Saturday, February 25, 2017

Food that doesn't get spoiled

Yesterday I was reading a book , there I came across this fact that HONEY is the only food that doesn't get spoiled. I kept on thinking how much is it true ?

Then I figured out that anything with low moisture content will resist spoiling ( not only honey ) .

According to my theory , nowadays nothing will get spoiled if we keep it inside refrigerator !

I know many of readers must have thought the same too as soon as they read the title !

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Law of conservation of energy in bouncing ball

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created nor destroyed . It can just be transformed or transferred from one form to another . That means the amount of energy exist on this earth is always the same .

Taking the example of a dropped ball , when the ball is in the air , it has gravitational potential energy . When the ball is released , its potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy .

When the ball hits the ground , it becomes deformed and gains potential energy once again and bounces and again its potential energy is converted into kinetic energy .

I had always wondered why is the height of the bounces , the ball experiance is lower than the previous ones ?

The energy transformation is not just between potential and kinetic energy . As I said , when dropped , it hits the ground . It always makes a sound . It also has to face air resistance . Hence friction force also comes to picture .

Because of all these factors , the new potential energy which it will gain after hitting ground is comparatively lower than its earlier " rest " position .

Hence the height of bounce will go on reducing . Finally , when all the potential energy contained in it becomes zero , it will stop bouncing and comes to stand still position.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Story of Tataki , a demoness

Tataki is a demon woman who comes in the epic " Ramayan " . Tataki was the daughter of king of Yaksha , Suketu . So , she is a Yaksha turned demoness .

Suketu had prayed to God Brahma for an offspring . He wanted a boy . But Brahma blessed him with a girl child who is strong and beautiful .

Her beauty wooed the Asura king by the name , Sumali . Both got married and had 2 sons .

Saint Agastya had cursed Tataki's father and husband to death for their evil works . Tataki was enraged by this and started harassing saints in return .

Because of this , Agastya cursed Tataki into a hideous , demonic , cannibal or man eating ugly creature . She was staying in forest and was a terror to people .

Finally , Rama killed her .

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why can't we see through fog?

In winter season, when fog falls out on our surrounding areas. We see a white- out instead of being able to make out the things.

Why is it so ?

As light travels through air , it runs across everything which comes in its path. Atoms and molecules, dust and smoke everything scatter light. Water droplets as they are present in fog , scatter light to a great extent.

Because of this scattering, our eyes fail to gather any useful information out of this. That's why we can't look through fog.