Monday, February 23, 2015

My pessimistic way of thinking

Yesterday ,there was a cricket match between India and south Africa . For this match there was much a hype created by media. It was said that India didn't won any of the match played between them in world cup.
I had read each and every word of it . That time itself I had made up a conclusion that India is going to lose this match .
That is the reason I didn't watch the match . Through by other means, I came to know the final total of India . I thought being a strong team, South Africa will chase the total and win the match .
With this pessimistic thought, I didn't watch the second half also . I realised that India has won the match by all round performance . Now there is no other work for me other than cursing myself for missing all the action !

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spinning of ball as explained by Bernoulli's theorem

As it is the cricket world cup season, the scientific explanation of spinning of balls is as follows ---------

When a spin bowler is spinning the ball by his fingers, due to spinning of air layers around the ball, there will be more velocity at upper side of ball than at the lower side .

According to Bernoulli's theorem, this results in more pressure at the lower side of ball than the upper side . This difference of pressure gives rise to dynamic lift on ball , giving rise to bounce and also the drag of ball. Thus a spinner is able to spin the ball .

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scary Saturday

Yesterday's "adaalat" serial was too scary that it succeed in giving me shivers.

Serial started with howling sound of wolves ( or was it a dog ?). A man was seen sleeping with his wife and little girl child. The rolling chair was moved by itself.

Lights were flickering too. Man was suddenly awake by the mourning sound. An invisible voice was telling the man to kill . Man got up and opened the drawer. He found his gun there. Voice went on saying to kill.....

No.... No ...

Not his wife and child !

Instead man went to his step son's room and aimed at him. But suddenly neighbor woman stepped in and she was shot dead.

His wife came running and was puzzled to see her husband holding gun and dead body of neighbor .

Even wife and maid had experienced the unusual things . So they believed the man's claim that ghost did it . His daughter had drawn the picture of ghost too.

But I know in tomorrow's episode , lawyer KD will prove man is innocent. He will even prove that it is not the work of ghost but the work of humans disguised as ghosts .

That is the reason for which I watch adaalat even though I get scared by scenes.

Last word : My doubt is on broker who had helped the couple to buy the house .

Friday, February 13, 2015

Gandhiji's witty reply

Those were the days when Gandhiji was studying law in South Africa . During that time , white people were harassing black people just because of their skin colour .

One day , Gandhiji went to a restaurant to have his breakfast . Since it was early in the morning , there were not many customers . A white man was sitting in the middle of the room , sipping coffee .

As Gandhiji entered , white man was clearly unhappy with this , he said to Gandhiji in a sarcastic manner " a bird and a pig must not sit together !" .

Gandhiji shot back , " Don't worry . I will just fly away after having breakfast ! " . Gandhiji clearly gave the message to white man .

Sunday, February 8, 2015

KD as protector of truth

Yesterday's "adaalat" serial had a surprising twist . KD took a case where a girl is accused of committing the murder of her boyfriend .

She requested KD to be her lawyer acting in defence . As we know KD has the record of helping his clients to get released . But this time, KD was convinced that his client whom he was trying to prove non guilty is the real murderer .

If KD had wished, he could prove his client to be non guilty . But KD had always fought for what is the truth. His principles didn't agree to do so and to prosecution's surprise, he proved his client to be guilty .

Justice was awarded in the right way.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tulu saying.....

                                        Tulu saying ....

Binnere maryaadi mooji dinoge

ಬಿನ್ನೆರೆ ಮರ್ಯಾದಿ ಮೋಜಿ ದಿನೊಗೆ 

Translation --------

binnere = ಬಿನ್ನೆರೆ  = guests'
maryaadi = ಮರ್ಯಾದಿ = honour
mooji =  ಮೋಜಿ   = three
dinoge =  ದಿನೊಗೆ  = days

Summary ----

This phrase describes the mentality of people .

When guests come to one's house , they will be treated nicely for first few days. Here the term three , symbolically refers to first few days .

If they continue their stay in the respective house , the people of house will start to treat them like they are a burden to them. Some may say it openly , others make it evident by their work .

This phrase suggests not to take hosts' hospitality for permanent . All will look nice only for first few days.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Court martial case in " adaalat "

Yesterday's " adaalat " serial was having the story of a court martial case .

Instead of usual ghost stories , yesterday's story had a realistic approach .

There were two soldiers who were envious of each other . Both were patrolling in the area of glacier . Suddenly one of them got shot down and dead .

This was not the work from enemy side . On the crime occasion , only the above said soldiers were there . The other soldier who was convicted denied that he did murder .

According to him , a person wearing a snow suit was also present on the scene . But no one had seen him. The evidences got on crime scene all pointed against the convicted soldier .

Lawyer KD proved the guilty soldier non guilty . At the end things were taken patriotic angle and finally it turned out be the story of a brave heart .