Sunday, July 31, 2011

Music for kings

                                 Music for kings
One day Akbar and Tansen were walking on the shores of  river Yamuna. Then Akbar saw an elderly man walking towards them. Tansen introduced him as his music master. Akbar wanted to hear a song from elderly man.
Tansen said if we go to his village, we could listen to his master's song. Akbar agreed. Without any prior notice to anyone, they reached village. There Akbar was captivated by a song. He liked it very much. Akbar asked about the singer.
He came to know that it is music master of Tansen. He was very happy by hearing that. He asked Tansen to sing the same song for him in the court. Tansen agreed and sang the song. But listening to that, Akbar thought what he heard on banks of river was much better.
Akbar told Tansen about that. Then Tansen replied "My master sings for his soul, he sings for GOD and surrounding nature. But I sing for a King ,for money. Thats why the same amount of relief found in my master's voice,can not be found in my music."
Akbar understood what Tansen mean to say. Freedom is the very important thing for have contentment.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Proud mosquito

                                          Proud mosquito
The king of forest lion was taking rest in his den. That time, a mosquito entered the den. It saw lion and said " You are hailed as king of forest. But if you are really brave, just fight and win over me." Listening to this, lion thought what to fight with a mosquito ! By seeing lion's silence, mosquito again said that lion is afraid of it. Listening to this, lion was angry.
Lion decided to kill mosquito. But mosquito was very clever. It escaped from the clutches of lion each and everytime. Lion was now getting restless. At this time, mosquito came and sat on the nose of lion. It sucked the blood. Lion knew mosquito was sitting on its nose. It tried to kill mosquito. But this time also, mosquito escaped and lion hurt itself.
By seeing that mosquito thought it has won over the lion. It went in the forest saying that it has defeated the lion. It was so proud that it didnt see a cobweb in the path. Mosquito was trapped in the web. Spider came and ate the trapped mosquito. The mosquito who has defeated lion (according to him) could not escape from spider and it died.

Who knows?

                                        Who knows?
Once upon a time, a farmer had  a horse. It was beautiful. It used to do each and every work said by its master. People who saw this, they used to praise farmer's good luck. But former used to say "Who knows about luck?" . One day horse went to forest in search of food. It didnt know how to come out of forest. Many days passed. Farmer was also searching his horse. But it was in vein. People came near him and sympathetically cursed his bad luck.
Then also, farmer said "Who knows about luck?" . All of a sudden,one day farmer's house came to house from forest. People heard the news and came near farmer and praised his luck that lost horse is back. Again farmer replied "Who knows about luck?"
After some days, farmer's only son was riding the horse. At that time he fell down from the back of horse. He broke his leg. Now he is bed ridden. People came near farmer and cursed his bad luck for it. Again farmer replied "Who knows about luck?"
After some days , the state in which farmer lived was invaded by neighbouring king.  Hence , the state king was ordered that all the young men of the state must join military. The soldiers came to each village and were seen picking up the young men. That time since farmer's son is bed ridden ,they left him. A battle happened. Many people lost their life.
Now, people came to know what farmer meant by "Who knows about luck?"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ramu's wish

                                    Ramu's wish
Ramu is a good student. He used to top his class in studies and also he is active in sports. He is good in sports too. His parents were proud of him. But one day, Ramu returned from school. Went to his room to freshen himself. But when he came out, he was dull. Now h is not talking with anyone. He used to think of something. His parents are worried.
ramu's father called a doctor to check his health. But doctor said no problem with the health. Parents enquired Ramu's friends. They said nothing happened in school too. But Ramu is dull. Parents didnt know what to do.
A family friend of theirs came to Ramu's house. He saw Ramu's condition and advised his parents to consult a psychologist. Ramu's father went near a doctor with his son. Doctor wanted to talk to Ramu alone. After some time, he called Ramu's father for discussion.
Doctor said near Ramu's room there was atree. Its branches spread to ramu's room also. All birds were coming to tree to eat its fruits. Ramu was happy by listening to their chirping. He used to feed them also. He used to share all his feelings with them. They used to chirp as if they have understood everything. But one day Ramu returned from school.
To his horror, the tree was cut down for road construction. His bird friends are nowhere to be seen. This affected his mind. He was missing the chirping of birds. Doctor said all this to father. Father thought of a plan to cure his son's problem.
He brought a tiny plant with him and told Ramu that he will plant it outside to his room. It will grow and become a tree. Its branches will spread to Ramu's room. Again he can meet his bird friends. Ramu was overjoyed with this idea.  He took the responsibility of watering plant.
As Ramu grew up, plant also grew  and became a large tree. Ramu's bird friends are coming to meet him once again. Ramu was happy. He planned to plant some more tree samples in and around the city so that his bird friends will not feel that they are homelesss. Now ramu and his bird friends are both happy,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new day

                                      A new day
A new day of month passed by
In my life, its just another day;
One day I will also achieve something memorable
So that I will forget that I am disable .

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Precious gift

                                   Precious gift
King Krishna Devaraya  had won many places. Now he wants to build a monument to remember that. He called a famous sculptor and ordered him to build the monument. Sculptor worked day and night and finally finished the work. Now monument is ready to install.
King was happy with that. He asked the sculptor what does he want in reward? Sculptor said politely the money for his work is sufficient. But King was in good mood. He urged the sculptor to ask whatever he wants. Sculptor thought for a while and said he will accept a precious gift.
King was happy. Instantly , he asked his servants to bring gold and diamonds. He gave all of them to sculptor. But sculptor said he dont consider gold and diamonds as precious. Now the King started to think. He didnt find the answer. He asked his ministers about this. But even they failed to give answer. King was feeling shame.
Just then, Tenali Ramakrishna entered. Seeing King's worried face, he wanted to know the reason. King explained him what happened. Then Tenali Ramakrishna said he will solve the problem. He wanted a bag. King provided it. Ramakrishna blew air into it and sealed it.
He gave this bag to sculptor who was seeing all these. Sculptor happily took the bag and left. Then Ramakrishna explained King that air is precious than noble metals. If air is not there to breathe, living creatures will not survive. Hearing that King's pride was diminished. He honored Tenali Ramakrishna with rewards for giving the knowledge.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Self appraisal

                           Self appraisal
It was a busy day in the city. A youth walks into a shop. He requested the shopkeeper that he want to make a phone call. Owner agreed. Youth rang a number. As the call is connected, he introduced himself and said that he wants to work in their house. A lady was answering the call. She said the youth that she already has a man for gardening.
Youth listened to this and said he will do work better than the already hired one. Youth said he will also do cleaning work besides gardening. Youth said whatver they are giving the salary to the existing one, he would charge half of that one if he gets the job.
But lady said she is happy with the work of existing gardener.  But youth went on urging her to consider him for the work. The lady on other side fed up of this. Finally  she cut the call. The youth also smilingly placed back the receiver to its original place.
Shopkeeper was hearing all the conversation. He called the youth near him and said if he is really in need of job, he would like to appoint him as his gardener. But youth softly refused. He said he is already employed. Shopkeeper asked him whether is he happy with the work alloted him?
Then youth replied he works as the gardener for the same lady to whom just he called. He wanted to know whether they are happy with his work . Thats why he played a small drama as a youth seeking job near them. Listening to this, shopkeeper stood with surprise.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Once there was a King. He had ministers and servants serving him. Once he decided to know who is truthful among them.
He went near a banana garden with his ministers. He said he want to rest in the banana garden. All the ministers agreed that since he is King of the state, it is his right to take rest at what ever place he wants. But then suddenly King said he will not rest in the banana garden since he may fall by stepping on to a banana peel. By hearing this, all the ministers said King is right. Since there is a chance of stepping on a banana peel, the King may hurt himself.
They said there is no one to look after the state besides King. Listening to this, King was very angry. He said to his ministers " You people are just noddig your head in approval to whatever I say. But you people have to verify me if I am wrong. You are just flattering me saying that whatever I say is right ".
Being said this, King dismissed all the ministers from work.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Divine feeling

                                   Divine feeling
Everyone heard of Sant Tulasidas. His Ramcharith Manas is very famous. Here is the story on what made him to write that.
Tulasidas was having a wife called Ratnavalli. He loved her very much. He could not stay away from her to a small second also.  Once Ratnavalli's father came from his village and said he wants to be with his daughter for sometime in homevillage. Though, Tulasidas didn't like the idea of parting from his wife, he agreed and sent his wife with her father.
Time passed. Its in the night,. It was raining heavily also. Tulasidas remembered his wife and wanted to be with her. He didn't care for rain. He went to his father-in-law's house. In the midway, he had to cross river Ganga. As it was rainy season, the river was overflowing.
But Tulasidas didnt care for that too. He swam across the river and reached his father-in-law's house. He was shivering with cold as it was raining heavily. Ratnavalli saw her husband and pitied about him. She said " Instead of coming to see me in this rain ,with that much desire to see me, if you have same desire towards God , by this time you would have met him."
By listening to this, Tulasidas felt shame. That moment itself, he decided he will go in search of God. He has written Ram Charith Manas which is still being worshipped by people.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Humanitarian purpose

                                            Humanitarian purpose
It was a restaurant in Paris, France. An adult boy came to restaurant. He was feeling hungry. He sat on a chair which was vacant and waited for waiter. Waiter came and boy ordered everything what is available on hotel ! Waiter was surprised. But he didn't question the boy. Waiter brought everything available in hotel. He watched as the boy hurriedly ate all those.
After quenching his hunger, boy looked at waiter . Waiter came and gave him the bill. Then boy told waiter that he don't have any money to pay. He was very hungry and ordered all without thinking the consequences. He pleaded the waiter to help.
Waiter saw boy's face and he came to know that boy was saying truth. Waiter said he will pay the bill by his own money. Boy thanked him and asked the waiter for his address. Boy said he will send the money as soon as he reach his city. Waiter thought that it is  the same dialogue everyone says. He gave his address to boy. Boy thanked him and left.
Waiter had forgotten the incident.  One day waiter received a letter from Russia. It was from Stallin. Waiter thought it may not be for him. But letter was addressed to him. He tore the letter. Inside, he saw some money and a thanksgiving letter from Stallin himself. The boy who had come to restaurant , was Stallin himself. Stallin returned the money waiter had paid for his lunch.
But waiter returned the money in next post itself. He said he has helped the boy without knowing who he was. In Stallin's place, if there is someone else, he would have helped. Waiter said he has helped only on humanitarian ground. Stallin was very hungry and waiter helped a man who was in need of food. Waiter said the help done on humanitarian ground, can not be paid in cash.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Help by animals

                          Help by animals
Ramanna was living in a village with his family. He had a shop which sells sweets. He had pets which are a donkey and a dog. Once Ramanna had lost all his money in business. He came home and started yelling at his wife and children. When asked by the neighbour, Ramanna told he suffered loss in his business and wants to die. His pets listened to this.
They were very loyal to their master. They now know the problem faced by their master and decided to help him. But how? They were wandering in the streets with this thought. Suddenly, they saw a man hiding something under a tree. The man looked like a thief.
Donkey and dog watched him carefully what is he doing . The man didn't pay much attention to the animals watching him. After he left, both of them went near the tree and digged earth there. They found lots of gold coins and jewellary wrapped in a cloth. They thought,by this their master's problems will get solved. They came home with the bounty.
But at that time, their master was searching for them . By seeing them, in a rage he beated both of them mercilessly. He thought it is a waste to feed them as they are not of any use. His pets fled the scene. After his temper cooled down, he began to think what he has done to his pets. He felt shame. Suddenly, he remembered his dog was carrying something.
He went near the dog. Both his pets were sleeping after he thrashed them. The bounty was near the dog. Their master opened it. He saw gold coins and jewellary in them. He thought dog has stolen all these. Then he heard chaos on street. The richman living in same street was shouting that  his house was robbed. All his wealth was stolen by thieves.
Then the man showed the bag he was carrying to rich man. Rich man said these were his property. He thanked the man for finding his lost wealth. As token of gratitude he gave some of his wealth found by man to man himself. By that wealth, man started a new business. He was prospered so his family. He never beated his pets from that day onwards.

Monday, July 18, 2011

How to prepare chutney ?

                                How to prepare chutney ?

Oil - Little
Grated Coconut - As required for chutney
Green Chillies - 3 to 4
Putaani (Kannada)
Coriander leaves
Salt to taste
Tamarind - Little


Take a pan and add little oil. Then add green chillies and grated coconut. Just heat them a little. (Don't fry, just little heat) .Now transfer them to mixie jar. Now to it, add putaani ,Coriander leaves, ginger ,salt and tamarind .Now finely grind them. Now chutney is ready to taste.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do not ask for help unnesserarily !

                           Do not ask for help unnesserarily !
This incident happened in Gandhiji's ashram. Once a man came near Gandhiji and said he wants to leave to his hometown. Gandhiji asked for reason. Then man told " I want to shave my beard. Here no one agreed to do the job. In our village, there is a barber who will do this work. Thats why I want to leave to my hometown ."
Hearing this, Gandhiji said he will shave his beard. Then man was surprised by hearing this. He asked Gandhiji how can he do such things while it is the job of other people. Then Gandhiji smiled and replied " We must not wait for others to do our work while we, ourselves can do. I can shave my own beard and hair and can do for others also. By doing this, I will not become inferior. Moreover, I will get the satisfaction of heping others who are in need."
By listening to this, man's head was bent in shame. He learnt the technique and started shaving his own hair and beard . Sometimes ,he was helping fellow villagers too.

The chilly which tastes sweet !

                        The chilly which tastes sweet !
Long ago, a man was seen eating green chillies. He , though unable was seen eating chillies with dfficulty. He was exhausted and water was coming out of his eyes and nose too because of chilly hotness. A passerby was surprised by this and stopped . He asked the man what and why is he doing this?
Then man eplied he is finding out which chilly tastes sweet ! Passer by said there is no chilly which tastes sweeter. But man didnt agree and continued testing. He died because of his unfruitful effort.
Moral : Think before doing anything

Who is the greatest donor ?

                                 Who is the greatest donor ?
Once Krishna and Arjuna were talking with each other. Then Krishna said " Karna is the greatest donor. I didn't see any other donor like him " and praised Karna. Hearing the praise of Karna , who is their rival in battle, Arjuna was unhappy. He asked Krishna what made him to think like that? Seeing Arjuna's responce , Krishna said he will conduct a test for both of them.
Krishna said he will build the mountains of gold and silver and both of them have to empty them before  evening by giving alms to people. Arjuna agreed. News given to Karna too. Krishna built fountains of gold and silver and asked Arjuna to fulfill his task.
Arjuna was ready. He asked the people of whole country that he is donating gold and silver. People rushed to the venue. The servants appointed by Arjuna were giving gold and silver to people who asked for them. But eventhough, this continued till evening, Arjuna was able to give half of the mountains of gold and silver. Arjuna said he could do only this much.
Now, its Karna's turn. He was confident and said he thinks these mountains will not fulfill the demands by people. Karna asked peple that he is donating gold and silver . People who wants them can come and take gold and silver as much as they want. Listening to this, people came near Karna. As everyone was seeing, the mountains of gold and silver have become empty in just half an hour. People were seen taking gold and silver to their relatives who were unable to come also.
By seeing this, Arjuna accepted his defeat and cursed his narrow mindedness.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ego and over confidence of Alexander

                               Ego and over confidence of  Alexander
This happened during time of Alexander. There was a place called Delphy in Greece. It was famous for a temple. In that temple, a lady was behaving as medium between God and people. Whatever the lady tells while behaving as medium, was coming true.
Temple was famous for that. Once Alexander came to know of the fact. He rushed to the place. For his surprise, there was nothing going on. When asked about it, Alexander came to know that that day is not the day for interacting with God.
Alexander felt insulted. He had come all the way to listen to God's words and here it is not being arranged. Alexander in a rage dragged the lady to the place where she was giving God's words. Alexander insisted lady to tell God's words. First, lady didn't agree to tell. But Alexander threatened to kill her if she doesn't obey his orders. Finally, lady agreed.
She performed act and did some meditation. Then she told Alexander that now she will say God's words. Lady told Alexander " Son, you will be invincible throughout the world. " Listening to this, Alexander stopped the lady from saying further. He said he waited just to hear those words. Then he left the place. This shows  Alexander's ego and his over confidence.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank God !

                                      Thank God !
Once a saint was going on way with his followers. Its a town and there are many big buildings on the way they are going. They were passing across an apartment which has many houses. That time a lady was cleaning her house. She threw the ash collected from her house outside. She didn't know that saint was passing below. She threw ash down.
The ash fell on face and body of saint. Instantaneously saint thanked God. His followers are witnessing all the things happened. They didn't approve the thing their master has done just now. One of students asked saint "Why is are you thanking God ? You should find out who threw ash on you and scold them. Instead of that , you are thanking God.!"
Then saint replied " I can find out who has thrown ash on me. Even I can scold them. But they have already thrown ash on me. Just imagine if there is some fire inside it or any other solid substance. Then my body can be hit or get burnt. But nothing happened. Thats why I thanked God. My life is saved ".
Hearing this, the student realised his master is speaking truth.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Negligence has its own reward

                         Negligence has its own reward
Long ago, there was a beggar. He was leading a poor life. He used to beg the people to give alms to him. Some people are scolding him also for creating nuisance. But he didnt know any other work to do. So he continued in his profession without any other way out.
Once he was begging and was getting scolding by people. This was seen by King who was passing by. He pitied about begger. He  gave a container to him and said him to use it. Begger thought there must be jewels inside the container. But to his dismay, there was nothing.
He thought he is ill-fated. He continued begging . Again King came in that way and saw the begger begging. He was surprised. He asked begger why is he still begging? Begger replied the container given by King is not of any use to him.
Then King said its not the ordinary container. It has the power to convert anything to gold if touched by it, He asked the begger didnt he try to test it? But begger was not there. When he heard King's saying, due to lots of happiness he had a heart attack. He was no more. Thus his negligence costed his own life.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Names of GOD are different in Hinduism

                          Names of GOD are different in Hinduism
Once Akbar and Birbal are seen talking to each other. Then Akbar had a doubt. He wanted to clarify it. He asked Birbal " We , muslims pray to only one God. Similarly , Buddhism also. But you Hindus worship many Gods, eventhough God is one for all. How will you explain this? ". Birbal listened to this and called a servant.
Servant came. He was wearing a turban since he is a royal servant. Birbal asked him to remove his turban. Similarly he did. Then Birbal asked servant to use it as towel. After that one, Birbal asked servant to use it as bed sheet while sleeping. Servant could do all those.
Showing that to Akbar, Birbal said " Though the cloth is same, when it wore on head it is called as turban. When it is used for cleaning purpose , it is called towel. When it is used while sleeping, it is called bedsheet. But cloth is same. It didnt change its originality . Similarly, we Hindus though we call God by different names, God is same for all. We according to situation, call by different names and offer prayers."
Listening to this, Akbar's doubt got cleared.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why alexander the great didnt conquer the whole world?

                     Why alexander the great didnt conquer the whole world?
Everone knows  Alexander the great had an ambition of conquering the whole world. But he didnt succeed. Here is the story explaining the reason.
Long ago, there was a kingdom in Greece. Its king suddenly died due to some reason. He didnt have any children also. All the  people were worried as whom to crown king? At that time, a voice heard from the sky saying " whoever comes first to their kingdom in tomorrow morning, he should be crowned king." People waited for that person.
Next day morning , a businessman leading his cart to the kingdom for his business , was seen by people. They approached him and crowned him king. He was overwhelmed. He was a good administrator. Once he tied his cart to a nearby post and tied a magical knot to it. He said "whoever will untie the knot and free the cart, he will conquer the whole world". Hearing this, many people came to try their luck. But no one succeded. The news spread.
It was heard by Alexander, the great. Even he had an ambition of winning the whole world. He decided to go to the venue. He went to the place. Alexander tried to untie the knot. But he didnt succeeded. Getting insulted and glowing red with rage, Alexander took his sword and cut the rope tied to cart itself. Now the cart is free. But knot is still there.
Alexander didnt untie the knot as the condition said. Instead he cut the rope itself taking the easy way. In the same way, eventhough he conquered many places, he could not conquer the whole world. He died while returning to his place. Thus, the condition put by king as regarding untieing the knot was true.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Religious identity

                          Religious identity
There was a dove family consisted of father dove,mother dove and their son. They were staying in the nest built by them in the temple of the village. Once there was a grand celebration in temple. They were cleaning the temple premises. Dove family thinking that their nest will be thrown out, they shifted their house to nearby mosque of the village.
Everything was allright. Noone disturbed dove family. But one day, the uroos of mosque arranged. They started cleaning the mosque for that purpose. Again dove family fearing their house may get destroy, they shifted their family to nearby church.
Dove family heaved a sigh of relief. But it was the time of christmas now. They started painting and decorating the church. Again fearing their house may get destroy, dove family finally shifted their house to nearby tree.
Days passed. One day, son dove observed chaos on street. People were fighting with each other. Son dove got surprised and asked his mother what is happening? Mother dove replied hindus and muslims are fighting with each other.
Son dove asked who are hindus and muslims? Then, mother dove replied " People going to temple and worshipping god are considered Hindus. The persons going to mosque and praying to god there are considered as Muslims. Similarly, persons going to church to pray to god are considered Christians." Beause of their religion, people are fighting.
Son dove asked " Which religion do we belong? We stayed in temple, mosque and also in church ." Then mother dove replied "We dont belong to any religion. We are just doves. Be it in temple , mosque or church we are just doves. Nature is our god."
Hearing this, son dove pitied for humans who are fighting in the name of god.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nature of helping others

                             Nature of helping others
Kabir was a saint respected by both hindu's and muslims.  But Kabir was spending his life in poverty. By seeing this, a rich man came near him and said he will help for Kabir's family. But Kabir said "if you want help, there are many people living on banks of river Ganga without anything to eat. Please arrange food for them instead of worrying about me ".
Rich man agreed and arranged for food for poor people living on banks of Ganga. This is continued till now.

Beware of cheaters !

                                 Beware of cheaters !
There lived a eagle, cat, pig on a tree. Eagle lived on branches, cat lived on trunk of tree and the pig near the root of the tree. All were friends. Now the eagle layed eggs. It had built a nest to protect the eggs. Meanwhile, pig also given birth to its offsprings.
Cat was seeing all these. It had the urge to eat one of pig's offsprings and also to eat one of  the eggs of eagle. But what to do? Eagle and pig were so protective about their eggs and offsprings. Cat waited so long. But of no use. Then cat thought of a plan.
Cat went near Eagle. Eagle welcomed it. Cat asked questions  for eagle's well being. Eagle was very happy. It thought cat is its true friend. Then cat cautioned eagle about pig saying " pig is planning to remove eagle's nest. It started digging the earth. Tree may fall down at any time. Eagle's house is in trouble. It wants to destroy eagle's family."
Eagle was horrified. It believed cat. It decided not to go anywhere else leaving its eggs. It feared that tree may fall down when its away. Same way , cat went near pig. Even pig welcomed it. Cat said to pig " Did you notice nowadays eagle is not going anywhere ? It has an eye on your off springs. Your offsprings are small. They could be easy pray for eagle. Be careful."
Pig noticed that eagle is not going anywhere nowadays. It believed cat's words. It decided not to go anywhere leaving its offsprings. It stayed near its children as eagle was doing fearing bad. Days passed. Pig and eagle fearing of each other, didnt go outside to find food.
Likethis, both of them died because of starvation. Even their offsprings for whom they have done all this much. didnt survive too. Cat's family had a feast on eagle's eggs and also on pig's offsprings. Cat has succeded in its plan by cheating both eagle and pig.

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to handle a dacoit?

                                How to handle a dacoit?
Long ago, near a village there was a dense forest. Villagers have to pass this forest to reach city. Nowadays  in this forest a dacoit is seen roaming. He used to stop the passengers who are travelling by that path and threatening them. He was robbing all the valuables with them. People are fed up of him and they have complained to police too.
Meanwhile, the troubled people have come near Buddha to share their sorrow. They were explaining to Buddha about all this. Near Buddha, one of his follower named Arun was present. Even he listened to all those. After that, he asked for permission with Buddha. Surprised Buddha asked for reason. Then Arun told he will go to forest and he will change the mind of dacoit by explaining him the trouble faced by people by his deed . Buddha smiled.
He said dacoits wont listen to lectures. But also Arun insisted that he will go. Buddha warned him that the dacoit may abuse him. Arun said he will tolerate it. Then Buddha said dacoit may start beating him. Arun said he don't mind. Buddha again said dacoit may abuse you or he may beat you. Moreover he will not hesitate to take your life also. Its dangerous .
But Arun said he will not mind any of them. He wants to meet the dacoit and make him understand the problems faced by people because of him. Then Buddha said " If you are so determined, then you will not face any defeat in your effort. Before doing anything , we must be know of its consquences. Then success will be yours."

How to prepare gobi pakoda?

                                   How to prepare gobi pakoda?

Gram floor - 3 table spoon
Rice floor - 2 table spoon
Onions ( finely chopped) - 2
Gobi (Sliced halves) - 1
Green chillies
Coriander leaves
Oil to fry
Salt to taste


Take oil in a bowl and keep it to boil. In meanwhile, take gram floor, rice floor , gobi, onions, green chillies, coriander leaves , salt to taste and little oil and little water and mix them completely. Take little-little part of it and drop them in hot oil. Fry them till they are reddish.  Now , gobi pakodas are ready to taste with evening tea.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Duryodhan's feeling of pride

                            Duryodhan's feeling of pride
Duryodhan had defeated Pandavas cheatingly in game of dice. Now , as the agreement Pandavas has to leave to forest. Likewise, they left. Duryodhan now crowned prince of kingdom. He had the urge to show Pandavas that now he is the prince and all of his luxury. So, he asked his uncle Shakuni about what to do for this? Shakuni told a plan.
Likewise, Duryodhan found out where Pandavas are camping. He went to that place with all his brothers and army. But by seeing the place where Pandavas are camping, he got jealous. Out of jealousy , he ordered his soldiers to spoil the surroundings which is beautiful.
Then by seeing that, a gandharva king called Chitrasena came to the place. He asked the Kouravas since it is his place, he will not allow them to spoil it. But Kouravas didnt pay attention. So, chitrasena had a fight with Duryodhan. In the fight, he defeated Duryodhan . He was dragging him as to humiliate him. Then Kouravas were shouting for help.
Their cry was heard by Yudhistira , the eldest of Pandavas. He asked his brother Bhima to help Kouravas. But Bhima said the enimies are learning a good lesson. He will not go to help them. Then Yudhistira asks his another brother Arjuna to help Kouravas . Arjuna agreed and left to help Kouravas. Behind him , even Bhima went to assist Arjuna.
By seeing Arjuna and Bhima , Chitrasena stopped and asked for their arrival. Then Arjuna told Kouravas are his brothers and asked Chitrasena to leave them. As Chitrasena is Pandavas friend, he agrees and left the Kouravas. Duryodhan was full of shame as he went to ridicule Pandavas for their present condition. But because of them, he is now free.

Leave them behind !

                                        Leave them behind !
Once Buddha was camping in a village. At that time, a well known person in village came to meet him. He said he wants to become the follower of Buddha and he wanted Buddha to give him some blessings. Buddha hearing this ,asks him to come alone tomorrow all alone with no people around him. The man happily agreed and said he will come tomorrow all alone.
Likewise, the next day he came near Buddha all alone. By seeing him, Buddha said " I had asked you to come alone . But you have come with your family ! ". By hearing this, the man looked in surroundings. He didn't find anyone. So, he said to Buddha. Buddha smiled and said " I am not talking about people around you. I am talking about people who are still in your mind. First, leave them behind . Then come for blessings."
Man agreed and left the place.
He left his family and went to several places all alone. Years passed. First, he was craving to see his family. But later , he left that craving. Then again he came near Buddha and said " Like you said , I have left behind everything . Can I now be your follower ? "
Buddha by seeing his face at that moment only, realised he is now independent of all hurdles. Buddha took the man as his follower happily.

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Do it at the same moment !

                            Do it at the same moment !
This incident happened in Mahabharata time. Duryodhan and Karna are pet friends. Karna was famous for his nature giving anything to anybody who asks for them. Thus he was said "Daanashoora Karna". He would give away anything who asks for them.
Once Duryodhan and Karna were doing bath at the river bank. Before to that, as Hindu custom they were doing Sandhyavandana. At the same time, a brahmin came near Karna and begged for golden utensil he was using for bath purpose.
Karna without thinking,gave away the golden utensil he was carrying on left hand to brahmin from left hand itself. According to Hindu custom, only the work done using right hand , is considered superior and worth of doing. Now Karna has given the utensil from his left hand !
Duryodhan was seeing all these. He asked Karna why did he gave away the utensil from his left hand whereas he was supposed to use his right hand. Then Karna replied "I had the mind to give away golden utensil to brahmin. Who knows , on the time by transfering the utensil from left hand to right hand I change my mind and decide not to give away utensil ? That's why I gave away the thing at the same moment in whichever condition I am "
Hearing this, Duryodhan was proud of having Karna as his friend.