Thursday, September 29, 2016

India strikes back ....

Finally, India strikes back
Conducted surgical attack on POK ;
Terrorists underestimated Indian armed forces
Befitting reply to Pak for nurturing terrorist organizations .

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

is nitrogen , an inert gas ?

The chemistry defines inert as little or no ability to react . But to say nitrogen as an inert gas , the answer is both Yes and No .

Nitrogen can be made to react . We often hear about nitrogen fixation by bacteria in soil using nitrogen gas of atmosphere. It enhances the fertility of soil by forming various nitrogen compounds . In this sense , nitrogen is not an inert gas .

Nitrogen as a gas is present in atmosphere under the formula N2 . There is a triple bond between the two atoms of N . This bond is very difficult to break as we need extreme conditions . So in this sense , it is an inert gas .

The answer depends on our perspective . 

Friday, September 16, 2016

A humorous situation which reveals our mentality ......( from newspaper )

Recently I came across this article in kannada daily. I thought it would be a great way to analyse our mentality.

3 girls were traveling in a train. All of them were not having ticket to travel in the train.

After some time , ticket collector ( tc ) comes . Now the interesting part happens .

He comes near the girl who was wearing a saree . Obviously , she was not having the ticket . He fined her Rs 500 .

Then he came near the second girl who was wearing a mini skirt . After realizing even she is not having a ticket , he fined her Rs 200 . Finally he came near the last girl . Even she was not having the ticket with her . But HE DIDN'T FINE HER .

WHY ????

WHY ?????

WHY ?????


She had a traveling PASS with her . !!!!

I know what you had thought . !!!

Because I had thought the same too . !!!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Why tulsi is not offered to Lord Ganesh in puja ?

We Hindus believe leaves of tulsi plant as very sacred and we use it whenever we are offering prayers to God . But though we offer tulsi leaves to all gods specially to God Vishnu ; we don't offer tulsi leaves to God Ganesh . Why ???

It is because that tulsi and Ganesh are involved in mutual curse .

The story goes like this . Lord Ganesh was meditating on the banks of river Ganga . Tulsi was happened to pass by that way . She saw Ganesh meditating , fell in love with him instantly .

Unable to control her feelings , she disturbed Ganesh from his meditation . As angry Ganesh opened his eyes , saw tulsi standing infront of him .

Tulsi proposed to Ganesh . But Ganesh rejected the idea. Heart broken tulsi cursed Ganesh that he will get married against his wish of not getting married to anyone .

This made Ganesh angry too and he cursed tulsi to turn into a plant . By this time , tulsi realized her folly and asked for forgiveness.

Then pleased Ganesh assured tulsi that the leaves of plant will be believed sacred and will be used in each and every puja of God except HIS .

That time onwards , tulsi leaves are not offered to God Ganesh. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Easy and simple chemistry experiment

This experiment is an example of decomposition and thus production of gas.

Required Apparatus _---------

1. A test tube
2. Potato pieces
3. Hydrogen peroxide liquid ( which is easily available in chemist shop and used as an antiseptic )

Procedure _--------

Take potato pieces in the test tube. Add little water to it. Now add hydrogen peroxide liquid to it. Soon we will observe lather coming up.

Reason ---------

When we are adding hydrogen peroxide liquid , it undergoes decomposition. Because of this, it gives oxygen and water as the byproducts. It is given by the equation ------
2H202 ------> 2H20 + 02 |

H202 = hydrogen peroxide

H20 = water

02 = oxygen gas

As water is also the byproduct along with oxygen , we can observe the increase in water level in the test tube. The lather coming up is because of production of oxygen gas.