Thursday, March 26, 2015

India is out of cricket world cup 2015

Today was the day of semifinal between India and Australia . I sat infront of TV at 9.00 am itself . Australia elected to bat first . I vacated the place as I didnt want to watch bowling of India.

But , soon first batsman of Australia got out . After listening to the news , I changed my mind and again started watching match .

Australia had set the target of 329 runs to win for India . I kept watching as I was confident that India will successfully chase the target and will win .

Shikhar Dhawan got out and Kohli came . Kohli got out for 1 run . That time itself I visualised India's defeat .

Soon I changed channel and started watching " Tom and Jerry " cartoon show on Pogo .

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dinosaur in "adaalat" !

Last week's "adaalat" serial was truly awesome . In that episode , K. D.with other fellows Inspector Dave , a judge , prosecution lawyer , an industrialist , his PA , a reporter , plane crew all were travelling by a plane which was landed in an island which was inhabited by dinosaurs !

The first thing I appreciated in the episode was how did they recreate dinosaur which we all know are extinct long ago .

Now the origin of dinosaur is by a mad scientist . He dont want this secret to be known to outside world . Because of this mentality of him , all were trapped in the island .

Scientist could communicate with dinosaur and threatened the captives that if they try to escape , he will instruct his dinosaur army to kill them ! Likewise some are dead too because of dinosaur !

But scientist denied that he was responsible for that . Real twist comes when he himself got killed by dinosaur ! Someone else is instructing dinosaur the killing .

Now who did that and why , these details I will not disclose . I watched the entire episode ( with advertisements too ! ) without moving from chair . I deserve some respect !

Monday, March 16, 2015

Who are eligible ?

Once King Indraverma was going through forest . King is a good administrator and also he is encouraging musicians in his kingdom . He , himself is a good vocalist . He also encourages other vocalists who come to his kingdom.

Indraverma had lost his way in the forest. As he was wandering , he heard a voice . He went in that direction . The sound is of some one singing .

Finally , Indraverma spotted a sage who was singing . Indraverma was mesmerized  by the music. King waited till sage finishes his music.

After that , he met the sage and urged him to come to his court and let others too , can enjoy his music. Sage didn't agree .

But Indraverma continued pressurising sage. Finally , sage agreed to come to Indraverma's court . But he put a strange condition.

The condition was that no one must show their appreciation to music by tilting head or clapping hands ! If someone is caught doing that , he must be beheaded ! King agreed.

King announced about the orchestra of sage in packed court . He also said about the condition. Whole court fell silent .

Slowly , half of the court was emptied . People gave different reasons for their departure . now , only  half of court was present .

finally sage arrived and started his singing. The music was too good . Whole court was mesmerised by the music . Even the King was so happy that he was seen tilting his head in appreciation .

When the orchestra was over , King apologised near the sage for his fault . He said he is ready to face the punishment .

Sage smiled and said " I wanted to give the orchestra only infront of true listeners . Hence , I put that strange condition . I am satisfied that you all are true listeners as you people had listened to music knowing the condition "

King rewarded the sage for his music .

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why don't we get AIDS from mosquito bites ?

Mosquito bites will not transmit AIDS from person to person .

Here is the reason.

When a mosquito bites someone,it does not inject its own blood or the blood of other animals or persons it had earlier bitten to new person.

When a mosquito bites, it does inject saliva in which malaria virus and many viruses can multiply. But HIV virus will not multiply in the saliva of mosquito

A mosquito after sucking the blood of a person need time to digest it. Same mosquito will not go on biting everyone in a room !

It is impossible for a mosquito to transmit AIDS as virus will not reproduce itself.

Friday, March 6, 2015

India V/S West Indies cricket match

I had missed all the action of India V/S South Africa cricket match . India had won the match with its superb performance.
Today  , it is India V/S West Indies cricket match. So I sat infront of TV since afternoon . West Indies had  put the target of 183 runs to win for India .
When India started batting , my father joined me in watching TV . This time I was very confident that India will win the match .
Soon Dhawan got out followed by Rohit Sharma . My father said India is making the easy goal to turn difficult . I assured him that Kohli will set the things right . He was keeping my words !
But even he got out . Then Raina too . Now father started saying pessimistically " It is going to be tough " . Then came Dhoni and Jadeja.
Now the situation got changed as soon as Jadeja was out . There are plenty of balls to play , but no wickets . Sometimes what you continously think about , that will become true .
Here in this case , father is going on stressing that India has landed up in trouble , even  I thought India may lose the match . But as the target was low , Indians succeded in winning the match by scoring just singles.
But I have a strong complaint against West Indies wicket keeper Ramdin . He was the one responsible for the departure of several Indian batsmen and also in stopping the ball going to boundary .
Ramdin must not forget that his roots are in India .! Now he is the resident of West Indies , but he must realise his blood connection with India . He must help India whenever they are playing against us by allowing the ball to reach boundary !

Story of compassion

This is the story of Rahul . Rahul had just enrolled himself to the best college in the country . He had big dreams in his eyes .
One day on his way to college , he met with an accident . It costed him one of his legs . His dreams were shattered . But he didn't sit in the corner , crying.
He practised  walking with crutches . Soon he was feeling independent to do his works . One day as he was walking on road , he heard the voice of two cats fighting .
The fight was so fierce that one  cat was badly wounded . It had broken its leg . It tried to stand , but fell on ground .Now it is only able to crawl .
Seeing its condition , tears rolled down on Rahul's cheeks . Even he had gone through same suffering . A sense of compassion passed through his whole body .
Rahul decided to help the wounded cat . Cat was so excausted that now it can not open its eyes also . Rahul always had a spare bag with him .
He gently put the wounded cat in the bag . He rushed to nearby vet's shop . Vet examined the cat and said one of leg bones has broken .
He did the bandage . He asked Rahul to see that till the leg of cat completely healed, he must take care of his pet .
Rahul said it is a stray cat . He could not see the suffering of cat . Vet was impressed by the kindness of Rahul .
As the pain got subsided  , cat opened its eyes . It saw Rahul . It looked at him as if it is telling a thank you.
Rahul  was moved by this and decided to take the cat with him to his house . Now  cat has become all right and it is the pet in Rahul's house.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Birbal's wisdom

Once a merchant's house was robbed . Merchant had doubts on his servants. But everyone denied that they have robbed anything.

Merchant asked for help of Birbal . Birbal came to house and asked with every servant about robbery . But everyone denied their role in it.

Birbal had some sticks with him . He gave the sticks to every servant and said " These are the magical sticks. They will grow bigger by 2 inches with the robber in overnight. Take these sticks with you to your house and return them in the morning ". 

Next day morning , every servant had sticks with him . Birbal started measuring the sticks infront of respective servant.

Soon he found that one stick was shorter by 2 inches . The servant who had that with him , agreed his guilt and returned all the robbed wealth.

Servant turned robber was scared that the magical stick with him , may grow larger by 2 inch as he is the robber . That's why he had cut the stick by 2 inches .