any fuel to burn the stove. That moment itself, Ramu gave his wooden stick he had brought to play to old woman.
Old woman was happy. She baked the roties with the wooden stick and gave one of the roti to Ramu to eat. But Ramu took the roti and walked further distance. On the way he saw a woman who was struggling to passify her child. Ramu thought may be child is hungry . So  , he gave his roti to woman and asked her to feed the baby.
After eating the roti, child slept. Woman was very grateful to Ramu. She said she dont know how to thank him. Ramu was about to leave the place. Then woman gave him a large earthern pot and asked him to accept her sign of gratitude. Though , Ramu was not interested he took the pot. He went on his way further. It was getting dusk.
Then he saw a quarrelling couple on the way. Husband was beating his wife for breaking the only pot they have got. Wife was pleading for mercy. Ramu felt very sorry for wife. He decided that he will give his pot to couple. And he did that too.
By seeing the pot, man was very happy. He thanked Ramu and as a token of gratitude he gave a horse to Ramu. But Ramu refused as he is only struggling to have his daily meal. But man asked him to take the horse and said him it will bring him luck.
Ramu took the horse . As it was getting late, he sat on the horse and started riding it. In the middle of the way, he saw a marriage party. They were worried that all of their things have been stolen by dacoits. They were worried that they will not reach the marriage hall in time.
By seeing this, Ramu said they may take his horse. By seeing that, all were happy. Groom's father came near Ramu and asked him how can he thank him? He offered some money to Ramu. But Ramu refused to take money as he didnt do the work for sake of money. Groom's father then asked him what else he wants? If he can afford, he will surely give.
Ramu suddenly remembered his desire of owning a doll to play. He said the same thing with groom's father. Groom's father was a sculptor. Hearing Ramu's wish, he instantly made a nice doll and gave it to Ramu. Ramu was very happy for getting the doll.
Moral : If we are desined, our desire will always come on our way. But our effort is also needed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama died

                        Terrorist Osama got killed

Terrorist Osama Bin Laden had died
It proves, all the wicked things must meet their end;
He was killed in our neighbour country Pakistan
Now, US has to teach Pak a good lesson.

Importance of modesty

                                       Importance of modesty
Its a busy morning in city. All the people are about to go to their daily work. So, all of them gathered in the railway station waiting for train to leave. Just then, a super fast passenger express train arrived on the platform. All the coolies went near the door of the compartments of train. They were eagerly waiting for the passengers .
Just then, a passenger was looking for coolie to carry  his bags. He looked well educated and dignified. He called the coolie in a manner that it looks as if coolie is his servant. One coolie came near him. Man asked him to lift the bag by pointing at it. But coolie didnt pay much attention to his words. Agitated man started abusing the coolie.
Just then, another train arrived. Half of the coolies went near that train. Even this coolie went near the train. There was a passenger waiting for a coolie to carry  his bag. He found this coolie and politely asked him whether he can carry his bag?
Coolie readily agreed and went behind the man. He carried the bags of the man and reached the desired destination also. A passerby was seeing all the actions of the coolie . He didnt understand the reason for coolie's behaviour. After coolie finished all of his work, passerby asked coolie his doubt and asked him to explain the reason.
Coolie replied " Even I have self esteem. The first passenger I met ,treated me as his slave though he looks educated. Thats why I didnt pay attention to his words. Whereas the next passenger I met, politely asked whether I can carry his bag. I was happy that he recognised me as a person. Hence I did his work. Thats the secret."Passerby said coolie did the right thing.
Moral: Modesty is the character through which education glows.