Monday, May 25, 2015

Can electric current pass through dead human body ?

This was the question came in my mind after watching yesterday's "adaalat" serial.

In the serial , it was shown some wicked doctors trying to make experiments by passing high voltage electric current through dead human bodies.

Being an electrical engineer by myself , I know human body is made up of fluids . Our body acts as a perfect conductor for electricity to flow through . During rainy season , we often hear about death of people by electrocution .

Now it is clear that a person dies when high voltage electricity pass through him . But what about dead human bodies ?! Will they act as conductors ?



Surprisingly the answer is YES .

Eventhough electricity passes through dead human bodies , resistance to the flow of electric current increases as the body goes on dessicated .

Monday, May 18, 2015

Surprising twist in yesterday's adaalat

The case in which KD had thought the lady who was arrested and taken into police custody on murder of her husband , is innocent ( which I said in previous blog article ) had taken a new twist .

KD had proved that lady suffered from the side effect of an anti depression tablet and was unaware of the outcome of her work , was acquitted from all charges..

But later KD had returned the money , which lady had offered to him . That time itself I had sensed something wrong . Because KD always fight for truth .

It was all pre planned . Killer had used the fact of serious side effect of tablet to his advantage . KD sensed it but judgement was given . The opposition party had questioned the judgement in upper court .
KD now decided to disclose the identity of killer and reason behind it . The killer and the murder plan was disclosed in court by KD . Judgement was changed and guilty was punished .


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Murder of husband by his wife !

I can describe yesterday's adaalat by these words .

Serial started with a person crawling on the floor with a knife pierced into his stomach and blood was oozing out . He was calling his wife ( who was watching a comedy program on tv ) for help . But she didnt take off her eyes from tv .

After seeing all episodes of adaalat , even I have developed some detective skill and assumed wife must be having psychological problem , otherwise why would she act, such a careless person ?

But I got a shock when wife was convicted of murder . First she pierced the knife into husband's stomach , left him suffering in pain and was watching comedy program on tv !

But wife agrees that she killed her husband but it was not HER fault . KD has taken her case as he is convinced of her innocence .

I am eagerly waiting to watch remaining episode .

Friday, May 8, 2015

Why don't eggs get crushed by the weight of hen while hatching ?

I have seen in the cartoons that mother hen sits on her eggs when hatching . But none of eggs get crushed because of weight of hen . I wondered how is this possible ?

Egg's unique shape gives it tremendous strength . Eggs are similar to the shape of a 3-D arch which is one of the strongest architectural form .

The egg is strongest at the top and bottom . This is similar to same position in an arch .

The curved part of egg shell distributes equal pressure on all the sides rather than concentrating on a single point .

That's why eggs don't get crushed when hen is sitting on them when hatching . Because hen puts equal pressure on every egg on every side of it .

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Why is the colour of flame orange?

The strong orange colour of most wood flames results when sodium contained in the wood is heated. But the typical yellowish orange colour of flame is due to unburned carbon particles.

We must keep in mind that , " the temperature of the fire and the material being burned are the factors that determine the colour of flame ".

The temperature of wood flames are lower than the candle flame , that's why wood flames are not yellow.

The colour of the flame changes from blue , ( at the hottest lower part of flame ) , to yellowish orange then to orange where the flame is the coolest .