Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mounam kalaham naasti ! ( No quarrel if we are silent )

                        Mounam kalaham naasti ! ( No quarrel if we are silent )

Long ago, a merchant was travelling to city. He was riding on a horse. On midway , he wanted to take rest for a while, hence he tied his horse to a nearby tree.

At the same time, a soldier had come on the way. Even he was riding on horse. He was about to tie his horse to the same tree where the merchant had tied his horse. By seeing that, merchant rised his objection saying that his horse is harsh and it will not mingle with other horses. If it finds other animals nearby , it will surely harm it.

Soldier heard this. But he laughed at the words and tied his horse to the same tree. Merchant didnt say anything.

Both of them left the place for a while. At that time, a fight started between the two horses. As merchant's horse was stronger, it has broken the leg of soldier's horse.

Now soldier's horse is injured and it was bleeding. After some time, both of them returned and soldier saw the condition of his horse and he was very angry.

Soldier went near a judge with a complaint against merchant. Judge heard the complaint and asked the merchant whether the allegations of soldier are true?

Merchant didnt reply. Judge asked the same question again and again. But merchant was silent all the time. Judge thought that merchant must be dumb and hence he was not answering. Judge told soldier " Since your rival party is not saying anything, I am dismissing the case. I cant give judgement . "

By hearing that soldier was very upset and said to judge " Merchant is doing drama. He can talk. He, himself had told me that his horse is harsh and it may harm my horse if I tie my horse with his . But I didnt listen. Now he is acting as a dumb ."

By listening to this, judge smiled and he said " Now you have told the truth.There is no fault of merchant . He had cautioned you against the action. But as you told , you didnt listen . "
Judge dismissed the case.

MORAL : Being silent, we can avoid many harmful situations.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Don't underestimate me .....

Don't underestimate me and my ability
I will prove myself , and you will be sorry ;
Like Shabari had waited for arrival of Sri Ram
I am waiting for that " special day " to come .....

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why do they use peanut oil for cooking in submarines ?

All of us know what is a submarine. It is a warship which is designed to operate completely submerged in water for long periods.

Only peanut oil is used for cooking in submarines. Because it has a high boiling point. So it dont give smoke unless it is heated to a very high temperature.

Now what does it mean?

Let me explain ......

In our house , my mother use mainly coconut oil for cooking. Whenever she put oil to vessel , it gives smoke as soon as it gets heated up. At that time , mother opens window doors and the smoke goes outside and kitchen becomes smoke free.

Now let us imagine the situation in submarine. They can't open window doors as we do in our house ! Reason is simple. Water comes inside and submarine will get drowned in water.

But peanut oil is not giving smoke unless it is heated to very high temperature . So , it can be safely used in submarines for cooking .

Sunday, September 21, 2014

How does a door closer work?

Recently , I had visited psychologist. When I reached his room , I opened the door of room easily . I entered in and turned to close the door . My father said no need of it , it will close by itself . Then I saw a cylinder like structure on the top of the door inside.

I had seen this arrangement in many places. Father explained me that it is used to prevent the door from banging shut . I was curious to know the working of it.

I was right! There is a  spring inside the cylinder. It is not only the spring , it also contains an air cylinder . When we open the door , the cylinder fills with air .

When the door is closing , the spring pushes a piston which forces the air out of the cylinder . The out flowing rate of air can be controlled depending on the closing rate of door.

The leaking of air occurs through a small hole , producing a hissing noise too.

What if we try to close the door forcibly ? 

This was the question raised in my mind after knowing the work of a door closer. We can try this . But whatever the force with which we push the door to close , we can feel a force which is trying to nullify our own force. I think this must be the force of the air which is stored inside the cylinder .

Friday, September 19, 2014

Why do Marshall Islands sueing India ?

Marshall Islands is a tiny country in northern Pacific Ocean .

Why is it suing India ?

Marshall Islands has filed case in International Court for Justice against nuclear arm powered countries which are ----
1 . USA
4. Russia
5. China
6. Israel
7. India
8. Pakistan
9. North Korea

For their failure in keeping the promises regarding disarm of nuclear weapons.

Marshall Islands itself were the testing center for nuclear arms of 40's.

People of this tiny countfy dont want any compeansation but to be ensured a disarm of nuclear weapons which pose threat to coming generation.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Was Radha married to Krishna?

We all know about Radha and Krishna. They were childhood friends. Radha and Krishna were close to each other.

But Radha is NOT the wife of Krishna.

There are several theories about Radha's life. As child marriage was common in ancient India ( practice is still there ) , some say she was already married and was a child widow.

Some say after departure of Krishna from Vrindavan , she was forced to marry another cowheard by the name Ayanghosha .

Some even say she married a soldier from King Kamsa's army to take revenge against Krishna for betrayal of her love.

But one thing is sure. She didn't marry Krishna .

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today is Krishna Ashtami .....

Today , in Udupi we celebrate Krishna Ashtami . Today God Krishna's 5242nd birthday .

When Krishna was born , it was raining heavily in Mathura . Today also , it is raining since morning . But devotees don't care for this rain . We continue our celebration.

In Udupi , ashtami is incomplete without " hulivesha " . Today also , people changed themselves as tigers ( huli) and have started performing .

I like the music they play when they are performing the act . It is a symbol of ashtami . When Krishna was born , everyone including wild animals like tigers had visited the God .

To remember that occasion , people play hulivesha on Krishna's birthday .

Today , mothers dress their children as Krishna . In Vrindavan , Yashoda had looked after Krishna and she had witnessed the " leela " (action ) of God in his childhood .

It is a dream of every mother to have Krishna as her child . That's why mothers dress their children as Krishna.

There is a competition between these children who were dressed as Krishna . It is called " muddu krishna " competition .

I watch all these programmes on TV .

Monday, September 15, 2014

Interesting episode of Adaalat

Yesterday's episode of "Adaalat" serial was too good. I watched it twice , on TV and on internet .

Story goes like this ------

4 people , boss with his 3 assistants enters a sealed room to take steam bath .

When they were inside the chamber , boss gets murdered . Quickly , the receptionist latches the door from outside .

Now no chance for the murderer to escape from scenario . But all the other 3 assistants were bare handed . All of them denied that they did murder.

But lawyer KD cracked the case and nailed the murderer . The murder was done by an unusual weapon that I didn't have slightest idea .

A must watch episode !

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Is United Kingdom , a country?

We can call United Kingdom as countries within a country.

United Kingdom is the union of 4 regions which were once seperate countries.

They are -----

1. England
2. Scotland
3. Wales
4. Ireland

Though most part of Ireland is now independent , Northern Ireland is a part of United Kingdom.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Krishna's skill of diplomacy

It was the time of samudra manthana ( churning of sea ). Things were coming out by churning of milk sea.

Like wise, the tree of " parijata flower " had come out. King of devas, Indra had planted the  tree in his garden. Once , the scent of its blossomed flower had reached earth.

Krishna' s crowned wives , Rukmini and Sathyabhama had liked the aroma and wanted to have the tree in their garden. For that , they had pressurized their husband , Krishna to get the tree for them. But the tree was in Indra's garden.

Krishna fought with Indra , brought the tree to his wives. Now fight started between wives of Krishna , Rukmini and Sathyabhama for the tree.

Krishna thought of a plan and planted the tree in Sathyabhama's garden in a place which is nearer to Rukmini's house.

Now , the root and stem of the tree is in Sathyabhama's house but the part in which flower happens , that part will be in Rukmini's garden !

By this way , without hurting anyone's feeling , Krishna solved the problem diplomatically.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Killing of demon Bakasura by Krishna

This demon , Bakasura , must not be confused with the other demon having the same name. This demon is the brother of Putana , a demon woman who tried to kill baby Krishna by breast feeding him on direction of King Kans.

After knowing the news of killing of his sister Putana by Krishna , Bakasura wanted to take revenge . He knew that Krishna and his friends will come to banks of river Yamuna with their cow herd. He took the form of a huge duck ( baka in Sanskrit ) and sat near the banks.

Krishna's friends were afraid of this huge bird. News was heard by Krishna. Krishna wanted to see the special bird .

But as he came near of it, the bird swallowed Krishna ! But because of Krishna's glowing effulgence, it felt burning sensation in its throat and quickly throw him out.

After this unsuccessful attempt to kill Krishna , now demon is trying to kill Krishna by pinching him in its beaks.  At that time, Krishna caught hold of the beaks of gigantic duck and bifurcated its mouth , thus killing the demon. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Krishna janmashtami celerations started in Udupi . . . .

According to solar calender , Krishna Janmashtami falls on Sept 16 . Celebrations of birthday of God Shri Krishna have been started in Udupi .

Every year , we celebrate Krishna's birthday . Even I share a common thing with Shri Krishna . ( only in this matter ! ).

My birth star is also " Rohini " , same as Krishna's birth star .

Similarity ends here . . . . !

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why is milk white?

Milk is white. It is because of a protein called Casein.

The cream found in milk contains white coloured fat.

Another reason is milk contains casein. The molecules of casein reflect all the colours of rainbow spectrum which has Violet , Indigo , Blue , Green , Yellow , Orange and Red. Because of this, our human eye thinks milk looks white.

If milk absorbs all these colours, then it would look black !

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Why do they use BVOs in soda ?

BVO ----- Brominated Vegetable Oil

Recently , there were reports saying that soft drink manufacturers like Pepsi and Coca Cola were asked to remove BVOs from their products.

Why do they use it ?

Soft drinks are actually acidified , sweetened water and the artificial colour and flavours added to it are not completely soluble in water. Hence they are first made to dissolve in vegetable oils.

To keep them intact for a longer period , they are brominated . But this bromine , inhibits the absorption of iodine by thyroid glands in our body .

Thus , it results in thyroidal problems . Thats why use of BVOs are banned in soft drinks.

Monday, September 8, 2014

After all , commonsense is required !

There was a fast runner. He had won gold medals i.e. he came first in many of the running competitions , he had participated.

He was little proud of this fact. Once , a thief broke into his house. He had collected all the valuables present in the main hall of house . Then he spotted various medals which were arranged in the show case. He was having a look at them.

At that time, fast runner was woken up by the sound and he came down. He saw the thief staring at the medals.

Now , thief was aware of fast runner's presence and he started to run from the scene carrying his collected bounty. Fast runner too started chasing the thief.

Both were running. Thief at the front and fast runner behind him. Thief was also a good runner . Fast runner could not catch him , though he had won in many running races.

This fact irked him. A thief , who became a runner because of circumstances, is defeating him , a recognised fast runner !

Finally, fast runner wanted to end this race and he came with an offer . Both of them must reach the near by police station. Whoever reaches first , he would be considered a true fast runner !

This idea was accepted by the thief. But he put one condition i.e. both of them should start the race together.
Fast runner agreed. Both of them started running. Fast runner ran... ran... he didnt have time to see where is his competitor.

Finally, he reached the police station. Feeling proud that he had won in race, he turned behind . But there was no thief!

Thief had escaped with the bounty , he was carrying. Fast runner got fooled .

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Capital of Lakshadweep islands

Lakshadweep islands are the group of islands off south western coast of India.

Lakshadweepa means one hundred thousand islands. But only 10 of them are inhabited.

The islands form the smallest union territory of India. The islands form single district and " Kavaratti " serves as the capital .

Main occupation of people here is fishing and coconut cultivation . The area comes under the jurisdiction of Kerala High Court.

The islands select one representative as it forms single district.

Why do golf balls have dimples on outer surface ?

We know that a golfer hit a ball so that it will be in the hole or near to the hole .

It is not as simple as it sounds . Holes may be in a place which is very far from golfer .

Dimples maximize the distance , a golf ball travel . Science of aero dynamics is behind this phenomena .

Dimples reduce the drag on a golf ball by redirecting more air pressure , behind the ball rather than its front portion .

This higher level of pressure behind the golf ball helps them to go far distances ..

Friday, September 5, 2014

Swayamvara of Nala - Damayanti

                        Swayamvara of Nala - Damayanti

Once King Nala was wandering in his garden. At that time, he caught a swan . Fearing for its life, Swan said to Nala that there is a beautiful girl named Damayanti. If Nala wish, it can act as a messenger between them.
Handsome and still unmarried Nala agreed for the plan. Swan started describing the beauty of Damayanti. After hearing that, Nala was in really in love with Damayanti.

Same swan went near Damayanti and said good words about Nala. After hearing all these words, Damayanti secretly started loving Nala.

Damayanti's father had arranged a swayamvara for marriage of his daughter. In swayamvara, Damayanti has to put garland around the neck of prince who has come for swayamvara .

Damayanti had seen the picture of Nala. She had decided that she would garland him. But as she was very beautiful, 3 devas too wanted to marry her.

They came to know that Damayanti is in love with Nala. Even they attended the swayamvara by disguising themselves as Nala.

On swayamvara podium, Damayanti didnt look at any of other prince and she was searching for Nala , holding garland.

To her dismay, there are not 1 but 4 of them. !

Now she was confused. She figured out some one has disguised themselves as Nala. Now it is upto her to find out real Nala !

All the 4 were standing next to each other. Real Nala was too anxious to know the result.

Damayanti came near the first one. She looked at his eyes. Moved near the next one. Similarly, she examined all the 4 of them.
Finally she put the garland around the neck of one of them. He was the real one!

How did she figured out?

Very simple. The other 3 except the real one , were devas. Devas can not act as humans though they had disguised themselves as a human being.

Devas dont blink their eyelids.

But the real Nala did !

Likewise, Damayanti got her real Nala.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The countries who will get visa on arrival in India

When we travel to another country, we must seek permission from the authorities of that country for our stay. Even India is not an exception.
But Government of India gives visa free entry to citizens of following countries. They can remain in the country without any limit of stay. They are ---

1 . Bhutan
2 . Nepal

But citizens of some countries are granted visa on arrival for a single day upto 30 days in India. They are --

1 . Burma
2 . Cambodia
3 . Finland
4 . Indonesia
5 . Japan
6 . Laos
7 . Luxembourg
8 . New Zealand
9 . Philippines
10 . Singapore
11 . Vietnam
12 . Republic of Korea 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ತುಳು ಜೀವನಾನುಭವ

ಕಡಲ್ದ ನೀರ್ ಏಪಲ ಆಜುಜಿ , ಉಡಲ್ದ  ಬ್ಯಾನೆ ಏಪಲ ಮಾಜುಜಿ . 

ಕಡಲ್ದ = ಸಮುದ್ರದ
ನೀರ್ = ನೀರು
ಏಪಲ  = ಯಾವತ್ತೂ
ಆಜುಜಿ = ಆವಿಯಾಗುವುದಿಲ್ಲ .
ಉಡಲ್ದ = ಹೊಟ್ಟೆಯ
ಬ್ಯಾನೆ = ನೋವು
ಮಾಜುಜಿ = ವಾಸಿಯಾಗುವುದಿಲ್ಲ .

ಇದು ಒಂದು ಜೀವನಾನುಭವ . ಹೇಗೆ ಸಮುದ್ರದ ನೀರು ಅಗಾಧವಾಗಿದ್ದರೂ , ಅದರ ಮೇಲೆ ಎಷ್ಟೇ ಸೂರ್ಯನ ಬಿಸಿಲು ಬಿದ್ದು ಆವಿಯಾದರೂ ಅದು ಕಡಿಮೆಯಾಗುವುದಿಲ್ಲವೋ , ಅದೇ ತರಹ ಮನಸ್ಸಿಗಾದ ( ಹೊಟ್ಟೆ ಎಂಬ ಸಾಂಕೇತಿಕ ಅರ್ಥ ) ಗಾಯ ಅಥವಾ ನೋವು ಯಾವತ್ತೂ ಗುಣವಾಗುವುದಿಲ್ಲ . 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Why did Ravan have 10 heads?

                               Why did Ravan have 10 heads?

I think Ravan may not be having 10 heads as we see in photos and dramas. It is just a symbolic way to tell that Ravan was very intelligent . To express his intelligence level, which was equal to intelligence of 10 people , our ancestors might have projected him as having 10 heads.